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Ten Years Ago...

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This is a true story about my first time masturbating with a special person


This part happened ten years ago...
Me, Stephen (Eight) and my little sister, Christine (Five) were visiting our Grandmother, her house was tiny and smelled really bad since she couldn't clean it up herself as she was virtually immobile. We grew bored listening to her endless stories about Ireland, after an hour or so she fell asleep. Chris (as only I called her) was half my height with big green eyes and blond hair down to her shoulders. At the moment she was wearing a pink jumper and blue jeans. I was wearing a blue shirt and blue trousers. One of the rooms, was pretty much a dump site. Papers, bits of carpets, wood, pieces of a bed and curtains all lay over the floor and the rotten, fetid smell seemed to be centered here. Regardless we went in and shut the door behind us. We scouted around for a few minutes in case there was anything lying around that might be valuable. Chris climbed over the broken bed parts and then called me over. After climbing over the bed I found Chris sitting on a mat. There was a pile of magazines there also but they meant nothing to me at this time.
After basically sitting around for a few minutes I finally asked 'What do you want to do?'. She replied by saying 'My friend Alex told me about a game called show and tell'. Alex was a local bully and was always picking on girls and I hoped he hadn't done anything to Chris...or else. Anyway I asked 'How do you play?'. Chris stood up and lifted her shirt up, I had seen her many times as we were forced to take shared baths so I wasn't shocked by this. She threw her shirt aside and then slowly she pushed down her jeans. For some reason my heart beat a little faster and my breath got deeper as she done this, when she slid down her little white panties I could feel my little dick get hard. I had gotten this feeling a few times previously, usually from watching 'erotic' scenes in movies, and I still wasn't quite sure what it was or how to react to it. My eyes were, almost literally, glued to her smooth pussy. For a second or two I wondered what you were supposed to do with it. Her panties joined her shirt and jeans in a small pile. Chris only had her socks on when she sat back down on the mat. 'Your turn' she said. I felt really scared as I stood up and, with her watching my every move, I unbuttoned my shirt and dropped it to the ground. Next I pushed my trousers down and kicked them off, followed by my boxer shorts. When I was as naked as my sister her eyes travelled to my little dick, standing out proudly.
What happened next was what shocked me. I imagine it comes as little surprise to you but at the tender age of Eight and Five respectively it was quite unexpected. Chris started stroking her pussy with her index finger, every so often she pushed her finger into her tiny, tight hole and she would emit a tiny shriek of pain. 'Are you OK?' I asked. She nodded and continued to stroke her pussy, her pace increasing every couple of seconds, if memory serves me correctly I think she put two of her fingers into her pussy and she started to stroke her clitoris (Of course I didn't find out what all the bits were called till I was a few years older) All of a sudden she let out a loud howl and I told her to be quiet or else our Granny would here, luckily she was almost deaf and didn't hear. Chris lay back on the mat, panting heavily and some clear liquid dribbling out of her pussy. She sat up with a contented smile on her face and then she said 'Your turn'. Not understanding I asked 'What?'. She pointed at my dick and said 'Play with it, rub it'. I did as she commanded and I started stroking my dick up and down. At first I didn't really see what the attraction was, but then I started to pick up the pace. I started to feel a kind of ticklish sensation in the base of my dick, quite quickly the pressure began to rise and I started gasping heavily. Within a few minutes of starting I could feel a sensation some place between an itch and a tickle at the tip of my dick. Another moment or so later and I had one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. If memory serves me I didn't cum that first time but I fell backwards, completely exhausted and my limp dick still tickling me somewhat. Chris came round and sat next to me and said 'Fun wasn't it'. All I could do was nod my agreement. 'Where did you learn all this?' I asked wondering how she knew such things. 'Alex and some of his friends showed me, in the cellar a few nights ago' she explained.
When I think back on this experience now I sometimes wonder if all they did was masturbate or did they actually go all the way?



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