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Tenderness With My Son

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Another little event on the sectional


Here is a description of another incident which I mentioned I'd write about in my last submission. I know by the standards of some of the stories on here it's pretty tame and may not be to everyone's delight, but for me it's little moments like this that really fuel my imagination.

This occurred a few months ago with my son Jim. It was an evening when my daughter was not home, so it was just the two of us. I was watching TV, sitting on the couch when he came in. I had on shorts and had a throw over my legs because there was a little chill in the air. Jim sat next to me and was quiet for a while, and then said he was tired. He grabbed one of the pillows on the couch and put it next to me and lay down with his head kind of resting on and next to my leg. I should mention that while I have an tender affectionate relationship with my daughter, my son's affection (if you could call it that) is usually expressed through more aggressive gestures, like poking, pinching, and so on. More of a guy thing. And while he has moments of gentleness, this evening started off on the more aggressive side, once he lay down and got settled into the couch he started grabbing my thigh just above the knee and squeezing. It was not a soft movement, he was trying to make me jump. And it worked.

He kept at it, teasing me, even after I said to stop. I finally grabbed his hand, put it on my leg and held it. His fingers were curled into a fist and I'm sure he could have easily gotten away, but he didn't. Shortly after that he relaxed his hand, opened it up and rested his palm on my leg, just above my knee. Although I've thought about him to the point of arousal quite often, his hand on my leg did not immediately get my thoughts going. That started after he started gently scratching the inside of my thigh with his finger tips and slowly squeezing with the cup of his hand. His hand was still outside the throw at this point and it was down near my knee. After a little while he pulled his hand away (I was sorry about that!) and adjusted the pillow so it rested more on my thigh, and he put his hand under the pillow. While he was in motion I turned my leg slightly so that more of my inner thigh was exposed. When we both came to rest after that little adjustment his hand was now under the pillow and under the throw and resting on my thigh. He apologized meekly for having put his hand under the throw. Honestly, I liked it, though I could not say that to him. I just told him it was ok.

Once settled he started again with the gentle squeezing and scratching with his fingertips. He stretched his hand out and when he did I could feel his thumb and index finger move just a little under the hem of my shorts. While he was doing that I started rubbing his hair, then shoulders, and then back, just gently stroking up and down his back. He had a shirt on of course, but I know how good that can feel. His hand never got high enough to touch my panties, but it seemed pretty close. I kept wondering what would happen if he did. Would I stop him or would I just give him access? In my imagination he got access. Maybe in his imagination he did too. This went on for a while but like all good things came to an end. I told him that he could stay and watch TV if he wanted but that I needed to go get ready for bed. What I meant was that I needed to go and masturbate while thinking about him.

I wonder if I'll ever find out if he did the same thinking about me.



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