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The Best Game

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I hope this story isn't too long, I couldn't bring myself to cut any of it out. Masturbation is the greatest feeling in the world!


This happened a few years ago, before I met my partner. I was staying for the weekend with an old friend, who I shall call Paul. I had known Paul for years, and visited often. Whenever I do we end up playing videogames, usually right through the night.

On this occasion his partner had gone to visit her friend out of town, taking the kids with her; which meant we had the house to ourselves for a whole weekend.

Just to explain here: at this time I was a virgin; all my sex had been with my hand, alone in my bedroom or wherever I could pluck up the courage to do it. Neither myself or Paul are gay (I know everyone says that!) although I suspect I have some bi feelings. Paul is very different; he has two kids but tells me he doesn't masturbate himself, preferring his partner to do it for him or relieve him with pussy sex or with her mouth.

Anyway, we had been playing videogames all day on the Friday. I had also been feeling horny most of the day, and was aching to masturbate by the time we decided to go to bed. I had a lovely wank in bed, I seemed to go on and on for ages before I shot my pent-up load. All the time I was making a lot of noise, hoping to cause Paul to come in and see what I was doing. He didn't though.

Next morning, I went downstairs naked. I heard Paul in the front room. He had the videogame on and was waiting for me. I took a deep breath and opened the door. He looked at me, a little surprised but not shocked. I asked him to pass me an item from my bag, my pretext for going into the room, and he did. I stood there for a minute, making some comment about the game and idly pulling my cock as if there was nothing more natural. Then I went upstairs and got dressed.

Nothing much happened until that evening. We sat side by side on the settee, Paul was controlling the game. It was late, probably around 2:00am, and again I was bursting to masturbate. I suddenly thought 'what the hell' and slowly unzipped my jeans. Paul's attention was still on the game. Having gone this far, I opened the button on my jeans and slid my hand into my underpants. My cock felt like it was burning up, and my fingers felt so good on my hot flesh!

Paul still wasn't looking, though he must have been aware by now, so I held my breath, my heart pounding, and pulled my prick right out into the open. I began lightly stroking the tip, and I must have moaned or something, as Paul suddenly turned his head to me and glanced down into my lap. This was the first time I'd shown my penis to anyone else and I was aching to know what he thought, and maybe to see his.

As Paul watched me stroking, I asked him 'You don't mind me doing this, do you?' He shook his head and returned to his game, so I attended to mine. I milked myself for the longest time, moaning and writhing unashamedly. Soon I pulled my bottom gear right down to my ankles.

In a hoarse voice I asked him if he wanted to join me, but he said he wouldn't, I think maybe because I might think he was gay. Anyway, eventually I came to a wonderful orgasm, splattering my chest with spunk.

As I got my breath back, and reality seeped in, I asked Paul if he was shocked by what I'd done. He said he wasn't shocked, and that he'd expected me to do something like that for ages! Since then we've repeated it often, doing the same thing, even since meeting my fiance` and losing my virginity. In fact the last time was just two days ago, and we plan to do it again in a few days. Paul still won't join me, and I haven't seen his cock, but who knows?



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