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The Best Gondola Ride Ever

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My experience in the ski lift gondola ranks up there with the more unusual places I've satisfied myself. It was a very snowy day up on this mountain, and there weren't a lot of people up there skiing--most likely due to the road up the mountain being extremely treacherous with all the snow. As I was sitting there at lunch, it occurred to me that if I went out to the gondola house right after lunch and waited a few minutes, I would most likely be able to get into a gondola by myself (on crowded days, they'd wait until several people showed up then pile them into a single car). My adrenaline started to flow as I thought about this--as did the blood to a certain area of my body that was covered by my ski bib. I went into the bathroom and grabbed a wad of toilet tissue, stuffed it into one of my external pockets, then headed outside and grabbed my skis. I then trudged through the blowing snow to the gondola house.
Sure enough, I was able to get a car by myself. Three people got into the car ahead of me; I waited back and then headed forward after their gondola door was closed. The lift operator opened the door of the next car and I climbed in; no one was in line behind me, so he closed the door and off I went from the gondola house, moving up the side of the mountain. It was about a 18 minute ride to the top.
Shortly after my car left the gondola house and was heading up the cable, I leaned forward so that my head was at approximately the same level as my groin. I looked up and could barely make out the car ahead of me. Of course, the rider(s) in that car facing uphill (as was I) would not be able to look back easily and see me, and the rider(s) facing back downhill would most likely (I hoped) be blocked by the angle of the view.
About four minutes into the ride, I started having second thoughts. What if there were cameras on the lift poles? What if someone in a downhill-heading gondola looked over and saw me jerking off? I undid my ski coat and unzipped my bib, thrusting my ungloved hands under my arms. I then started looking nervously around, trying to gauge whether or not my anxieties had any basis in fact. After a minute or two, I didn't really care--I had a raging erection in my bib and a whole lot of adrenaline pumping through my body. I leaned back a bit, slipped the sweatpants I was wearing under my bib down a couple of inches, and pulled out my erection. I'm around 6 - 6 1/2 inches when erect, depending on the level of excitement, and I'd say I was definitely closer to the 6 1/2 right then. I took one last look around and started jacking off.
One thing I haven't mentioned yet is that this gondola wasn't actually sealed to the environment. It had places on both sides for where up-and-down sliding windows would b; on one side, the window was missing, but the other side still had the window on it. I had slid that window to the top--it was, after all, snowing and blowing and the temperature was somewhere in the low 20's. Nevertheless, there was a lot of heat in my left hand as I was tugging up and down on my penis. Right about then, my gondola car reached an open spot where there were no trees on either side, and the wind started whipping the car back and forth quite a bit. I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out the wad of toilet tissue and got it to my cock right as I started to spurt cum out. Because of the intense excitement level, I shot an enormous load of cum into the wad of tissue--so much so that it started to drip out on either side. (I'd say it was probably around 5 tablespoons, which, especially for me, is a huge, huge amount.) I started trying to push the now-nearly soaked tissue around to keep from overflowing onto my shirt or into my pants. Somehow, I succeeded, and managed to drip only a little shot of semen onto the top lip of my sweatpants. I reached over and dropped the soaked wet wad of cum out the window. I again looked around, but didn't believe that anyone had seen me.
I pulled my sweatpants back up, zipped up my bib, and zipped my coat shut. I put my gloves back on and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the ride up the mountain. As I got to the top of the mountain and the lift operator opened the door for me, he asked how I was enjoying my day. 'I've had a blast!' I told him truthfully.



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