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The Glory of Lingerie

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I have read various stories on this subject so thought I would write about my experiences.

I was about 11 or 12 when I first discovered the joys of lingerie. My mother had some full length slips that were so shiny and soft and sensual. Something about them turned me on.

At this time I had not discovered masturbation, I used to hump a pillow on my bed, somehow I was intrigued to find out what the slip would be like if I layed it on the pillow and humped that.

So I layed the slip onto the pillow and climbed on, it felt great much softer than cotton material, then, as I started to rub up and down there was less friction and the two layers slipped against each other.

The feelings were great, I was hooked.

I did this for a while, enjoying the fantastic sexual sensations, always worried that my mother might find out, which I think made it more exciting.

Then I started wearing them still humping the pillow, I was not quite as good, as there was only one layer; but still very nice.

But now another aspect came into the equation.

If I rubbed my hands over my body the material slipped and slid giving me very erotic feelings.

My little penis got very hard and poked out of the material, I started to touch it, to gently rub it and then stroke it.

This felt really great, better than humping the pillow.

This now became the norm for me whenever I had the chance I would rush to my mothers room strip naked and put on one of her slips.

I would caress my body feeling the fantastic sensual material slipping over my body, particularly over my thighs and backside. this would make my little penis grow and grow pushing forward and trying to push through the shiny fabric.

I had learnt to pull the fabric back and forth over the end of my hard cock, this produced the most amazing sensations, and most times I would have my dry orgasm.

Once I started cumming, so as not to make a mess and leave an incriminating stain, I used to wear the slip and lift the front up to wrap the material around my cock and then wank myself.

Making sure not to stain as I shot my load.

After some time the appeal of my mothers undies faded, I had discovered porn and was drawn to pics of lingerie, but now I loved skimpy thin sexy items teamed of course with the sheerest of black stockings. Girls dressed in this 'tarty' way always had more appeal to me than naked ones.

A few years passed and I started to think about my boyhood days and wondered what it would feel like to dress in stockings etc.

So I plucked up courage and bought a pair of black stockings with a red suspender belt and matching tiny pair of panties.

I rushed home stripped off, the items were laying on the bed, just seeing them there made my heart pound. Picking up the suspender belt I began to fasten it around my waist, then I pulled on the first stocking rolling it up my thigh I began to feel a tingle in my groin. I fastened the suspenders and then pulled on the second one.

Finally the little panties they were so small I was not sure they would fit over my growing cock.

But I managed, I turned to look in the mirror.

The sight, although bizarre really excited me, I turned to view myself from every angle. I could not believe how excited I was, my cock had now escaped from the confines of tiny panties, and was poking over the top.

I ran my hands over the stockings, how wonderful.

All the time looking at myself in the mirror, trying hard to see my back view. At that moment I looked and felt so incredibly sexy.

I pulled down the panties at the front in order for me to stroke my throbbing member, gently I slid my hand up and down it's shaft; I knew I would not last long I was so sexually charged.

I pushed my left hand behind the front suspender and forcing it under the panty cupped my balls, still stroking my hard cock with the other hand.

This proved too much for me the whole experience of buying the items and having to wait until I got home had been almost overwhelming. It was all coming together at this point.

I stepped back and flopped onto the bed a few more strokes and.....

A great rope of cum shot into the air and landed on my chest, and the another and another. I seemed to remember that it felt like my orgasm lasted for ages, how ever long it felt absolutely fantastic.

I cleaned up, but kept the undies on walking around the house felt really great, and you can imagine that it was not too long before I was wanking myself again. This time though it lasted a lot longer.

Well that's that for now I have more stories if anyone is interested. In the mean time I hope you have enjoyed this one.



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