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The Bee Sting

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I experienced the weirdest thing last week and I'm still thinking about it. I don't know if my experience was normal or not but here's what happened... I share a condo with another young woman that I work with so that both of us can save money. It was last Saturday morning and Sara had just returned from her usual bike ride through a local park. I took one look at her and I knew that something was wrong. She appeared to be almost in tears. I immediately asked her what was wrong and she said that a bee had stung her right on her nipple. Sara is small breasted and often goes bra-less especially when she takes her bike rides. She said she ran into the bee which stung her through her shirt on the nipple. She told me she was scared and I told her to let me have a look.

The nipple was already nearly twice the size of the other one and when I felt it it was hard to the touch. I suggested we visit the emergency room which we did. I went into the examining room with her for moral support and I tried to comfort her. She got on the exam table and a female doctor checked out the sting. The doctor told Sara that the nipple would have to be drained ASAP. Sara can be a bit of a baby sometimes and she asked how it would be drained. The doctor told her that she would insert a needle into the nipple and draw out the fluid. When I heard that I could feel butterflies in my belly and groin area. I don't know why, I just started getting that feeling. We have no sexual feelings for each other or anything like that.

Now Sara began to cry and asked if it would hurt. The doctor said she didn't know and that the nipple could be numb from the sting or not. After sterilizing the area the doctor told Sara to lie back on the exam table. She then proceeded to insert the needle directly into Sara's swollen nipple. The butterflies in my groin were now really getting stirred up and I just knew that I was starting to get wet. I couldn't take my eyes off that needle going into the nipple. Sara was now crying loudly and saying that it hurt so much. At that moment I wanted to shove my fingers up my cunt hole I was so aroused by this scene. The doctor then pulled back on the plunger and I watched clear fluid rise into the syringe. As she retracted the needle Sara kept saying, 'ow,ow,ow.' I actually wished that the doctor would have had to insert the needle into the other nipple with me watching.

That night as I lay in bed I pulled down my pj bottoms and my panties. I started playing with myself and then I began rubbing my clit while I re-lived the ER visit. I came quite quickly.

The next day I offered to go with Sara back to the ER since the doctor wanted to see if all the swelling went down. It didn't and guess what! The nipple had to be drained a second time. Sara cried like a baby and I became aroused even before the needle was used. I would have loved to be the one putting that needle into Sara's thick nipple.

For the second night in a row I masturbated.

I'm kind of ashamed of myself for reacting the way I did but it was something I had no control over. I really couldn't help it that I became aroused at such a sight or that I thought about it while masturbating. I wonder how much longer I will replay that scene in my mind. I have no idea.



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