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The Bigger the Better

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The Bigger the Better
I have always considered myself a very sexually open person, and have been experimenting with myself sexually since I was 5, and experienced my first orgasm at 9. I'm 17 right now, and have yet to ever find masturbation boring or second to sex, because no one does me like me. I think that's true for anyone...
Anyways, this is about me and finding surrogate penises. I strongly believe that adult toys should be available to teenagers, and it's unfortunate that I am not able to buy one until im 18 (silly rules, I hate them all)! The first time I decided to put something sizey up my pussy was when I was 12 (it was the handle of a comb), but the biggest thing I have ever been able to put up there was this bottle, almost 2 inches wide, about 8 inches long. It was very hard getting it up there, but I was extremely turned on this particular Sunday morning.
When I wake up, I always like to touch myself and see if im wet. I normally just use my own hands to get off, but sometimes, I want a little more. It was sunny and warm and hornier than a Protestant (hee hee), so I quickly undressed myself and started to rub. I shaved my pussy completely the night before, so touching a nice smooth cunt and ass hole was a real turn-on. As I was rubbing, I eyed this new bottle of conditioner on my dresser (next to the shampoo of course), and well, what can I say, I got thinking...
I got up and inspected it for anything that might hurt or cut me, but this surrogate was perfect! The only thing was that it was bigger than anything I had ever put in there before, but if a giant baby head can come out of there (something I dont want happening ever, but that's another subject), then this bottle just got a new job.
I lubed it first, of course, heavy duty lube. One good thing about masturbation is that you dont have to worry about what type of lube to use because there's no freakin condom to worry about. The bottle was dripping with baby oil as I began to slide it in, bottom first. I was in a sitting-up position (the best position for any big item) and couldn't get it all through. I wiggled around, and about 5 minutes later of trying, it popped in. OH WOW...if felt so amazing! I couldn't wait to get the rest of it deep inside and bang it in and out, but I knew I had to take it easy for the first few strokes. My clit was gorged and bright pink, begging to be stimulated, but on purpose I denied it. I wanted to "torture" myself a little.
In almost no time, I was pumping the bottle inside of me faster and faster, and somehow, cum was able to slide down the bottle and my leg. That itself was another turn on and I couldn't help but moan aloud with pleasure...maybe some pain, but I couldn't tell (good thing I was alone that morning...at least I hope I was).
After about a few minutes of pumping my pussy--still in a sitting-up position, bouncing with my legs--I wanted more. I have done a lot of anal stimulation before (one of my favorites), and I was curious to know if my ass to take this. I poured the baby oil on my ass and more on the bottle. First, on hands and knees with my ass in the air, I stuck my finger inside, then two, and pumped a bit. Then back in a sitting-up position, I began to slide the bottle in my anus.
I thought it wouldn't go in, to be honest, but I didn't even notice that it was already in within minutes! I could feel my cheeks blush and my body tingle. My knees were barely able to keep me up and were shaking. Sliding it in and out, I was moaning like I had never done on my own. Looking down, I saw more cum drip down my legs, pearly white. This had never happened...I had never came that much before (need I mention I had to change my sheets afterwards?).
I went at it with this huge bottle up my ass for almost a half-hour, never touching my clit, just my legs, breasts and stomach. Finally, I couldn't hold out anymore and began to rub my clit, but I felt as if I could rub fast enough. I grabbed a pillow and rubbed against that instead, with the whole bottle (except the top, which I was holding onto) sliding in and out of my ass. I had the strongest orgasm in my life. Since then, I had only done this twice more, since I dont want to over do it (in masturbation, there is such a thing as overdoing it). Now, just thinking about that bottle up my ass gets me on, and my orgasms have been bigger and better ever since.
Now if I can buy a dildo that big that vibrates.... --"StinKy!"




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