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The Accidental Flasher

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What happened when I decided to give my husband a surprise...


A few weeks ago I came home early from work, and as I walked along the hallway I could hear my husband Greg in the shower. I decided to give him a little surprise and join him in the shower, so I went into our bedroom, took off all of my clothes and checked my reflection in the mirror to see if I looked OK. My dark bobbed hair was all in place, my 40e boobs are starting to sag slightly, but my nipples were already sticking out of my small areolas in anticipation. I have a slight paunch in the tummy just above my triangle of thick black pubic hair, I looked fine, as good as I get anyway, so I padded back along the hallway, stealthily opened the bathroom door and crept in. I could see the vague shape of my husband through the frosted shower screen and the steam in the room, and I sneaked up, grabbed the handle of the shower screen and yanked it open. 'Surprise,' I shouted, but it was me who got the shock. It wasn't my husband.

I gawped in shock at Greg's best friend Tony, who was best man at our wedding. He was standing naked, his chest covered in fine fair hair, his torso slim and dotted with splashes of soap suds. My gaze travelled down to his penis, long and uncircumcised, and standing slightly out from his body, almost semi-erect. Drops of shower water ran down the shaft of his dick and dripped off the end as I stared. Tony looked just as shocked as me: he looked me in the eye then his gaze wandered down, taking in my heavy boobs, my soft curvy body and my dark bush. I stammered 'I'm sorry, I thought you were Greg' and ran out, my face burning with embarrassment. I ran back into my bedroom and quickly dressed, then went into the kitchen to get a drink of water and calm down.

A few minutes later, I heard a noise behind me. It was Tony, now dressed. 'Hi,' he said. 'Greg let me use the shower, mine is broken. I thought he'd have told you.'

'No,' I said.

'Look, don't be embarrassed Carol Ann, it's no big deal.'

'I know,' I said, 'sorry, I was being silly.'

'I'd better go, I think I'm embarrassing you. Don't worry, I won't mention this to Greg, OK?'

I was blushing, but not in embarrassment, more just from thinking about the weighty cock I knew was in his trousers, hidden from view but tantalisingly close. Tony left, and I went into my bedroom, pulled off my skirt and took my slim white vibrator from my bedside drawer, lay down on top of the bed with my pantyhose pulled down to mid-thigh and masturbated, sliding the dildo in and out of my wet vagina, my pubic hair becoming tangled with sweat as I rubbed my clit with my free hand, thinking about Tony's weighty penis and the way it had juddered from side to side as he'd turned to face me in the shower earlier. I imagined him coming, throwing out great strings of thick semen, and I came too, orgasming around my vibrator, then slowly withdrawing it and playing it delicately over my clit, daydreaming about what I'd seen and comparing it to my husband's. Greg's penis isn't huge, it's much smaller than Tony's but it makes me feel so good when it's in me.

Later that night, when Greg came home from work, I didn't mention what had happened with Tony. Neither did Greg, so Tony obviously didn't tell him. After the kids had gone to bed, Greg and I went off to bed too. I was still turned on by earlier and wanted my husband's hard cock. I think he was surprised when I started kissing him and reaching for his tool, rubbing it hard, feeling the familiar rubbery warmth and the hardness of his erection. I tugged off my nightdress and.....well you know the rest!

Seeing another man naked has made me so horny-Greg loves it! We've been all over each other for the last few weeks and have got more daring-last night I masturbated him in the front seat of our car in the local supermarket car-park while people were walking past - I don't know if anyone saw, but it turned me on so much to know people were so close to us at the time, and at the weekend we had a bit of outdoor sex in a public park, something I had fantasised about but never thought I would do!



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