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Terri's Lovely Butt

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Last summer my niece was staying with me at the shore for about a week. She stays with me every summer and she and I both love the beach. It was around three o'clock and we had just gotten home from a day at the beach. We got our showers and then I watched a little daytime TV while Terri lounged on the sofa reading a magazine. Terri has a great figure and is eighteen. This particular day she was wearing a T shirt and a pleated very short skirt. She looked real cute. Twice I went into the living room and she was on her belly stretched out on the couch reading. Her little skirt just barely covered her lovely looking butt. I entered the room a third time to tell Terri where I had additional magazines and when I walked in the back of her skirt was up and resting on the small of her back. Her entire bare rear end was showing.

At that moment I had no idea how her skirt flipped up the way it did, but it did. I just stood there looking at her bare rear. I should have either just left the room or I could even have told her that her skirt flipped up. Instead, I walked over to her and sat on the edge of the couch next to her. Terri looked up at me and smiled and then turned back to her magazine. She then reached back and scratched her butt for a second or two with her nail. Now she must have realized when she did that that her rear was bare. She made no effort to pull down the hem of her skirt and cover herself. Her rear was just so nicely shaped that I couldn't help myself and I put my hand on one of her cheeks. No reaction from Terri. Lots of things were now happening with me and I was becomming excited to say the least.

I started to very lightly rub her one cheek and I heard her say, 'mmmm.' I continued and Terri slightly parted her legs. I moved my hand down and started to rub the inside of her thigh. I looked down at her face and her eyes were closed. I was now using my nails to rub both cheeks as well as the inside of her thigh. Terri opened her legs a bit wider. At this point I wanted to take off my clothes and get on top of her but I didn't. Then it happened. Terri turned over onto her back and at the same time she lifted up the front of her skirt exposing a bare pussy. She had a little tiny patch of hair above it but the rest was totally smooth. I could just see a bit of her inner labia peeking out of her slit.

I was now completely aroused and I started with my finger tips over her smooth pussy. Terri raised one leg and draped the other over the side of the couch. She reached up and pushed her shirt and bra up over her tits. She held her nipples and I heard her say, 'finger me.' Her hole was extremely tight even with one finger. I fingered Terri for a while and then I found her clit and began a slow circular massage. She was quite wet inside and I had plenty of lubricant. As I slowly rubbed I watched her playing with her nipples. At times I actually thought she was going to hurt them she pulled and/or squeezed so very hard. I could see that she was starting to get ready to orgasm when all of a sudden she turned back over onto her belly. I didn't know if she wanted me to stop or what.

After just a few seconds Terri asked me to put my finger up her butt. This was totally new to me but I used one hand to spread her cheeks as much as I could and with the other I got it well lubricated by putting my hand underneath her and getting my finger wet by putting it back in her pussy. I then slowly pushed my finger up her rear and then started moving it in and out. She seemed to enjoy this more than when I fingered her. I did this for a couple of minutes until she told me take it out. Terri than went back onto her back and I went back to massaging her clit. She had a very powerful orgasm with lots of noises and bodily movements. I then leaned down to her and we kissed passionately for a minute or two. Terri then went into the bathroom and I started thinking about dinner. We were mostly quiet for the whole night. I was beginning to get quite upset because I thought that maybe Terri regretted what we had done. I was about ready to cry.

That night Terri came into my bedroom and asked if she could pleasure me. Needless to say, I told her certainly. I felt so relieved. It was one of the best sexual experiences I've ever had. Terri and I pleasured each other for four more nights until she went back home. On her last day we had a very serious discussion about never sharing what we had done and the serious consequences if she did. I have no concerns about Terri.

Had Terri been under eighteen I know I would have never touched her but when she scratched her bare rear and made no effort to lower her skirt I took that as an invitation to initiate something. If she would have reacted differently I would have just said that I couldn't resist putting my hand on such a smooth round butt.

Although I am in my forties, when Terri came to my room that was my first sexual experience with a woman and I loved every second of the experience. I have a good female friend who I knew would like to have sex with me because she hinted at just that over a year ago. I got together with her shortly after Terri went home. We had sex and I only wish I had tried it much sooner. Through my friend I have met three other ladies whom I have had wonderful sex with. I can't seem to get enough of it.



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