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The Arrangement

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I had been with my girlfriend C at the time for a little over two years when things got a bit funny. She completely lost all interest in sex seemingly overnight. At first she attributed it to an illness, but when she had recovered from that, things didn't change at all. In hindsight it was obvious that the real issue was just 'us', although she never brought up the subject at all. In the end we lasted another nine months until the inevitable split.

During this whole time though, we had somehow fallen into a little arrangement. Every single night we were together, which was pretty much every night of the week as we both lived alone, I would give her what she called a 'tickle-back'. This involved her removing her top, lying face-down on/in bed, and I would lie beside her and run my fingertips all over her back, barely touching her skin. It produced a tingling sensation and she absolutely loved it. It would last for about 20 minutes; from the waist band of her pants up her back to her shoulders, and then down her side again (brushing the sides of her ample breasts). In return, before putting her top back on, she would give me a hand-job whilst I played with her tits.

And during this time I got to really, really like her hand-jobs, to the extent that eventually I was perfectly satisfied with a handful of her boobs and a hand-job. I didn't miss regular sex at all.

After we did break up, we managed to remain friends. I suspect that was mainly due to the fact that we had, in fact, been 'just friends' for the last nine months. In any case, both being single for quite a while after that, and moving in the same social circles to some extent, we continued to hang out quite a bit. And since she was loathe to give up her tickle backs, it wasn't long until we resumed our standing arrangement. It just happened less often.

After a few months, it just became the norm that we'd spend Friday nights eating takeaway and watching a movie. Since she didn't have a car, we'd usually end up at her place. And because we rarely saw much of each other during the week now, by Friday I was always getting quite toey and really hanging out for my hand-job. So after the movie, she'd get ready for bed while I channel-surfed, and then I'd join her to give her a tickle back. In return I'd get my hand-job while I played with her boobs, and then kiss her goodnight and drive home.

Then one Friday night I arrived at her place, to find her friend D sitting in the lounge room. I knew D fairly well (and also thought she was quite attractive), so when it became apparent that she was joining us for dinner and the movie I was actually pleased. The evening passed very pleasantly and as we tidied up after the movie I was expecting D to announce that it was time for her to go home. Instead, I was a little surprised to hear that she was staying over. And a little more surprised, after some discrete questioning, that she would be sleeping with C in her queen-size bed. There wasn't any suggestion that it was in any way sexual at all, I had female flat-mates in the past that had friends 'crash' in their bed before, and so I didn't assume so. After all, C lived in a one-bedroom apartment and the couch looked like a very uncomfortable proposition indeed!

I knew C could see the wheels in my head turning when she was telling me this, and the obvious look of disappointment on my face, when I realised that tonight's hand-job just wasn't going to happen, brought a huge smile to her face. I expected her to be at least a little sympathetic, as she knew how much I looked forward to Friday nights, but she appeared to be anything but! I mulled over this for a few more minutes as we finished off the kitchen, and then decided that it was time to cut my losses and head home.

I stood up from the couch and announced as much when it became clear that the girls had started to get ready for bed. D had just disappeared into the bathroom at that moment and C stood at the door of the lounge room with a toothbrush in her mouth. She lifted her hand to signal for me not to leave until she returned, and turned and walked down the hall. After a few minutes both of the girls appeared at the doorway, both wearing silk boxers and what looked like a couple of C's old singlets. 'So does this mean I don't get one of your famous tickle backs then?' asked D with a look of mock disappointment on her face.

My jaw must have literally hit the floor right then, because both girls immediately burst into laughter. I just stood there, stupified, waiting until I could gauge whether or not D was serious, or whether it was a cruel joke being played on me by C. I simply didn't know how to react. On the one hand, if it was a joke and I jumped at the chance thinking it was for real, I might come across as rather pathetic, or even worse, in the eyes of D. On the other hand, if I brushed it off and it wasn't a joke, I'd regret it for life. By the time the girls had calmed down and were waiting for my reaction, I still hadn't said anything.

'C told me about the arrangement...' D started, somewhat alleviating my predicament. Still not sure how this was panning out, I was waiting for some smart comment or a comment in mock disgust. 'Well?' she said, after I hadn't replied. I couldn't believe my ears. Beyond a doubt, D was telling me she'd give me a hand-job if I gave her a tickle back! I looked at C, who obviously knew about this all along, and then back to D. 'Umm... OK!' I finally managed. 'You have to give both of us a tickle back, though?' D added, now that she had me hooked. 'And you'll give me a hand-job, D?' I stammered, incredulously. I wanted to be sure. 'I will!' she retorted.

As I followed the girls into the bedroom, I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my body, which gave an involuntary shudder. The girls sat on the bed, and looked back at me. My head was spinning. I looked at D's bra-less breasts under the thin cotton of her singlet. She had big boobs but C's were huge. I panicked for a moment when I realised that I hadn't made it clear that the hand-job also involved plenty of groping and sucking of bare breasts! I pondered whether I should bring this up now, although I was reasonably sure that she'd oblige when the time came. I needed have worried; when C unceremoneously removed her top ready for her tickle back, D followed suit without hesitation, and simply sat on the bed waiting for instructions with no attempt at all to cover herself.

By now of course I had a raging hard-on and it was plainly visible in my shorts. After explaining what was involved in a tickle back and deciding that C was going to go first, I stripped down to my underpants, lay down on the bed next to C, and commenced her tickle back. After a minute or so, D lay down on the other side of C; on her side turned towards me, propped up on one elbow, it gave me a perfect view of her amazing breasts. She smiled at me when she saw that I was staring at her boobs.


Despite C's protests, I assured her that she had her full 20 minutes and that it was D's turn for a tickle back. She feigned disbelief and sat up, clumsily trading places with D, although I announced that I'd also have to change sides to give my arm a rest. When we had settled in our new spots, C had assumed the same pose as D, so I had another view of a magnificent pair of breasts. As I commenced the tickle back, a new wave of sensuality washed across me as I realised that this was the first time I had actually touched D in any 'sexual' way. As much as I had enjoyed drooling over her bare breasts, actually touching her was another thing altogether. This was 20 minutes that I wanted to end, yet not end!

When her time was up, she too feigned disbelief. She made several satisfied noises and remarked how she understood why C was still getting tickle backs from me. She also joked about recommending me to a few of her friends! Of course I earnestly assured her that I'd be more than willing to oblige them! 'I'll bet you are!' she answered.

'Right!' D exclaimed, sitting up and patting the bed between herself and C. 'I guess you've earned this!', she added as I rolled into position immediately and lay, waiting for D to pay her dues. I could see a generous amount of pre-cum had soaked through the front of my underpants. D positioned herself on her knees, leaning over my body slightly, and started to rub my now throbbing cock through my pants. Her tits swayed just above me, and I reached out to cup one in my hand. Her nipple was rock hard, and she smiled as she reached into the front my pants. At this point I knew that a hand-job from her just wasn't going to be enough-I wanted to ravish her body from head to toe. But that wasn't the deal, and I knew that it would only take her a few minutes to get my cock pumping host jism into the air. I begged her to take it slowly, warning her that it wasn't going to take much. She told me that she'd try to go easy on me, and that since I had given her 20 minutes of pleasure, she'd try to do the same. It was going to be an exquisite 20 minutes!

I did my best to include C in the action, but she was content to sit close by and watch. I went to town on D's breasts, licking, sucking and groping to my heart's content. After about 15 minutes I could feel that there was little I could do to hold on any longer, and told D to finish me off. I don't think I've ever cum that hard before. D took the brunt of it on her breasts, and I managed to convey to C that I wanted to cum on hers before I was spent. As my orgasm subsided and D squeezed the last few dribbles from my still-hard cock, I looked at both girls, boobs covered in my cum. I reached up to smear it over their nipples, and then took my finger and placed it on C's tongue. She sucked it clean.

I usually don't cum that much, and although the girls took most of it, I still needed a shower before I could get dressed and drive home. I jumped in quickly, only to be followed a few minutes later by C as I was getting out. I dried myself and dressed as C called out to D that the shower was free. D jumped up and walked out of the room in her boxers. I wondered, a little disappointed, if that was the last time I would see her tits.

I waited back in the lounge room for them to finish showering before I said my goodbyes. I gave C a big, long kiss and was shocked when D accepted my peck on the cheek, and then gave me a big, long kiss on the mouth. We exchanged a few parting compliments before I headed out the door for the drive home. Definitely one of the best nights of my entire life.


That wasn't the last encounter with either (or both) C & D. And it probably goes without saying that things subsequently went beyond what can be detailed on this site. And although I could probably have let myself fall for D, things stayed casual and fun. It lasted for several months, until D was no longer single.



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