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The Best Mff Ever

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Weirdest and best orgasm ever. You might think this is bullshit, but there is not a single lie in this story, apart from the names.


I have been kidding around with my girlfriend several times about having a threesome. We have both just laughed at it, and thought it would never happen.

Once after we had gone to bed we started discussing who it would be, if we ever were to have a threesome. Would it be a guy, or or a girl? And I said that it would be the same for me, as long as she would like it. We don't have a boring sex life, but I always like to keep it interesting. We concluded that the best person to bring was her best friend. She's not a slut, but she is always joking around about sex and stuff, even though she is really not that experienced. The point is that she is open about sex and we thought that she wouldn't be pissed off if we asked.

My girlfriend and her had also showered several times together when they were in a hurry and were going out on the town, and often saw each other naked when they were changing.

Time went by and Christmas was coming. I moved to a new apartment (I have lived by myself since I was 17), and we had almost forgotten all about our conversation. The girls (Christina) which is my girlfriend and Julia was helping me out moving stuff from my old apartment to the new apartment. After we had moved most of the stuff, we decided to leave the rest for tomorrow as they were both staying the night at my place.

We ate taco and relaxed, and decided to watch a movie. We folded out the sleeping couch that is straight in front of my TV, and I fell asleep because I thought the movie was boring. When I woke up I just said 'Hey. That was boring. We should watch porn instead' as a joke. They looked at each other and said 'sure, why not'. A little puzzled and tired as I was and asked if they were sure, and so I turned on some webporn videos, and I got really horny after just a minute. The girls were giggling since none of them watch porn usually.

I thought that this might be my chance, since I love to expose myself I just had to ask 'Is it OK if I jerk off? This makes me really horny. And please be honest, both of you, because it would be really awkward if you didn't like it at all'. I saw that my girlfriend was in doubt but said 'What the heck. Why the hell not.' So I pulled down my pants. We were all sitting on the sleeping couch. I was in the middle, and I slowly started jerking off. I was shaking because I was so horny.

They both got really quiet and watched me. The porn was still playing and the noise from the TV made me even more horny. After a while I asked them to join me, and Julia said 'well. I need to shower first. I feel dirty after moving all your stuff', 'I'll join you', my girlfriend said.

As they left, I stopped masturbating, because I was afraid I was going to orgasm, and I got really restless as they were showering. I thought I might as well brush my teeth, and get a sneak peak of the girls in the shower. I knocked the door and asked if I could go into the bathroom and brush my teeth, and they doubtfully said 'yeah!'. I went in and brushed my teeth. I was starting to get a hardon again.

'I'll just join you in the shower' I said ironic, as I thought they wouldn't let me. Julia didn't hesitate to invite me in. I pulled off my t-shirt and my boxers and jumped right in. At first we all just showered, and I 'accidentally' touched them both with my raging hard dick as I was turning around to get shampoo and adjust the water. They were both giggling, and said 'oops' when they grabbed my dick, and 'pretended' it to be an accident. We dried ourselves and went back into the living room. I think we were all so horny that we could barely hold ourselves back. We took turns at masturbating each other.

Christina cupped my balls and kissed my neck as Julia wanked me fast and hard. I also brought them both to orgasm when they were lying on their back, while they were making out.

After about 20 minutes of playing around I couldn't hold myself back anymore, I got up on my knees as they were still lying on their back and cummed all over their breasts as they continued making out.

It was without doubt the best orgasm I've ever had. We had a similar experience New Years eve. More stuff happened, but I barely remember it unfortunately.

I hope that you enjoyed my story, and I am sorry if my grammar and vocabulary sucks. English is not my primary language. Feel free to leave a comment, as this is my first and possibly last contribution on this site.



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