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The Joys of Skyping

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When my step sister and her best friend did some mutual masturbating on Skype they had an unexpected surprise.


My step sister Chloe and I are pretty good friends and we like each other but a couple of years ago we came to more than like each other because of something that happened during school holidays. Chloe's about six months younger than me and she's a bit of a looker with long blond hair, blue eyes and a nice about 5'3" body with about 34b tits. She's also pretty shy and a bit geeky and up to this time she hadn't had a boyfriend. Her best friend is Emma and she's also pretty cute with wavy red hair, brown eyes and cute body, a little taller than Chloe with slightly bigger tits. A couple of times we made out and I got to feel her up as we pashed but nothing really serious. We all went to the same school and Chloe and Emma always hung out together.

It was the school holidays and Chloe and me were at home and I guess a little bored because the weather was really rotten. I stayed in bed most of the morning, but then I though fuck this and decided I might as well go out and see a movie or something. I knew Chloe was in her room and I thought she might want to go out with me. So I knocked on her door and heard her say "Come in". I opened the door walked in and just about fell over. Chloe was lying on her bed naked from the waist down wanking. She had her headphones on and her and suddenly I realised she was on Skype with Emma, who was also lying on her bed, naked from the waist down. Chloe had plugged everything into her large flat screen TV so I could see really big clear images of Emma.

Chloe hadn't seen or heard me but Emma had and she yelled "Oh my god oh my god! Nick's in your room!!" Chloe jerked up and stared at me then scrambled to cover herself with a blanket and so did Emma.

"SHIIIT! What are you doing in here!!!" Chloe yelped

"I thought you said Come In..."

Emma: "She was saying "I'm coming" dummy!"

Chloe: "Fuck! this is private! You're in so much trouble pervert!!"

I hadn't heard Chloe swear so much so I knew she was peeved and I so I just said "Sorry" and was about to head back out when Emma laughed.

"Hey Nick, you wanna see our pussies?"

Chloe: "Emma!! What the hell are you doing?"

Emma: "Come on Clo You've told me you've wanted to see Nick's cock - now's your chance."

Chloe: Turning really red "Emma!?"

Emma: "So Nick how about it, we see your cock and you get to see two naked pussies - now isn't that a great deal? Come on Clo I'll show Nick my pussy if you will"

Chloe: Lies back down and starts laughing "I don't believe this!"

Me: "Okay, you're on but I wanna see tits" by now I had a real throbbing woody. I had already caught a glimpse of both pussies - Chloe still had some bush while Emma's pussy as I already knew from our making out was mostly waxed bald.

Chloe: still laughing "Uh oh...you're in no position to make demands"

Emma: "Why not?" She pulled off her top and I gulped at the glimpse of her tits before she covered them with her arms. "Come on Clo, lets have some fun.."

Chloe looked up at me. I could see she was still peeved but she was also getting horny. I held my breath a little. "Yeah, why not?" Still keeping her lower half covered Chloe peeled off her tee shirt and again I gulped and my cock throbbed at a glimpse of her tits before she also covered them with her arms.

Emma: "Okay your turn big boy, show us some penis!"

Heart thumping I unbuckled my jeans and dropped them to the floor. Then I started slowly pushing down my pants. Chloe sat up and my cock throbbed some more because I saw she was getting hot.

Emma moved closer to her webcam and said "Oh my god, he's going to do it!" Then she started chanting "Pe-nis, Pe-nis! YEEEAH!" as my cock suddenly sprang into view.

Both girls uncovered their tits. Emma stood up, got close in to the webcam and uncovered her pussy. I put my arms up behind my head and rocked my hips to make my hard-on sway from side to side. Both girls laughed and Chloe pulled the blanket away from her body, opened her legs then lay back resting on her elbows. I could clearly see her slit and pussy lips through her trimmed black hair. And with Emma's shaven mound and slit looming in detail on the screen I was in guy paradise! Then Emma had a brilliant idea

Emma: "Hey Nick, how about a little wanking action?" She slowly peeled her labia apart and I just drooled at her wet beautiful pink interior! Slowly she exposed then teased at her hot little clitty and slid a finger deep into her vagina which started to ooze milky pussy juice! I wrapped my hand around my cock and started jerking off. Before long there was a bead of pre-cum oozing out of my tingling head and dripping onto the carpet

Chloe: "Oh my GOD you two!!" She sighed, then lay back, got comfortable and started her own slow wank. At first she was less daring than Emma, but she soon got over it and also peeled herself wide open, her fingers working their magic on her clitty and sliding deep into her vagina.

Soon both girls were really into it, sighing and moaning softly as their orgasms began to build. This was turning into the best day of my life. I began to grunt as I felt my own orgasm build. Then my cock jerked and spasmed and I clenched my arse as a big load of come splattered across the floor and some on Chloe's legs.

Emma: "Huuuhhh! oh yeah oh YEAH OH Fu-U-CK!!! HHHHUUUUH!!! Her hips jerked and a little spray of liquid squirted across her floor.

Chloe came about a minute later; she was quieter than Emma but it was still spellbinding to watch as she lifted her hips then her pussy spasmed uncontrollably as she grunted and moaned. Then she lay back, eyes closed and gave a deep, happy sigh and a giggle. I sat down on the side of her bed then pushed her over a bit and lay down beside her. I put my arm around her neck and started stroking and gently squeezing her right breast.

Chloe laid her head on my chest then reached down and started stroking my cock. I used my free hand to stroke her mound and tease her pussy lips apart. It wasn't long before we kissed with lots of tongue. Emma opened herself wide again and...It continued to be a really fantastic day.



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