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The Club

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Hi, my name is Dillon and I was taught how to jack off at a young age by my older brother Aaron. I in turn taught Manuel my friend from down the street. Manuel and I would jack off together alot-most times each other. My brother Aaron stopped jerking off with me when he started high school. On Wednsdays and Fridays, mom and dad both had to work late. Aaron and a group of his friends would go down into our finished basement and lock the door. His friends were all hot-soccer players, swimmers, and skater boys. I assumed they were playing video games or shooting pool and just did not want me hanging around. This was fine with me because Manuel and I could go to my room and have some fun without fear of getting caught. As you may of guessed Manuel is hispanic and very cute. I am blond-haired blue-eyed all-American boy next door type.

Manuel and I are now freshmen in high school and Aaron is a senior. The club still meets every Wednsday and Friday after school. One day out of the blue, Aaron asked me if Manuel and I would like to join his club. Trying to be cool I say, 'Ya-we might check it out.' Aaron just responds, 'Just be there-4 o'clock!' and walks away.

We walk into the kitchen of my house only to find it filled with Aaron's buddies wearing only shorts. On the counter were two glasses with what appeared to be and smelled like chocolate milk. Aaron grabs the glasses and hands one to Manuel and the other to me. 'Drink it!' he orders. We both look at each other hesitantly, not sure if we should drink it or not.

'If ya wanna be in the club you will drink it. It won't kill ya!' Manuel and I lock eyes and just raise the glasses to our lips and chug it down. I was right it was chocolate milk but it did have a little funky taste to it-almost like the milk was bad or something.

'Welcome to the club. Nothing that happens ever leaves the group. If you mention anything to anybody we will be forced to tell everyone you drank cum!' Aaron instructs. Once again Manuel and I lock eyes, realizing what the funky taste in the milk was!

'That's right dude. We all jizzed in the glasses and you drank it!' One of the skater boys chimes in. 'Hey it's righteous though little dudes because we all did it when we joined too!' he adds.

I was a bit nervous as I started down the basement steps. But the way Aaron had set the mood with the lights quickly put us at ease as Aaron locked the basement door. Once that door was lock everyone stripped off their shorts. Some guys were limp some were hard and some were semi. I had never seen so many naked boys in my life. Manuel was rock hard as he pulled off his underwear. I was too. Soon everyone started to spread out. Some played pool, some video games, still others went right for the pit couch, which my brother had thought to cover with a sheet so it wouldn't get stained, to pull a load. One of the soccer players knew Manuel from tryouts so he quickly whisked him away for some fun. The boy I had always found the hottest, this skater boy long blond hair, came up and grabbed my hard cock, leading me over to the couch. It felt great to have this guy stroking me off but I was even more turned on by what was going on around me! Just watching all these naked boys doing normal things was really hot. I especially liked it when one guy would start playing with another's cock while he was trying to concentrate on his pinball game. Make him screw up every time-hehe!

Eventually I started really noticing the hard cock right in front of me. He worked me like a pro and I tried to do the same. After only a few minutes we were both shooting our first loads. Then we went to shoot a game of pool. In the background I could hear the familiar moans and grunts of Manuel cumming. About 2 hours later the 'meeting' was about to end. Everyone formed a circle on the pit couch for a circle jerk. Here you were free to play with any dick you wanted and partners were changed quite often. Once everyone had orgasmed, the meeting was adjourned with a simple reminder not to tell ANYONE of our little club.

On another occasion, the highlight of the meeting was watching the swimmers shave each other clean for an upcoming meet! After my brother graduated I took over as host for the meetings. And yes we continued the tradition of the chocolate milk. Unfortunately the club ended when my days in high school ended. Believe me I wanted to flunk a couple of courses just to keep the club going!



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