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The fort

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Our summer of discovery.


My younger brother liked to build a fort in the living room. It was made by arranging chairs together and draping blankets all over it. We could crawl underneath and had ourselves a private playground. It was a little dark but enough light to see. He had his toys and comic books and a flashlight under there.

My best friend was at our house one day and wanted to go see inside the fort so we crawled in. She said it was cool, and we were looking at his comic books. My brother came in and was mad that we were looking at his stuff. He started yelling at us to get out. My friend reached out with a finger to his lips and said don't be so rude. He quieted down.

She said she would pay him to let us stay in there and he said "How much?" She said "Two." He said "Two what?" She pulled up her top and showed him her budding chest and said these. He just stared. I didn't know what to do so I didn't say anything. He said we can stay for a while and she said thanks. Then he started showing us his favorite comic. We were laying on our stomachs with him in the middle. I held the flashlight, he turned the pages.

After a while my friend said "Lets do something else" and he said "Like what?" She said "Let's play doctor. You can be the first doctor." So he said "Ok." He told her to take off her top so she did. And he shined the flashlight on her chest and looked for awhile. Then he said "Your shorts." She rolled on her back and took them off. He said "Open your legs" and she spread her knees apart. He just looked at her panties.

Then she said "My turn to be the doctor." He said he didn't want to play anymore. She said "No fair. I did it, now you have to." She said take off your shirt and he did.

Then she said "Now your pants." He said he can't. She said why? And he said "I can't tell you." She said are you too embarrassed? He nodded yes. She said "Don't worry, I'm a doctor." We all giggled. "Besides, I was embarrassed too but I did it and now you have to." So he rolled on his back and took off his pants. His penis was pushing his undies way out.

My friend said "What is that?" and she reached out and felt his undies and then wrapped her hand around his penis. And he started to cum and she let go in surprise. He put his hand on it and pressed. His face looked really weird. When he took his hand off it, we could see a big wet spot on his undies. We both got really worried and thought something broke. She put her clothes back on really fast and I asked him if he was ok and he said yeah. I asked him if it hurt and he said no. And my friend said what is that and he said he didn't know. She said "Let's see." He didn't want to look but she grabbed his waistband and pulled it out and shined the flashlight in and we all looked at the big mess in there. That was the first time me or my friend ever saw a penis. She said "I think we just had sex or something". "Oh God, oh God, am I going to get pregnant?" she said. And she left really quick and went home.

Next day I was at her house and she wasn't worried any more. She showed me how she googled 'sex' and found out what sex is. She said let's go back to your house and do that again so we went back to my house.

I told my brother we were going in the fort again and he came right down and we crawled in. My friend said "First, everybody take off your clothes" and we all did except not our undies. His eyes were staring at our titties. He said "Can I touch them?" and my friend said yes. He was feeling her titties and she grabbed his penis again and nothing happened. He said "Go up and down" and she started rubbing it through his undies and after a little while he came again.

We all looked in there like before and saw the mess. He said that feels really good.

Just then Mom flung off the blankets from the fort. We didn't even know she came home. She saw us all looking in his undies and almost naked. She screamed at us and we all ran upstairs and she came up behind us.

She sat down on his bed and told us she was sorry she yelled at us and said it's ok to be curious because we were at the age of learning about sex and stuff, but only this time. We couldn't keep doing that stuff she said.

But we found other places to do it. And we did. A lot. We also, all three of us googled 'sex' and looked at the pictures a lot and learned about girls masturbating too. And we started doing that together too. And a lot more, especially him and her. And me and her too. But not him and me.

It was a really, really good summer for all of us.



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