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The Fitting Room

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the fitting room
hi, just thought i'd share a true experience i had once. i was shopping for some clothes at the mall, and decided to try on some pants i had found. i went into a fitting room, closed the door and started to get undressed. i took off my pants and turned to grab the new ones. when i did, i noticed that the door had not stayed latched when i closed it, and was standing open about a little ways. at first i was nervous about someone seeing me undressed but that soon changed. I looked out to see if anyone had seen and to my surprise there was a woman in the entryway to the fitting rooms, and she was staring directly at me with a smile on her face. i found this to be very exciting as i rarley wear underwear and this attractive lady was getting a birdseye veiw of my cock! well my dick immediately began to grow and within seconds was hard as a rock! i could'nt believe myself what i did next.
the thought of a stranger was getting me hornier by the second. what i did next even surprised myself. She obviously liked what she was seeing by the smile on her face, so i took a chance and motioned for her to join me. she blushed and her smile grew but she shook her head no. i decided to try some motivation and grabbed my engorged cock and slowly began to stroke it. the precum was already dripping from the big purple head. i kept thinking what would happen if she did join me. i looked back at her and her mouth had dropped open, not believing what she was seeing. Again i motioned but she still refused. i was growing frustrated and just then a man, possibly her boyfriend or husband approached her and they began to walk away. as they did, she turned and looked over her shoulder, smiled and waved. what a letdown.
but being as horny as i was, i knew there was no way i was gonna get my boner stuffed into my pants. there was only 1 thing to do. i started stroking my cock harder and faster, fantasizing about bending my onlooker over and pumping her juicy pussy full of my rock hard cock! it wasnt long before i felt the pressure grow too much for my balls to take and i let go squirting thick creamy spurts of cum all over the first went splat as it hit the wall. 4 or 5 more fell to the carpet. i was oblivious to everything else. after gathering my thoughts, i decided to get dressed. as i was zipping my pants i noticed the door was still open. The thought of someone seeing what i had just done was exciting to me. this is the beginning of my exploring the exhibtionist side of me.



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