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The Best I Never Had

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70 now but around 45 then


Back when I was in my mid 40's I went to a convention. There is nothing more boring to me than sitting all day in meetings. The first day finally came to an end and I headed for the bar. Upon entering the bar I spotted this young lady that I had noticed earlier. I walked over to the table where she was sitting and asked if she minded me joining her. She smiled and said, 'Not at all.' We talked about the convention, our families, our children, etc. She was about ten years younger than me and naturally her children were a little younger.

Somewhere along the way our conversation became more intimate. Finally when I thought the time was right I suggested that we go to my room or hers and get comfortable. She agreed to go to my room with me. Once in the room she took off her jacket and shoes. I removed everything except my pants and shirt. Out conversation got more erotic and finally I suggested that we remove some more clothing. She immediately said she did not feel right about having sex with a total stranger. I gave her the old line saying if we had sex we certainly would not be stangers after we finished. She would not agree to go all the way with me. I asked her if she ever masturbated and she said yes. I asked her if she ever mastrubated in front of anyone. She said no, not even her husband. I suggested that we do it in front of each other and she seemed eager to do so.

At that point we stripped totally naked. There were two big plush chairs in the room so I moved them facing each other just a few feet apart. We put towels in the seat of each chair because you never know how clean the seats are. I sat in on and she in the other. By the time I sat down my dick was hard. She started massaging her tits with one hand while she rubbed her pussy with the other. I held my dick but didn't want to rub it too much for fear of cumming too soon.

Pretty soon she threw her legs over each arm of the chair and I got my first look at her beautiful pussy. This woman had the perfect looking pussy. Both lips were the same size and not so large that they stuck out like big flaps. Although she had black hair, once her legs were spread that wide her pussy opened up to reveal delicious pink flesh. There at the top of her outer lips I could see her clit peeking out from its hood. Her inner lips were open exposing a generous amount of moisture. We continued talking as we pleasured ourselves. We both said we wanted to make it last as long as possible.

I said something about getting up to get some lube for my dick and she swiped her hand across her pussy and said, 'Here, use this.' I wiped my hand across hers and found that it was soaking wet. Rubbing her pussy juice on my dick almost made me cum. Also, by that point I was leaking precum so my dick was good and wet.

We started telling each other what we would like to do to the other one. I told her I would love to lick her pussy and suck all the hot juice out of her vagina. She told me how she would suck my dick and how she would squeeze it once it was inside her pussy. There were times when I had to make myself think of other things to keep from cumming too quickly.

I don't know how long we had been watching each other. I didn't realize I had that much precum in me because I was leaking like an open faucet. About the time I thought it could not get any better, it did. Her head went back and she let out a loud moan and her ass started bouncing up and down and she had an orgasm. She had three fingers buried in her pussy and her legs came off the arms of the chair and pressed together trapping her hand in her pussy. When her orgasm finally ended she put her legs back on the arms and smiled and said that was the best orgasm she had ever had in her life. She said what made it so good was the fact that someone was watching her, something she had never done before.

When she reopened her legs you could see globs of pussy juice running out of her vagina. She immediately started rubbing her clit and it was less than a minute before she had a second orgasm. It was not as strong as the first and didn't last as long. This time she kept her legs on the arm of the chair and as soon as the second orgasm was over she started rubbing her clit again. Soon a third one hit her, it being even milder than the second. She said she was going to make herself cum one more time and if I wanted to cum with her now was the time to do it. I tried to time my cum and about the time she started having her fourth orgasm I came. And did I ever cum. I thought my insides were going to fly out the end of my dick. I have always been a pretty heavy cummer and this time was no exception. The first shot of cum landed directly on her tits, the second on her stomach and the third right directly on her pussy. My cum had ended but it still felt good and my dick was still hard so I kept jacking. It didn't take long until I felt it churning in my balls and I told her I was going to cum again. I think seeing all of my white cum in her black pubic hair helped me cum a second time quicker than expected. Pretty soon I said, 'Oh fuck, I'm cumming again,' and I shot my second load. By the time I stopped cumming I was totally spent.

Apparently this woman was impressed with me. She said she didn't realize a guy could cum twice like that. I told her that it happened to me occasionally. She looked disappointed as she told me her husband had never cum twice in a row. I said, 'Baby, if I was married to a woman as beautiful and sexy as you are I would probably cum twice every time we had sex.' That made her feel good even if it wasn't true. Granted she was beautiful and sexy but I no doubt would not cum twice every time we had sex. I didn't tell her, but my wife was just as beautiful and sexy as she was and I didn't cum twice every time we had sex. But I did a lot of times, something apparently her husband never did.

She did allow me the pleasure of cleaning her pussy of all its juice but only by using my hand and a bath towel. I washed her pussy real good and started to help her put her panties back on but stopped and asked if I could keep her panties. She said, 'What on earth for?' I told her that before I went home I would like to smell and lick her panties and jack off one more time to her. She smiled and said, 'My, you are one sexy man.' And maybe that wasn't true but it made me feel good. After she got her skirt on she said, 'Time about fair play. Let me wash your dick for you.' How could I turn down that offer. She took a warm wet bath towel and washed my dick, pulling the foreskin back and washing the head. She washed my balls and then dried me off. As I had started to do with her, she helped me put my underwear on. After we were both dressed I walked her to the door. I said, 'After what we have done and seen each other do, don't you think we deserve a parting kiss?' She turned and gave me a long hot kiss and then went out the door. I didn't see her the next day in any of the meetings that I was in and the conference ended that day. I spent one more night there before going home.

I jacked off that night using her panties. I must say her pussy smelled as good as it looked. I almost chewed the crotch out of her panties they tasted so good. My final act with her panties was to shoot a large amount of cum in the crotch, letting it mix with her dried cunt juice. I threw the panties in the trash before I left the hotel.

I never saw her again after that first afternoon but I still think about her. I wonder where she is today and what she is doing. I wonder if she ever masturbated in front of another man. I didn't get to fuck her but I can truthfully say that she had the best pussy I never got. It was one hot afternoon in that hotel room and a lot of pussy juice and cum was spent.



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