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I pray not, but the time will come, maybe sooner than I'd like - anyway to my story......

Last week my wife went to a town reunion in her girlhood hometown, some three hours drive away. I made the most of a full day to myself, which I knew was coming up. My excited anticipation was channelled into meticulous preparations, all the stimulating paraphernalia, cock rings, latex gloves, lubes were readied. The sequence leading to a shuddering climax was planned, almost a 'time and motion'study, but with plenty of flexibility to allow me to wander with my mood. At last the big day arrived, I had not exhausted myself for a month, so my balls were full, my cock twitching for the planned fray.

I must digress for a moment to fill in that I am one of many guys with erectile dysfunction (minor strokes, wheelchair bound) so I must inject my cock to get an erection, a ritual that far from being unthinkably painful as most guys would believe, is actually quite stimulating - I guess its the initiation of the climb to paradise, the start of the trembling, as the cock moves and the urges begin swelling.

So mercifully the waiting is over, I am free to indulge my fantasies, to seek nirvana, and to recover at leisure, or perhaps a quick recovery and a wild encore- I always find the second coming more fabulous, when I can make it. The battleground laid out, the bed/pillows set, towels, damp wash(cock)cloth, all set for cleanup.

I wheel to the bathroom, vanity bench/drawer, basin and importantly a big mirror. First I make up a 'model pussy' - a sock pulled through a toilet paper roll and fixed with a rubber band, a latex glove pushed down the sock and turned over the end and held with an elastic band, I prod it right down the length of the tube, blow/inflate to feel the extended buried fingers. A few generous squirts of lube complete the hole for my dick to thrust in and out. I wrap/roll the tube in a folded hand towel and secure it. I open the drawer and close it tightly on the towel roll, so that half of it, the pleasure opening end, hangs out of the drawer and points down at 'cock height and angle'.

Next, the starter's pistol. I ready the injection, pull my limp cockhead out to expose the side of the limp length, and sink the thin needle into the soft tissue, quick plunger, and withdraw. The erection is committed, urgent messages fire my brain, and the first urges of awareness sweep my being. It takes a few minutes for the rod to reach operational fulfilment, to ache for my touch. I put on a tight latex glove - a minor task to keep my hand/brain diverted from the swelling member which is starting to scream for attention. I am ready to invade my slippery faux pussy. I stand and look at my proudly rampant weapon, the widened eye of it's engorged dark head stares straight at me - no more! you fool! what are you waiting for? get on with it!.My knob seeks and finds the soft, moist opening and I plunge my full hard length into the pleasure tunnel, in out, push pull, ooohhhh so good, pressing hard against the bench, the tube simulates a pelvic bone. I keep this sheer delight going for as long as my legs can stand, but I know that as wonderful as this is, I don't have the strength to climax this way, so I slump back into my wheelchair and head to the waiting bed.

Propped by downy pillows, I shake the hardness, not quite what it once was, when it sprang to rigid attention when teased by my wife's superb youthful body, cheeky boobs/nips, firm furry mound. Maybe not, but its still strong and ready for urgent rough handling - a good dab of velvety lube in the latex hand, then I wrap it around the throbbing monster. I go at it forcefully, oh god, oooooaaaghhh, slow down, its been a long time- don't rush. Actually I'm a bit out of steam, legs taut, physically wanting. My pause is brief, the pursuit is resumed, on and on, to the next need to rest. The sequence is repeated again and again, my whole being cries out for the shattering relief. It occurs to me that it might not happen!! before I suffer another stroke!! can't keep this up much longer - then the hurdle becomes clear- I whip off the glove and resume flailing with my natural skin, hand/fingers grips.. Soon the unmistakable awareness rises, past the point of no-return, the joyous outpouring is committed - soon, soon- then squeeze it firmly and feel the cum rising through the tube, it shoots in convulsive spasms, the first flies to splat on my shoulder, the repeated gushes of the creamy fluid flow down the shaft, over my fingers. These days the gooey stuff is cream coloured, not the youthful pristine, fresh white.

I lie stunned, the spasms subside, so close to heaven? I am breathing with deep gulps, heart racing, eyes closed, totally spent. I lazily think that I may not be able to stand that stress for much longer? are the days of my joyous episodes drawing to an end? please no, but can my body/nervous system continue to meet the cost of these enervating climbs to paradise? one thing is absolute, despite failed erection, physical disability, wheelchair I STILL HAVE THE URGE, THE OVERWHELMING PASSION - may my wanks continue, even if only monthly - (the injections are expensive for a poor retiree!) I'll report my next engagement.

I close my eyes, momentarily, and wake with a jolt twenty minutes later. I shake/stroke the still fat cock, but there is no enthusiasm for a second bout. The rest of the day is spent just doing that, and an unhurried tidy-up ......gear safely stowed in my secure, secret place.



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