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The Family Rules (2)

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You will recall in my previous posting that my girlfriend Teri's family had these 'rules' that lead to her sister Val's boyfriend and I jacking off for their 'education'. After we had shot our loads, it was clear that the girls were ready for more. I had to explain that after the intense orgasms we had, it would take a few minutes until we could get another missile onto the launch pad. Meanwhile, Paul and I were having a laugh at their intense examination of our privates beforehand, especially the comparisons they conducted between us. It was then that Paul got a gleam in his eye, winked at me, and said with a smirk, 'Fair is fair, now we get to see you both naked for our own comparison!' I held my breath, afraid that Paul had crossed the line and the fun would end. But Teri and Val looked at each other, nodded, and off came their tops!

Now before I go further, let me tell you that Teri and Val were as different as night and day. Teri was tall, a natural blonde, and fair complection; with a little meat on her bones. Not fat or even plump; just enough extra to give her a perky pair of tits (34 B's) with a butt, legs and hips to drool over. Val, on the other hand, was short, and had a runner's build; not an extra ounce of anything. Thus, she was muscularly thin and somewhat small-chested (an A cup?). While her ass had some shape, it was hard as a rock and there were no hips to speak of. She also had jet black hair, and a dark tan from her constant exposure to the sun. When the bikini tops came off, the differences were even more obvious. Teri had smallish pink nipples that poked out like two pencil erasers atop two delightfully pliable yet firm globes. Val, on the other hand, was what we would call flat-chested. However, she had large, dark rose colored nipples and areolas that would best be defined as 'puffies'; her excited nipple area accounting for a large portion of her bust size by this point.

I ministered to Teri's breasts while Paul did the same to Val; then I called 'switchies' and I had Val's swollen nips in my fingers and lips while Paul dealt with Teri's pink pellets atop her more generous breasts. What Val didn't have in size, though, was more than made up for by sensitivity; as she was soon hugging my head to her chest as I suckled and pinched. Soon, both girls were squirming. It was my turn to call 'fair is fair', and soon the girls were out of their bikini bottoms and seated at the edge of the pool for our inspection.

The girls did 'rock, paper, scissors' to see who would go first, and Val 'lost'. She spread her sinewy legs, revealing a mound with a fair amount of dark, coarse pubic hair that had been trimmed at the lips so as not to show with her bikini bottoms. Interestingly, her clitoris, while a deep rose color like her nipples, was small and delicate; the same with her pussy lips. Paul took the lead, pulling back the hood and manipulating her button, then spreading her lips for our closer inspection. By the time we were done, she was definitely wet. I then did the honors on Teri, who while having very soft, sparse blond pubic hair, had a very pronounced clit and lips. Her clit throbbed in time to her rapid heart beat; and as I spread her lips for the first time, her excitement was made even more obvious by the ample moistness seeping out of her vagina, as well as the low moan that escaped her throat.

Paul then announced that it was time for the girls to give us a tutorial in 'jilling', which resulted in the first real embarrassment of the day. It seemed that neither had never heard the term and had, allegedly, never consciously masturbated; having, as I related last time, a rather protected up-bringing. I suggested that each couple 'learn together', and then present their 'findings' to the others. Soon, Teri and I were exploring all of the nooks and crannies of her pelvic region, with an occasional trip north to keep the tits satisfied. Meanwhile, Paul and Val were equally intent on their studies, so that soon the sounds and smells of sexual excitement permeated the air.

Teri announced that she was starting to feel a little tingly/dizzy, and I guessed that she must be close. I called the others, who came over just as Teri threw her legs open wide, propping her feet and ass at the edge of the pool to maximize her access (and our view) to her love bud. Teri's fingers flew fast and furious, but she seemed 'hung up'. In a burst of inspiration, I reached forward and inserted a finger into her virgin hole and started wiggling it; and was rewarded by the spasms of what later Teri confided was the first orgasm she ever had. After big sister showed the way, it took Val little time to come herself, aptly aided by Paul following my lead and inserting a finger at the propitious moment (although I'm not sure that Val needed any help by then). Val's orgasm was announced by a guttural growl and humping of her hips that I can still hear and see in my dreams today, never failing to get me hard.

After things calmed a bit, the girls self-righteously claimed that by fingering them along to orgasm, we had in fact 'cheated'. And since 'fair is fair', they insisted that they be allowed to jack us off to 'even' the score. That certainly sounded fair to Paul and me. With everyone calling 'switchies', it took a while; but the four of us eventually all came one more time before we heard Teri's Dad pull into the driveway. Suits were quickly put back on, but as we swam to cool off, we were already making plans for another hot session.



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