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The First

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Names, including my name, were changed for obvious reasons.


This was the first time someone besides myself who touched me in a way that was extraordinary yet scary at the same time. My story starts off with my new boyfriend, at the time, Trevor at his house. (Trevor isn't my boyfriend anymore by the way)

I went over to Trevor's house, we met in school and instantly fell in love. Anyway, I went over to his house just to hang out and what not. When I got to the house, my mom dropped me off, his mom told me he was downstairs. He came up though, and told me to follow him. We went down to where the downstairs was and where his bedroom was near. It was a pretty big downstairs to me but it was comfortable. We sat on his couch and we just chatted a bit. Soon though, I got really horny for no reason and I'm a squirmer. So, I was squirming a bit, shifting from side to side and what not. I then looked at Trevor and he seemed to be enjoying it, for we were laying down and cuddling. I soon noticed his semi-on and I grinned.

I looked at him with my smiling face and he smiled back. He then looked serious and I felt sometihng on my leg, it was soft yet rough and it was slowly going up and down. I looked down on my leg and I noticed it was Trevor's hand, I gasped slightly when he went higher. I felt him chuckle, 'Your horny aren't you?' I heard him whisper in my ear. I tried to steady my breath by saying no but failed when he raised his hand higher. He chuckled again and said something along the lines of should I go higher. I didn't need to respond because he just started to rub my clit outside of my pants. I gasped at how soft he was but he was rough at the same time. My puss was burning like it never had before. He was so slow and gentle yet he was rough at the same time, I loved it.

I was half moaning at his touch and he was slowly breathing in my ear, even his breath was shaky. He then stopped suddenly and I felt him going higher, near the button of my pants. He stopped at the end, on top of the button and slid his fingers, slowly and gently, through my pants. He had his eyes on me and I locked mine into his. I have never done this before and I was scared yet excited at the same time. His eyes told me to stop him whenever I felt like it. I didn't stop him. He slid his finger through my pants now and was slowly seaching for my clit. When he reached my seriously wet clit he was rubbing it and I enjoyed it so much. He smiled and said, 'You like that don't you?' I smiled, nodded and said, 'Yes I do, Trevor.' He was slowly rubbing me.

I was loving it when he slowly penetrated my lips. I gasped and moaned at it and I felt as though I was going to explode right there and then from pleasure. He told me that if he wanted me to stop him I could but I just moaned a no and said to continue. He slowly started to play with me, going back and forth with his fingers then stopping just to see me squirm. I then told him to go in deeper and he slowly did, I gasped at how much it hurt yet it didn't hurt as much as the pleasure it gave. 'Are you sure your ok with this? I can stop only if you want me to.' he whispered in my ear again. 'No, I'm fine, it only hurts a little bit.' I whispered back and smiled.

He started to finger me again and I was squirming with pain and pleasure, mostly pleasure. He was gasping at the movement for I brushed up agaisnt him sometimes. He then picked me up and placed me on top of his now hard erection. I felt his hand still refusing to stop pumping me and he was pressing on me so I would grind agianst him. It was a wonderful feeling since I was new to it. Sadly, though, the doorbell rang and his mom was saying I had to leave. I sighed, and told him to stop. He got his hand out of my pants and he sighed as well and said, 'See you in school tomorrow then.' I smiled, kissed him, got up and let him lead me to his door. We embraced and he whispered, very softly in my ear so no one but me could hear, 'Don't worry Jess, we'll have some more fun the next time you come over.' I just smiled and walked out and said bye as if he never said that.

Hope you liked this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.



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