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The Bedpost and I

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Just the beginning



I was really young when I started noticing some different but electric feelings between my legs. These feeling started intensifying when I would ride my bike or climb over our back fence; basically whenever my crotch came in contact with anything that I could rub on. I started intentionally rubbing on anything I could and at every opportunity I had.

Climbing over our back chain link fence was one of my favorites for a little while, I would get so excited as I would swing my leg over the other side, just the anticipation that top bar getting closer, knowing I could sit down on it, wedge it tight between my thighs and wiggle so it pushes the seam of my shorts between my virgin pussy lips, giving that little bit of extra friction, just enough to give me that jolt of pleasure; making me want more. It was like an instinct kicked in and when I felt that intensifying pleasure I wanted to ride and wiggle on that bar more and more but it was out in the open and I wanted more.

I noticed my sisters bed one day and a light bulb turned on.

She had her own room but never slept in there, she was always in my moms bed. We came home from school one day and my sister wanted to go to her friends house, who lived just down the street. I agreed telling her to call in an hour and check in before our mom was supposed to be home. She left and I opened the door to her room, her bed was a day bed style popular in the early 90's; with decorative white iron bars that went from the two ends and along the back making a "fancy" design, it also had gold bed posts on each of the four corners, each maybe a little bigger than a golf ball.

I saw her wooden toy box under the window and slid it over on the other side of the bed so I could put one foot on it and the other on the mattress, allowing me to straddle the bar at the foot of the bed. The bars on the bed were smaller then the one on the fence, about half the size and they sloped down slightly before connecting with the post at the end.

I was getting more excited and could feel my clit starting to throb, I decided to take my shorts off and just wear my panties; I put one leg over and onto the toy box and lowered myself onto the bar, it was cold and hard and felt amazing, I started to wiggle a little, letting more of my weight down on the bar and pushing it between my pussy lips. I was wet all the way through my panties, the bar was getting more slippery and I didn't really understand the concept of an orgasm, I just knew what I was doing felt sooooo good, I wanted more, I couldn't stop. I had this overwhelming urge to be penetrated, I wanted to put something inside my wet hole.

I reached down and moved my panties to the side, letting the bar make full contact with my slippery little pussy, also allowing my finger enough room to slide in. I inserted my finger and moaned a little, it felt out of this world!! I held my finger there, buried inside my tight little hole and continued to ride the bar, then I noticed the bed post, literally inches in front of me this whole time!

I stood up on my foot that was on the toy box and brought my leg over to the same side, I dropped my panties down and kicked them off, turned the opposite direction so I could brace myself on the bar I had just been getting so much pleasure from, put my one leg back on the mattress for balance and held my pussy lips apart with my fingers.

I was so excited my wetness had already soaked my panties and was now starting to drip down onto my thighs. The excitement kept building and though I was definitely a virgin I sat down on that bed post. It was dry so I shook my body slightly and rubbed my soaking wet pussy on it, getting it lubed and slippery. I gradually put more of my weight down onto the post and it started to slide into me, I could feel it stretching my tight pussy slowly and I knew this was exactly what I had been craving. I started rubbing my clit lightly while bracing myself with my other hand on the bar.

It hurt a little but not enough to make me reconsider my actions. I started rubbing my clit faster as the bed post sunk further into my accommodating pussy. It was the best feeling I had ever had!! Soon the post was all the way in and I was moaning and groaning as I rubbed and wiggled around on it. I slowly stood up an little and felt it pull out of my tight hole, say back down again and it sunk in easier and much more quickly, I proceeded to do this until my pussy juice was dripping down the bed post, I didn't realize it at the time but I was fucking that bed post, letting myself be so dirty, just craving the feeling of something being inserted into me I thought was so wrong but I couldn't help it. I kept going and going until my legs started getting weak.

I stood up and collapsed onto the bed, I spread my legs wide open, my pussy was a little sore but I was still not finished, I felt like I needed more, I wasn't satisfied. I laid there for a second rubbing my still throbbing clit, circling my finger around the outside of my wet hole, I turned my head and saw a hairbrush on the floor, I jumped up and grabbed it, got back on the bed and spread my legs wide open again, pushed the handle of the hairbrush inside my pussy and began rubbing my clit again, I could feel myself tightening around the hairbrush handle and I rubbed faster an faster until I felt myself come to a peak and a flow of, what I now know was cum came leaking out of my pussy.

I was finally done and it was so much better than I could have ever imagined it to be.

This was just the beginning of me masturbating...



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