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The Experiment

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I read a story years ago that has stuck in my memory ever since. I still think about quite often when I masturbate.

I was just at the gym pumping an elliptical machine watching the hot ass of a girl in front of me to pass the time. She got off the machine & left but never bothered to put her magazine back on the rack. I stopped & grabbed the magazine to see what the article was about she was reading. This is the story that has locked in my memory ever since.

The story was about a young Doctor who was studying male ejaculation. To this day I think it was nothing more than an excuse to make a jerking off machine & see how it worked.

He had built a wooden box that was long & slender & able to fit comfortably between a mans legs. The male was to insert his penis into the hole then pull down a handle that would put light pressure on his penis with a vibrating device. The study read like this.

Volunteers were to come to the lab. All volunteers were told in advance not ejaculate for the prior 24 hours. They arrived, signed in & then handed the typical medical robe to wear. They were told to go the examination area & sit in a chair that had a half wall of some sort to guard them from the chest down. Sitting across the room were two females who ran the experiment & documented the results. The male volunteers were each given a condom to wear. On the first day they were to sit behind the half wall & begin masturbating. The guy was to raise his hand when he was at full erection then continue to masturbate without stopping until ejaculation. As soon as he could feel the approach of orgasm he was to raise his hand again. Then when he began to ejaculate he was to raise his hand again & not put it down until he was finished. After ejaculating he was to go to the dressing area & remove the condom & get dressed. Before leaving he signed out. The women reminded him he was to be there the next day at the same time & not to ejaculate again until then.

The next day the same thing happened only this time the guy was to insert his penis into the wooden masturbating machine that was provided. He put his penis in then pulled down the handle. The vibrating began & he was to raise his hand once he had a full erection. He endured the vibrating on his penis until orgasm was approaching. As soon as he felt the first sensation of approaching orgasm he was to raise his hand. Then once ejaculation started his was to raise his hand again & leave it up until he was done. That was the experiment. It read that the Doctor was studying male ejaculation but I can't remember why. All I remember was the ass of the girl that read the story before me & that I've thought about me being one of those guys in the experiment so many times since. Given the chance I would have done it for sure.



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