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The Babysitter

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I guess a lot of men have fantasized about the babysitter. Driving her home and 'something happening.' I guess I have had this fantasy a fair bit too. I even told my wife about it and, bless her, she incorporated it into our sex life. Well, the fantasy part of our sex life. Last Monday, I was taking Abbi home and just making idle chat, but I noticed that she was fiddling around with her tummy button. I asked if she was ok, and she said that she wanted to change her tummy piercing when she got home. She opened her blouse to show me a perfectly flat tummy and a sweet little belly bar.

I told her that I thought it really suited her. She chuckled and askd me if I liked tummy piercings. I told her that I did very much and she asked why. To be honest, I hadn't thought about it in detail, I just like them. Finally, I said, 'I dont know really. Whenever I see one, I want to kiss it.' Abbi said 'Go on then.' But I told her that I didnt really mean just a quick peck, but more of a prolonged kiss. She said 'Thats ok, enjoy yourself.' So I pulled into a deserted lane and turned off the engine.

Abbi tried to stretch out, but the seat was way too high for her, but after a bit of fiddling about she had it almost horizontal. As I leaned towards her tummy, I saw the waistband of her panties peeking up above her skirt. I started kissing her tummy piercing and Abbi started to breath more deeply and let out the odd sigh. When I thought I should stop, I lifted my head and said 'ok?', Abbi just said 'You can carry on if you like.' Of course, I didnt need any second bidding and soon my mouth and tongue were at work. She seemed to like it best when I pressed my tongue into her belly button under the piercing. All this time, my right hand had been on her knee and I had made no attempt to move it anywhere. I didnt want to freak her out as she is only 17.

It was then that I felt her knees part slightly. Instead of stroking up her legs I stroked down to her calf and then let my hand come up a little higher than it had been. Each time, Abbi opened her legs wider until she was laying there with her knees spread and I was stroking her inner thigh. Finally, I plucked up courage and let my fingers graze across her panties which made her moan out loud. Looking up at her, I asked her if she wanted to be kissed anywhere else. She nodded and lifted her skirt up. In a second I was looking at a cute little pair of white cotton panties that were already moist and smelled wonderful. I kissed her pussy through them and pressed her clit with my tounge. Abbi responded nicely with gasps and moans and even a 'Oh fuck, yes' now and then. Of course, I pulled her panties to one side and went to work on what I found to be a hairless pussy. I decided to go for broke and slid both my hands up the outside of her thighs and up the leg holes of her panties and reached the waistband and gave an experimental tug. I expected her to stop me, but instead she lifted her ass from the car seat and let me take her panties right off her. The next thing I had a finger in an unbelievable tight pussy and was licking her clit until she orgasmed in my mouth. Then I kissed up her tummy and undid the buttons on her blouse to reveal the smallest, but most perfectly formed tits I have ever seen. Abbi reached between my legs and got my cock out and started jacking me. Each time she moved me, the head of my cock flicked against her pussy lips and I couldn't hold back any more. I told her I was going to cum and she held her own pussy lips open and directed my cum onto her cunt.

Of course, more happened that I cant write about here.

When I got home, my wife wanted to know why I was so late back. I told her the truth. I was expecting a small nuclear explosion, but instead, my wife said, 'I hope you gave her her panties back.' Then I realized they were still in my pocket. The next few hours passed ina haze. I remember my wife taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom. I also remember her making me watch as she masturbated while licking out Abbi's panties at the same time. Then we fucked literally all night. I have never known Sarah so turned on.

I am fairly sure that Abbi and Sarah cooked this up between them. I hope so. Sarah has been hinting that the next time Abbi babysits, maybe we can come home early and surprise her. Stupidly, I asked 'doing what?' It turns out that Sarah thought Abbi may be bringing her boyfriend to the house while we were out so she left the video cam running in our bedroom. She caught Abbi using one of Sarah's vibrators and watching some of our porn.

Ah well, a threesome with the horniest wife in the world and a 17 year old babysitter. It's a tough job, and I hope to hell that I get to do it!



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