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The Long Flight Home

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When you least expect it, the unexpected happens.


I can remember 1998 very well. I had been on a four week tour of South-East Asia and was on my final leg home, back to Australia. Having flown from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, I was waiting for a connecting flight back to Melbourne. I was 36 at the time, when I passed through Customs, had my baggage checked, and boarded my final flight. It was late at night and the flight was an all-nighter, arriving at Melbourne around 8 am in the morning.

I boarded the plane via the departure lounge and soon found my seat near the back of the plane. Several minutes later, a reasonably attractive woman sat down beside me, on the aisle side; with me seated at the window seat. Her name was Julie and she lived in Sydney, but had to take a connecting flight from Melbourne to Sydney on arrival at Melbourne. Julie, a journalist, was 32 and on her way back from Singapore after doing an article on Changi Prison and the Australian soldiers in WW2.

She was very pleasant to talk to and we spent some time talking about her vocation and my holiday. Around 2 am, we were both very tired and Julie had fallen asleep. Her body was half slumped, half turned with her head resting on my shoulder. I never minded at all, and never had the heart to wake her. I was very tired myself and needed some sleep too. For some reason, I was feeling a little cool and felt that I needed a blanket to put over my chest and legs. I called the hostess and she provided me with a sleeping blanket.

As I lay back in my seat with Julie still asleep on my shoulder, I was feeling quite turned on for some reason. It was no doubt due to Julie's head sleeping on mine, her scent, and the proximity of her body to mine. As I got thoughts on what I would love to do to her, I decided it would be safe for me to wank off under my blanket. Most of the plane was asleep, Julie was asleep, so there was no-one there to notice any minimal movement of my body.

I started rubbing my penis through my trousers and soon had a raging hardon, which was causing me to feel somewhat uncomfortable. Knowing I was safe from detection, I became more adventurous underneath the blanket and slowly unzipped my fly. Reaching into my jocks, I grabbed my rampant penis and had it sticking out through my unzipped trousers. I lay back in my seat and slowly started to stroke myself thinking that I was screwing Julie. I had my eyes momentarily closed as I let my imagination run wild.

Next thing to my horror and complete embarrassment, I felt a hand over my hand, with a soft dulcet voice saying 'Here, let me help you with that.'

As I was about to profusely apologise, Julie said 'Shhh, don't say anything, just enjoy it.' As her hand replaced my hand on the shaft of my penis, I tried to reciprocate by touching her as well. She would not permit me to touch her groin area or vulva, but fingered herself with one hand, while jacking me off with her other hand.

I soon unloaded a generous deposit of hot sticky semen over her hand and the front of my trousers as she continued to frig herself until she orgasmed as well. I then zipped up my trousers and we both went to sleep. We awoke to an early breakfast on the flight before alighting at Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne. We never spoke about what happened on the plane hours earlier, but as we were waiting for our baggage at the terminal, she came over to me, pecked me on the cheek and wished me all the best.

That was a night I will treasure until I go to my grave, or Alzheimer's takes over my body. I never got her address or telephone number, and I am not sure that Julie was her real name or not. Has any other reader here ever had a similar experience on an air flight?



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