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The Landlady

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Male-Female 1968

I had just got out of the Navy and went home, I was staying with my parents for two weeks when a job I had applied for opened up with the Airlines, I had travelled to Kansas and was looking for a room, I found this older three story building Home that was renting out rooms to college students and the lady that was the landlord was about mid 30's with black hair up in a bun and a print dress like you would see on the farm ladies of the time the dress was kind of loose and even then I could tell she had a nice figure (robust)

I got a room on the second or main floor and was told I had to use the bathroom down the hall, it seems we all used the same bathroom, and was told I could not go upstairs or downstairs to use them there, My bedroom was all I had with a bed and hotplate on the dresser, and one small closet. Now this closet is the story, as it had a hole in it, someone had built a closet where there was once a door I think and on my side was just 2x4 framing and drywall on the bathroom side which means it was not double walled and easy to poke a hole through.

As I would find out later the hole was cut from the bathroom side into the drywall which had a floral design and about three inches round and if you did not look closely you could not see it, but easy to pull out and then replace it back into the wall from the bathroom side, and now the bathroom could only be accessed through the door in the hall.

Now the end of my bed was facing the closet and I would sit on the end of it and masturbate daily as men in their 20's did I am sure. One day I was doing the deed, when I noticed a light suddenly come through a hole in the closet, my first thought was someone in the bathroom was a peeping tom, and when I was living at home I had a sister who did the same thing, and I kind of liked the idea, but then I thought maybe one of the guys down the hall was gay or something.

I got up and moved slowly toward my closet and pretended to be getting something to wear, I looked back under my shirts and could see the hole with an eye in it looking around, I bent over slightly and looked in the hole and the eye suddenly moved backward, then I knew they thought maybe I had seen them, well I went ahead and started looking.

Now my closet was directly in front of the commode and my landlady was sitting on the pot with her legs spread, I now know she knew I was looking and that was what she wanted, she was playing with the black hair on her pussy just running her fingers through it and pulling on the very large labia lips she had. Man I was hard as a rock and throbbing, I have a cut penis which is only average 6.5 inches but is very thick with large protruding veins and when it was throbbing it looked like it was dancing,(grower).

It was then she got up and left the bathroom, well I had a nice wank by myself, and later was walking down the hall to use the bathroom when I saw the landlady. She came over to me and said kind of abruptly now I am known around town and this is a small city, so I cannot be seen going into your room and smiled and went back to her room.

I was still scratching my head when she came back out and went into the bathroom, that was when it came to me, I guess I am slow, I turned around and went back in to my room, and I sat on the end of the bed and dropped my pants and sure enough she was looking through the hole again. Well I started a slow pull on my penis up and down, and I could not remember being so hot, at this time I needed to look so I went toward the hole and looked in and the landlady had sat back down on the commode and was rubbing herself.

This lasted for about five minutes and I had to keep letting go of my penis or it was going to shoot. This went on for a while I would go back to my bed and then she would look in again all the while I am sure rubbing herself as I was masturbating also. It wasn't long after that I was exploding and it felt like my testicles were blowing through the end of my penis and my penis felt huge as when I am really excited I was what they called a grower I got much longer and thicker when I would blow... this was the beginning of a very interesting year for me, I think I grew another inch of penis from all the use. Damn she was hot and I can't even remember her name now, not that I would reveal it.

There was much more that happened through that hole but the rules will not let me tell you about it, too bad, I have much more to tell.



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