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The Lovely Chris.....a Summer of Fun

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I was 19 and had a temporary agency job working at a small branch office of quite a large firm, the parent office was about 20 miles away and due to staff holidays during the summer I was required to work there on occasional days. I had spoken to the admin girl, Chris, on the phone many times but never actually met her but I did know that she had just returned from a weeks sick leave after a "ladies operation" as we were told. We had always joked and I guess flirted on the phone but I didn't know anything about her and was really looking forward to seeing her for the first time.

She was lovely, about the same age as me and with blonde shoulder length hair and just as chatty face-face as she was on the phone with me. My first day there was on a Friday and she asked if I wanted a sandwich from the local shop and when I offered her some money she laughed and said it was a welcome present so I said next time I was across it was my treat. I was called over a few days later and offered to get Chris a sarnie but she had brought some from home so I jokingly said ok how about a drink after work and she said yes that would be great.

We walked to a nearby pub and chatted over a drink then I said I was happy to drive her home whenever she wanted and she said she was not in any hurry as her evening was free so I said how about something to eat and we ended up spending about two hours in another pub a couple of miles from where she lived with her parents. When I dropped her off she gave me a nice hug and kissed my cheek, this left me so hard I needed to wank off as soon as I got back to my place which was a room in a shared house.

She text me later that evening just to say how much she had enjoyed it and she was looking forward to when I was next across. I knew that was in about a weeks time so I text back and said if she was free one evening before then I would love to take her to see a film or have another meal. She rang me straight back and we agreed to see a film together that Saturday evening. I picked her up and she looked really attractive in smart jeans and a blue blouse, the film was okay, more her choice than mine, but we cuddled together and she spent quite a bit of time with her head leaning on my shoulders and that was so sexy. Even tho I had deliberately wanked off just before leaving to pick her up I was hard most of the time and on one occasion she sort of brushed my dick when she was reaching for a sweet whilst watching the film.

We walked arm in arm back to my car and drove to the pub we had been to before, neither of us were particularly hungry so we just had a drink as it was nearly 11pm. As we got back to the car we hugged and kissed each other and she must have felt my boner pushing against her cos this time she deliberately brushed her hand over it and asked if it was the same one I'd had all evening. I was embarrassed and said sorry but she laughed and kissed me again and said it was nice.

As we were driving back to her house Chris reached across and rested her hand on my boner and said there was a small tesco's car park soon if I wanted to pull in. It was deserted and we quickly got into the back seats and started kissing, I cupped her boobs then undid her blouse buttons, she whispered that her bra opened at the front with a press stud type fastener between the cups.

Her boobs were firm with dark nipples and she leant back a little as I kissed them, at the same time she was undoing my zip, I needed to move a little to face her so she could get my dick right out. Initially she just held it and sort of played with my foreskin between her thumb and finger and I guessed she didn't want cum spurting on her. I said my clothes would wash easily and turned to sit square on in the seat, she kissed me and started wanking me off. At first she was nice and slow, she knew what she was doing cos she kissed me and then increased the pace till I told her to hold my dick close to my shirt as I was going to cum. Practically all of it went onto my shirt with just a few drops on her fingers and I was hoping she would lick them clean but she didn't...that wasn't a problem tho, she just kissed me again and asked did I have any tissues. I had a clean handkerchief in my pocket which she used and then I used to wipe my shirt.

When I dropped her off she kissed me again and said how much she had enjoyed the evening, she was busy all day Sunday with her family but we chatted and text and said we would see each other at work down the week and she was free on Wednesday evening...and of course I was also!

I had to go over to deliver something on Tuesday lunchtime, her office was down a tiled corridor next to the managers, he was on a weeks leave and the place was pretty deserted. She was wearing a loose fitting cotton top and when I went in she said she just had to finish off something on the computer. I stood behind her and looked over her shoulder as tho I was reading the screen but she knew I was looking down at her boobs, she just laughed and said that this bra fastened at the back and we would hear anyone walking down the corridor. I snuggled up close behind her and soon her warm boobs were resting in my hands, I was so hard and she knew it cos I was deliberately pushing against her back.

This was fun but we didn't want to risk too much so she stood up, fastened her bra and kissed me then took a file to the main office and came back a few moments later. She smiled and said something like what did it look like in daylight and then she undid my zip and got my dick out, it was only a few seconds play but she said it was nice and I told her she could see it any time she wanted. I had to go back, we kissed goodbye and before leaving I went into the toilets and had a wank shooting a wad of thick cum into the pan.

She was quite busy that week in the evenings helping her mother prepare for a cub scout adventure day on the Saturday and Chris asked me if I wanted to go with her and help with the lunches.

I texted when I arrived to pick her up about 8.30am and and she replied she was running late and I might as well come in and wait, she came to the door just wearing bra and panties and drying her hair. After a quick kiss she rushed off to get dressed and a few minutes later came back with all her stuff still panicking about the time. As we started to drive there I told her she had a great body and she went serious and said she had had a cyst removed from her fallopian tubes and all action down there was banned for a few weeks, I brushed her cheek and said that I was sorry about the cyst but it wasn't a problem for me as I loved her company.

The weather was ideal, we were going to a proper scout campsite in the countryside and once we had left the urban area I assured her we were ok for time and she calmed down and gave me a proper kiss on my cheek. I joked about not making me horny for the rest of the day, she asked if I was horny now and undid my zip and got my dick out which quickly hardened in her hand. I slowed down and she laughed and said we couldn't stop or we would be late so I drove along with Chris wanking me, that was so hot.... Once I knew I was going to cum I told her I had to pull in or I could hit something, I turned into the entrance to a field, quickly grabbed some tissues and my cum spurted into them as Chris smiled and brought me off.

Luckily there was no mess, we kissed and continued to the campsite arriving in plenty of time to help making lunch of burgers, sausages, beans and sandwiches for around 200 cub scouts. The campsite itself was mainly a flat field with a hill on one side leading to a small wood. The cooking and eating areas were in the field and once all the lunches had been served the cub scouts were told to sit and eat on the grass and stay quiet for about 30 mins once they had finished to help digestion.

Chris and I both had a burger and some sandwiches and she said we could get a bit of peace if ate ours on the hillside leaving her mum and the other official helpers to look after the kids. We lay on our sides facing each other but still being able to see the field area where everyone else was, Chris looked gorgeous in the sunshine, slightly ruffled hair and just a bit sweaty from all the work but so natural and sexy. Once we had both finished our lunch I said about going back down to help clear up but she laughed and said we had been told to let it digest so we had to stay there.

I wriggled right next to her and kissed her, she still had her chefs apron on and I asked if I could wipe my hands on it and she said yes so I deliberately rubbed them where her boobs were and she started laughing and asking if I was still horny so I said like always. She looked round and everybody was still down in the field area resting, we were far enough away to see people but not in any real detail so I guess they couldn't see exactly what we were doing either. Chris undid the waist button and zip on my jeans, my dick was already hard as she pushed the waistband of my boxers down and held it, she started wanking it but it wasn't really easy like that so she held it out of the boxers fly and continued. It felt so hot having a handjob in the open air and sunshine, Chris laughed and said we had to make sure neither of us got cum splashed so when I was ready I moved backwards a bit and she pointed my dick onto the grassy bit between us. Three thick strings of cum and some watery bits spurted out onto the grass, Chris held my dick till it went soft then she kissed me and we both stood up, looked at the cum which seemed to be sparkling in the sunshine and walked back down to join the others.

My contract lasted another three weeks and we went out several times more. Chris was always the best of company... not wanting emotional commitment just friendship with sexy fun. She wanked me off as I was driving in the countryside on a couple of further occasions. One other time I hope I'll never forget was when we were driving in town, she reached across and played with my dick and particularly my bell end over my clothes. We joined a stream of cars approaching a junction going quite slow, it was so horny knowing that lots of people were around us but none knew what she was doing as we were both just looking ahead as normal. I was telling her how good it felt and not to stop and a couple of minutes later I had the most pleasurable feeling in my groin and a gooey sticky mess in my boxers ....WOW!

I got a job about 100 miles away, we kept in touch at first but contact dropped off, we parted friends and I really hope she has found a great guy to settle down with and still got her sense of fun.



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