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The Big O

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My Longest and Biggest to Date


For me nothing is more erotic that seeing a beautiful young woman masturbate to one or more violent orgasms.

Recently I subscribed to a site featuring this. The women are attractive, clothed, between ages 20 and perhaps 26.

The camera is usually on the ceiling looking down on the bed and apparently runs automatically. There is no music, no close-up, the girl afterwards shuts it off.

Each girl is on her own, relaxed and eager to show the viewer how she masturbates. First she is clothed, then gradually gets more comfortable with her hand working in her panties. Eventually most disrobe entirely.

The lighting is superb, showing lights and shadows of well thought out studio lighting. There were 58 individual masturbations. Each was different. It is apparent from the gaze of each woman that she knows she is along and is performing strictly to pleasure herself.

I loved each and every one of them. I masturbated along with them and maintained an erection in doing so for 8 continuous hours. The intensity of my erotic feeling was greater than I ever felt it before. I was so hot to cum as each girl brought herself to her peak, that it felt as though I was right there with her climaxing. But instead of letting myself do it, I held it back. My straining rigid cock is uncircumsized. Early on as my eyes glued to each girls movements I realized that all women masturbate with exactly the same speed as men. They start slow and increase to hand-blurring fast. I heard the growing intensity and eagerness in their quivery breaths, their heavier pants, their breath holding ancipation, the straining of their legs, the heated expression on their faces, most with closed eyes.

Most girls groaned as the intensity grew. Most experienced anywhere from 3 to about 10 major convusions or spasms. As their pussies became jucier, this sound plainly became louder. One woman was so intensely orgasmic that she reached a plateau of one orgasm after another. Her entire body was spasming and her face was contorted as though in great pain or pleasure. Some girls were masturbated to orgasm by their girl lover. One girl doing it to her friend was panting harder than the recipient. She orgasmed without touching herself as her friend got off. Delightful.

I could not believe how intense the scenes made me feel. My uncircumsized cock felt like an iron rod and stayed that way all those hours. The sexual feeling for me was so intense that I dared not move my fingers and my foreskin more than a half inch which I did continuously to maintain this high level. Early on my pre-cum juices filled my hand and dripped on the floor. Despite my control, one girl-a beautiful French girl who masturbated by hunching her cute little ass against a comforter shoved between her legs-almost got me off as she stared at the camera intensely, her face radiating the growing sexual delight she was giving herself. When she suddenly tensed, then exploded in a series of jerking pelvic raptures, I clenched my teeth and dared not move my hand at all.

Another woman had multiple orgasms, so many that the bed was soaked from her ejaculations when she got up.

Finally after seeing them all, I spread tissues on the floor under my chair. Then I went back to a favorite of a beautiful Swedish girl masturbating in her panties. They were gray panties and as I saw the panting rapture on her beautiful face, watched her strong convulsions and spasms, it was too much for me. I stared at the repeated dark spurts of her cums soaking her crotch, I jerked along with her in perfect time to her hand. As she writhed in orgasm I thought my heart would stop. I rose to an excruciating peak snd went over, then just kept spasming over and over and over again, feeling the cum squirting out violently. I orgasmed longer and more intensely than ever. It felt so good I thought my heart would stop for the instense sexual satisfaction it gave me.

Later I recalled that one night with a beautiful woman I had made her orgasm repeatedly all night long and never finished myself. I jacked off an hour later and hosed come all over a urinal.

After 8 hours of watching and masturbating to all these beautiful women and their different kinds of cums, I looked down to see if I had hit the tissue.

I was stunned. I had squirted all over most of them but what amazed me was the amount. I had never seen so much before. It honestly looked as though I had poured about a cupful of sperm onto that floor!

I quickly mopped up the mess with more tissues.

It was a good 24 hours before I returned to that site for more sexual stimulation and another more normal orgasm. But nothing matched that first long and most exciting one.

All of the above is the truth. Perhaps my experience will give hope to others who may find these experiences more difficult. For that reason I tell you that I am not really an over-sexed male. I masturbate usually once a day and love it. I am reasonably good looking with a full head of hair I keep cut short. I work out regularly and keep myself in good shape. I flirt with younger women that attract me and there is no doubt they enjoy my attention. I am almost 79 years old....and loving every orgasm I have as much as I did as a teenager. So for others out there like me all I can say is to keep enjoying that Big O.




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