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The Day I Knew

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I was really scared of lesbians. Partly because I did not consider myself one, and partly because I heard that they can be really rough with each other. I HATE the expression 'Big Bull Dyke', but I have seen a few and know how intimidating they can be.

So, I guess I went from school to work like most girls do, and found a whole new system to work with. Girls in the office tend to be either just there for the minimum time, maximum money, and they aren't interested in doing anything more than as little as possible and don't want to socialise, or a group who clearly dress to thrill.

One of these girls works in my pod. She is called Ellie and is cheerful bubbly and can talk for England. She often talks about her sex life (even though she doesn't have a boyfriend) and will say how horny she is. One day, she told me that she often changes knickers during the working day. That's something I have to do to because some days are wetter than others right?

I didn't think anymore about it until one day after I got back from lunch to find my bag had been moved and it wasn't zippered shut like I left it. I dived in and rummaged because my purse was in there. Nothing was missing, but stuff had been moved around. I felt violated. But not as violated as I was about to feel when Ellie asked to talk to me in private. The only area for that is the bathroom, so that's where we went.

In there, Ellie said 'I got a confession. You know I'm bi curious right?' I had NO idea. 'I know you change your knickers around your mid cycle. I really really wanted to find out what another girl is like so I ummmm. I took yours.'

I was stunned, partly because she had done such an awful thing and partly because she now knew what my pussy scent is like. All I could do was say 'uh. So. How was it'. kinda sarcastic, but it didn't quite come out like that. 'You really want to know?' I said 'You might as well tell me.'

'Ok. Well, I just felt horny and it just popped into my head to look in your bag. I took your knickers to the stall in here and just smelled them while I jilled one off.'

'So. How do I smell then'.

Ellie looked right into my eyes 'Fucking fantastic. Soft, moist, wet, feminine and that pee smell just did it for me. God, I wish I could smell you for real... AND that you would pee on me.'

I was utterly freaked and walked out on her there and then.

Back home, I couldnt stop thinking about Ellie having her face in my knickers, I was angry but also I found myself wetting up BIG time. When I remembered what she said about peeing on her, I knew I would have to rub one off myself.

The next day at work, I just held out my hand after lunch and said 'Your Turn.' She knew exactly what I meant and handed over a very damp pair of little blue bikini cottons.

I took them to the same stall and tugged my knickers to one side and smelled her. It was fucking amazing and in a heartbeat I knew that if ever the opportunity came my way, I really could go down on another girl. Still, THAT wasn't what I was here for. I came. Hard. FOUR times. Then, I sat on the toilet and let myself pee into my knickers. There wasn't much at all, just enough. I slipped my knickers off and put Ellies cum-stained ones on.

Back in the pod I handed mine to her and said 'I just pissed for you.'

That was it.

I can't fucking WAIT for tomorrow.



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