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The Best Summer

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I will never forget this summer!


Please note: I am not gay and my friend is not either, enjoy.

It was about two years ago when this amazing thing happened and I will never forget it. My friend (Jeff) and I were best of friends. We have known each other for about eight years, although we go to different schools, we still see each other once in a while. I think he is the hottest guy in the world! Let me tell you about him, he has blue eyes, is 5'9', has dirty blonde hair, and has the most beautiful body in the world. He is on a swim team so his body is nice and muscular and tanned.

After we finished seventh grade we spent the summer hanging out and having fun. I never saw Jeff as a guy that I wanted to do sexual things with, but as time went on I started to see him differently. One day during the summer he came over and my parents and brother were out doing stuff. Jeff came and we started to play video games, but when he was playing I was looking at him. I was under a spell because his body was so amazing. I was so hard under my shorts, that I could not hold this feeling in me, so I thought if I did something he might get mad and our eight years of being friends would end, so I did not do anything because I was scared. Jeff looked at me and said, 'what's wrong with you? are you ok?'. I said 'yes'.

My cock was getting so hard that it started to hurt. I said to Jeff, 'Have you ever thought of jacking off with a guy?' Jeff was still playing video games when I asked him this and he said, 'Sometimes, but I don't think I would ever do it with another guy.' When I heard that my heart stopped. But then he said the best thing he said, 'I would never do it with another guy, but I would do it with you.' When Jeff said that he turned to me and he gave a nice big smile. He took my hand and put it on his cock. I was in heaven!! I could feel his nice cock getting bigger and harder. I took his hand and put it on my now huge cock. He got closer and we started to kiss and rub each other at the same time.

I took my shirt off, my shorts, socks, and just left my boxers on, he did the same thing. We got up and looked at each other and then we put our hands on each others boxers ready to pull down our boxers on the count of three. He counted and on three we pulled each others boxers revealing the biggest cock I have ever seen. It was about seven to eight inches long and about three fingers wide. Around the shaft was a nice patch of golden hair and his balls were nice and round. My cock was not as big as his, only about six to seven inches long and two fingers wide. We stood there looking at each others naked bodies. He pulled me close and we were now face to face and cock to cock. I could feel his warm cock on mine and we started to kiss and rub each others bodies by going up and down. We took our clothes and went to my room were we did the same thing. Then we fell on the bed and started to kiss and feel each other, it was amazing! He took his hand and started to rub my cock and balls. He went faster and I started to moan and groan. I lasted about two minutes before I came all over his hand and cock. While I was cumming he was still on top of me and kissing me, it felt sooooo good!!

We rolled over and now it was his turn. I kissed him and went down kissing his neck, nipples, and tummy. I got to the gold and started to jack him off. Jeff started to moan and groan and breathe faster and harder. He said, 'Ooh god this feels sooo good!!' He got on his elbows and watched me jack him off. He was uncut so when his foreskin would go down the head would come out and I would squeeze it and he would go, 'ooh yes.' His cock got so big and red that he yelled, 'I AM CUMMING!!!' He came all over my hand and tummy. I was so tired that I fell right on top of him and we just lay there for a while naked. Our hot bodies touching and grinding on each other was great. Jeff kissed me and said, 'thank you, that was the best jacking I have ever had!'

We got dressed and went back downstairs and as soon as we got down my brother walked in. We walked by him laughing.

That was the best summer ever. That was the first and not the last time we did that. But those stories are for another time if you liked this one. Until next time have a great new year and a nice wanking!



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