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The Forest

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True story! And I want to thank all those involved who made this one of the best days of my life!


My girlfriend had some time off recently and we decided to make the most of it. I knew of a sanctuary of sorts where people can go and remove themselves from the hectic world in which we live and just be themselves. It is a secluded area in the forest where people are friendly and accepting, unlike the world of my everyday life. We went for a visit there in the slightly cool spring morning air and took a walk around the nature trails, taking in the sounds of nature and remembering our very different childhoods. We came to a lake that had a porch style swing hanging from a tree on the bank. We sat and watched as fish swam by and we talked about nature, childhood, and our favorite subject-sex. She suggested we take a walk around the lake, to which I quickly agreed. The mood started to become a bit erotic as the sun came out and started to warm our bodies. I had taken my shirt off by this point and she was in a tank top.

At one point we stopped and embraced in a deep kiss, running our hands all over each others bodies. I pulled her pants down a bit and ran my hand under her black thong and cupped her swelling mound, dipping a finger into her warming pussy. I became overwhelmed with desire and pulled her pants all the way down to her ankles while she pulled her thong to one side, exposing her pussy to me. I knelt down in the grass and placed my fingers on her pussy lips. Sticking my middle finger in as far as it would go, I probed her deeply, enjoying the smoothness of her inner lips and the juiciness of her channel. Her moaning softly let me know I was doing a good job of it. At that very moment, two butterflies caught her eye as she watched them do their dance of springtime love. She took the visual into her memory where it would stay for the rest of her life. I pulled back after a few minutes and we gathered ourselves and continued our walk, high on sexual energy and being outdoors.

We continued our walk and ended up back at the swing. We sat in it and relaxed and gently fondled each other through our clothes. Then something happened I did not fully expect. A young lady who looked to be about 20 to 25 came by, smiled and walked down the path to one of the canoes that was tied up. She got in and paddled out to a floating dock anchored in the middle of the lake. It was about 100 feet away from our swing. We watched as she climbed up on the dock and arranged a towel, a book and a small bag. Then as I was admiring her, she grabbed her shirt and removed it, showing her bare breast to all the world without a care. My girlfriend and I took a deep breath, she is bisexual so she was as excited as I was! Then she hooked her fingers in her shorts, pushed them down and stepped out, her glorious figure well lit in the morning sun. Now my heart was racing. She was totally uninhibited and was there to relax. She looked our way and gave a slight smile. She lay face down on the deck and started to read. I looked at my girlfriend and she could see the awe I was in. We whispered about how beautiful the site was and how we were so lucky to be where we were.

After a few minutes of watching her, I got a bit brave. I stood up and removed my remaining clothes, I looked over at my girlfriend and she was doing the same. In a matter of seconds, we were both fully nude in the swing and sat back, getting comfortable. We petted like two teenagers as we watched the young lady who had now turned over on her back. I could see her young breasts soaking up the sun and the small patch of pussy hair covering what I wished I could see up close. Within just a few minutes of this visual treat, a second girl came by our bench, gave us a good morning hello and smile as she headed towards a second canoe. She paddled slowly over to the floating dock where she was greeted by the first girl.. She did the same as the first, getting things in order then stripping down to nothing and continued to talk to her friend. I could not process the sight before me. Here I was, naked, sitting next to my lover and friend, looking at two pretty naked women enjoying the outdoors. The first girl was reading a story to the second as they soaked up the sun's energy.. We were both voyeurs and exhibitionist at the same time. The girls would glance over at us occasionally and see me stroking the arms, face and breasts of my lover. We were hiding nothing but not trying to be overt either. Just when I thought I had reached my limit of visual stimulation, another group of young people came by us.. Two girls and one guy, all looked to be in their 20s. The second girl on the dock took one of the canoes over and picked them up. Now , picture this, there are now 4 girls and one guy on the dock, and soon, all but one were totally nude. The one was a bit shy but did remove her top eventually.

All this excitement was overwhelming me, and I looked into my lovers eyes and told her I wanted to masturbate her. She gave me a loving smile and lay back on my lap longways in the swing. She was face up and sideways to people on the dock who were stealing glances our way once in a while. I put my hand on her mound and started to slowly circle her clit the way I know she likes. She closed her eyes and succumed to the pleasure of our situation. I kissed her, and ran my other hand across her forehead. We would look at the young nudist occasionally and they would carry on their conversations and glance at us. After about 10 minutes or so of this slow masturbation of her pussy, she started to show signs of heightened arousal. I could feel the lips swelling, the lubrication starting to increase even more. The temperature of her pussy felt like it went up at least 10 degrees or more. She started to moan a bit louder and shut her eyes. This definitely got the attention of our audience and several of them stopped talking and looked our way. I was wondering what they might be thinking,,,, mmmm. Then an orgasm rolled through her body. I could feel her body tighten, she grabbed me and crushed her breast against my chest and her breathing stopped. Her body convulsed and the muscles of her pussy clenched down on my fingers. It was a beautiful site.

She came back down to earth with a very content smile on her face. I was very happy, giving my lover pleasure, and still trying to grasp what had happened this morning. WOW.

We took our time getting dressed, not wanting the fun to end, but time was against us. But not to worry, we are going back today, who knows what might happen this time he he he.



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