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The Beauty of Her

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I love this girl. This has been a dream of mine for some time now. She's beautiful.


First off, I would like to say to everyone reading this, no this hasn't happened, nor do I think it ever will. I love this girl, and I dream about her every night. I only hope this can happen one day.

Background info: Her name is Sarah. From the moment I entered secondary school and looked upon her face, I knew. I'm not the type to judge on looks, but there was something about her, a look that made me nervous, but in a good way. We have last period together, I look forward to that class each day. I slowly became friends with her, and realised how wonderful she was. I am not an open person only around five people know I have feelings for other girls, but I never felt THIS way for a girl before.

But enough about my undying love for her, lets get to what I'm thinking about almost every five minutes!

Sarah walks up to me after class and asks me if I would be interested in hanging out later on that night. I gladly except with a nervous uplifting feeling. Around six I go to her house, we're alone. We start out by just watching movies and such. I keep glancing at her, I can tell she sees me looking. She says she's getting tired of the movie and asks me if I wanna go up to her room and listen to music. I shrug my shoulders and gladly go to her room.

Once we get there she says for me to make myself comfortable. So I sit on the bed leaning on the pillows, almost lying but with an upright position. She searches through her list of music she's downloaded, and begins to play a song. I've heard this song before. She comes and lie's next to me, I nod to the song, seeing as it's one of my faves. The whole time she's lying next to me, my heart is pounding like a jack hammer. She lightly brushes my arm, and I tense up. She softly says my name, and I look over. She slowly moves her hand behind my head pulling me in closely. Our lips meet and I'm on cloud nine!

I move my arms around her, and we face each other on her bed lightly touching lips, not kissing just softly moving them together. With my hands softly caressing her back, I lower my lips to her neck, and kiss it all over in one slow motion. She slowly moves her finger tips up and down my arm up to my shoulders. I take my hand and put it on her waist, she guides it to her vaginal area. I rub her through the outside of her pants, and kiss her neck. She then takes off her shirt, I remove her bra. I run my hands down her body and allow my tongue to wander down her. I hold her in a warm embrace, as I kiss her stomach. I unzip her pants with one hand and I move my lips down to her panties. I kiss her on the outside of the material. She moans softly my name.

She takes off my shirt and bra and slowly my pants come off as well. Now it's just us in our panties. I remove her's and glide my finger tips down her vagina lips. I finger her cilt in a soft manner, that makes her moan. She cums, and calls my name out loud. I move up to her face again. She kisses me and my whole body explodes. I hold her as she fondles me gently, I'm dying from the pleasure. It overwhelm's me and I cum. We lie there now holding each other in one another's arms, softly kissing. She looks up at me and tells me how she's longed for this moment and I can only smile and kiss her.

That is my dream, my big one. But understand I would be just as happy to hold her in my arms and kiss her softly. Don't think of me as being perverted. I simply wish to share things with this girl. I doubt anything will ever happen between us, but if it ever does...you'll hear from me!



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