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The Best of Friends (Part 2)

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Picks up where my last story left off.


The Best of Friends (Part 2)

My last story told about my first sexual encounter with William, and my introduction to masturbation. This story picks up where the last one left off.

After that first night with William, I never really expected that sort of thing to happen again. Very little changed in my life, but the few changes that did take place were major. For starters, once I had been introduced to masturbation, there was no going back. I jacked off about once or twice a week after that night, but only when I was absolutely sure no one would catch me. I also became much more aware of other boy's bodies. In the school locker room, I watched other boys change, lusting after my attractive classmates, but only when I knew no one was watching me.

It was about a week after my sleepover with William, and I was hanging out with William, Matthew, and James. School was almost out for the summer, and we spent almost all of our free time outside. This particular day, we were playing Sardines, a game like hide and seek. One person is chosen to hide, and after a few minutes, all the other players spread out to try and find the hider. As each player finds the hider, they must join the hider in the hiding place. It was my turn to hide, so when it was time to go, I ran and hid inside a big boxwood bush on the other end of our street, where the other boys weren't likely to find me.

I had been waiting in the bush for about 20 minutes when William crept up from behind me.

'Hey Aidan, I found you!' he whispered; as he slid down to join me under the foliage. For a minute, we sat there quietly, and then he turned to me. 'So... What we did last weekend, was that ok?'

'Yeah, of course, I really liked it. Why?' I asked.

'No reason. Would you do it with me again?' He asked this innocently, but I knew what he meant.

'Like, right now?' I was up for it, but I needed to clarify first.

'Sure. Matthew and James are on the other side of the street. We probably have at least 20 minutes.' As he said this, I noticed his boner. He must have enjoyed our last session just as much as I had. We stripped off our athletic shorts, and William said, 'Ok, let's do this.'

As he said this, a voice came from the other side of the bushes. 'Do what??' It was James.

'Yeah, what's going on??' Matthew said, and I knew we had been caught.

They pushed their way into the clearing under the bush as William and I scrambled to pull up our shorts.

'Nothing...' said William, his face bright red.

'Yeah right,' said James. 'What's going on with you two? All week long you've been acting weird.'

'We weren't doing anything! Just go away!' I could feel the blood rushing to my face.

'Sure you weren't! If you don't tell me what you were doing, I'll tell Mom I caught you and William naked together.' Matthew had me trapped. If I told him, I had to let him in on my special secret with William. But if I didn't tell, then I would probably never get to see William again. I looked at William.

'Ok, we'll show you. Matthew, Aidan, ask your parents if you can sleep over. I'll explain it tonight.' William seemed a little disappointed, but it was the only solution.

After some pleading, our parents said yes. We cleaned up, ate dinner, and ran over at 8:00. William and James were waiting for us on the front steps. James just looked nervous and a bit bored, but I could tell William was excited. He had gotten clean and changed just for the night, and he looked good. His clean shirt was tight, showing off his muscles to their full effect, and he looked ready for whatever the night had in store. Before we went inside, he looked at Matthew and James. 'All I can say is, tonight will be really fun for the two of you.' Then he led us up to his room.

Matthew wanted William and I to get right to business. 'C'mon!! I thought you were going to show us what you were doing now!'

But William wasn't going to be pushed into it. 'Wait until my parents are asleep. Then we'll show you.'

Reluctantly, Matthew and James agreed, so we played board games while we waited. Finally, at about 11:00, William said the coast was clear.

'Ok, so we'll show you, but only if you promise not to tell anyone. All right??' William said. 'First, take off all your clothes.' Both Matthew and James seemed reluctant, but when William began stripping, they agreed to do the same. I watched carefully as they undressed. James slipped out of his loose athletic shorts and T-shirt, revealing his blue and pink boxers. He was always funny that way. He wasn't afraid to wear pink, or hug another guy when they needed it, even if he got called a sissy. As he pulled down his boxers, I was able to see his perfect cute little butt, and his hairless, cut cock, only about three or four inches hard. Then, my gaze shifted to Matthew. As he took off his shirt, I noticed how developed his abs were getting. Though he looked almost exactly like me, it was still a huge turn on, seeing him in this erotic a situation. Then he stepped out of his briefs. His dick looked just like mine, and it looked like he was just as turned on as I was. William seemed to be enjoying his little show as well. I knew it was wrong to lust after my brother, so I focused on James. Even though he could have passed for 10, he was visibly at the onset of puberty. William looked at me, and said, 'I'll do Matthew. Is that ok?'

For a moment I looked up. 'Uhhh... sure.'

'What are you waiting for?' James' voice snapped me back into reality.

'Oh... I was just...' I blushed awkwardly. 'I mean, before I do this I wanted to...'

'Let's go to my room.' James said. He knew I was a little embarrassed about Matthew being right there watching, so we snuck across the hall, where I told him to lay down on the bed. I stripped down, then I laid down next to him. He looked over, waiting for me to take some initiative. I wasn't as confident as William was about handling another boy like that, but James seemed eager enough, and I really wanted to.

'Ok, I'm gonna touch your cock. Is that ok?' I asked, hoping to God that James would say yes.

'Yeah, sure.'

'Just close your eyes.' I began massaging his chest and shoulders, slowly working my way down. I allowed my tongue to brush the edges of each of his little red nipples as I caressed him. I could see wispy blonde hairs around the base of his cock, the first signs of a fast-approaching manhood. Then I started to pump his cock slowly, focusing on his head. I fondled his balls with my left hand and tugged at the tight little sack every now and then. A few minutes later, his toes curled and he started grabbing at the sheets. I could tell that for him, this was as new a sensation as it had been for me just a week before.

'Ungh! Ungh!' Suddenly, he climaxed. There was no cum, no mess, just a look of pure bliss as James discovered the joys of manhood. He laid there for a moment before sitting up.

I started to ask how he liked it, but before I could, James surprised me. He took my cheeks in his hands, pulled me towards him, and brought me in for a kiss. Not a light peck on the cheek, but a real kiss. This was my first kiss, and I finally understood what all my friends were talking about. Finally, he pulled away, falling back down onto the bed.

'Aidan, was that... ok?' he blushed.

'Yeah, yeah it was. I actually sort of liked it.'

'So... can I ask you a question?'

'Sure. What?'

'Do you like girls?'

This was a hard question for me to answer. I had never really thought about it before. To be honest, I never really thought it mattered. But after what had just happened, I thought maybe I wasn't meant to like girls. Maybe I was meant to like boys. I knew that the next word could change my relationship with James, but I said it anyway. 'No.'



'Me too.'

'James, you can't tell anyone about this. Even William. Ok?'

'Sure.' Then James nuzzled his face up against my chest. I could tell he was crying, even though he was trying to hide it. It's hard to explain, but in that moment, we really understood each other. I let him regain his composure, and then we headed across the hall back to William's room.



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