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Teen Wanking Sessions

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Hot teen wanking sessions
The first time I heard about masturbating (wanking) was in my first week of High School, aged 13. As everyone made new friends, talk quickly turned to the joy of wanking.
My best friend Joe said we had to try wanking, as it sounded so good. We both agreed and started to practice separately each night. The next day we'd compare detailed notes and aim for improved techniques. We were both avid readers of sex books and would talk for hours about what we'd do to women and how we felt when we wanked. We were close but sort of scientifically close if you know what I mean. We'd read it was quite normal for boys to be curious about each other's private bits and especially women's bits.
After several months of private wanking practice, Joe asked me to stay over one weekend and I gladly looked forward to the time we'd spend together - fishing, riding and talking about rude stuff - like any normal 13-year-old.
That night, after we were sure his folks were asleep, we pulled out some Playboys and like scholarly professors, anatomically dissected some of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen. We were dressed only in our underpants sitting on the edge of Joe's bed. I soon got hard and felt my cock pushing against my pants. Luckily we were sitting right next to each other with the magazine across our laps, Joe couldn't see. I was getting pretty horny after about 10 minutes of drooling over all those breasts and pussies, and really felt like wanking. It was at this time that I became aware of Joe's leg pressed against mine. It was an odd feeling, but I liked it. Our arms met too. I remember actually looking at the spot where our legs touched, noticing for the first time his tanned, smooth skin and the heat I could feel. I suddenly felt this overwhelming closeness. A warm, satisfying feeling that immediately sent pulses to my hard little cock. It was a little strange because we often wrestled each other, but it never felt like this.
As I pondered these newfound feelings, Joe suddenly asked me if I had a stiffy. Of course I did, I told him. He said he was as stiff as a board. He smiled sheepishly and then started to move the magazine away, exposing me first and then himself. My horniness intensified and my cock bulged for all to see. I was getting really hot now, our bodies next to each other, and our smooth thighs exchanging the heat we both felt. There we were sitting side by side in our underpants with our little cocks straining to get out. I knew this was OK, boys do this sort of stuff, it's a natural phase thing - that's what the books said.
Joe said he wanted to take down his pants. My brain raced as I felt intense heat wash over my body, so much so that it sent a tingle down my spine and charge to my groin. These were feelings I'd never experienced, it was all new and so very exciting. I was almost speechless but managed to blurt out that we should compare our dicks. I don't know how I managed to think that at the time, but I'm glad I did. I'd never thought of Joe in a sexual way, he was my buddy. We'd had pissing sessions together and seen each other naked but now I felt very close to him. I wanted to show him my cock. I wanted to feel the heat continue to rise and pulse throughout my body. I wanted to see his cock. For a moment I knew I wanted to touch it.
Joe smiled and put his hand on my leg as he got up from the bed. There were those feelings again - his hand on my smooth leg, the warmth, the touch. I felt very hot and my dick was bulging every couple of seconds, straining to get out of my shorts. As Joe got up and his hand left my thigh, the intense fiery feeling subsided. The warmth of his body next to mine was gone. He stood facing away from me for a moment after he'd gotten up. It was then that I began to look at my friend from an entirely sexual point of view. I focussed on his smooth, tanned legs, especially where his tan line was exposed over his left buttock. His bum was hard as I found out in our wrestling matches. I immediately remembered the first time we showered together and how his buttocks looked rounder and firmer than mine, with a triangular gap at the top and a pronounced crack that led all the way down to his dark nether-regions. I'd never thought about it before like this, so why now? I wanted to run my hands over his broad-ish back, feel those shoulder blades that were so lithe, yet powerful. His forearms were strong and lightly covered in hair. It was all I could do to stop getting up and hugging him, feeling his warmth against mine.
Joe turned round slowly as I sat there thinking those tantalizing thoughts. My mesmerized gaze dropped to his pants. His hard cock was pressed up sideways in his pants and I could make out the outline of his balls below. I looked up and he was staring lustily into my eyes. His hands began to move to the top of his shorts. A lump grew in my throat as my eyes wondered down his face, over his lips, down his slender neck, over his chest, stopping momentarily at his nipples which were hard and erect (for a guy anyway!). The light threw shadows across his developing chest and my gaze wondered down over his flat stomach. His breathing was frantic and each time he breathed in, the light would dance across his nipples. His belly button was going in and out with each breath - he looked like he was about to erupt any second.
C'mon get up, Joe cried. He was standing only four feet away and the thrill of it all was making me giddy. His fingers were tucked in at the top of his pants, ready to show the world his hard little 12-year-old-cock - and I was in the front row seat. I stood up off the bed and moved about two feet away from him. My bulge was as big as his was and I wanted him to touch it more than anything else in the world. I positioned my fingers at the top of my underpants. On the count of three, said Joe. On three, my eyes focussed on Joe's crotch and his mine. I felt like there was tangible electricity between us. I would soon see Joe's cock and he'd see mine. I was hoping to feel the warmth of him against me again and hoping like hell to feel the heat in his cock. There we were two 13-year-olds trembling in anticipation of something special.
As Joe's hands slid down his pants, the head of his cock sprang out and there it was in all its youthful, five inches of glory. Bobbing up and down with his heartbeat and really bulging every now and then. I could see his smooth ball sack below and the creamy white skin of his mons above (we both had no pubic hair). My pants fell to the floor and so did Joe's. We stepped out of them and stood about three feet apart looking intently at each other's hard cock. I noticed Joe had a sort of "bikini line" where his swimmers kept the sun off. I wanted to touch that part especially.
We're about the same size, but your dick's bent, Joe said. His words slid over me without any effect. I was in another zone. I just wanted to feel him all over me. Hug him and feel our cocks touch and my hands slide over his back, down over his buttocks. I wanted to feel his warmth, hold his cock and be his special friend. You OK there, Joe said. Sure I replied as my cock bobbed and the heat rose once again.
I started to move towards Joe, my arms reaching out. I was gazing longingly into his eyes and I wanted him to respond. He smiled and his hands met mine. I locked fingers with him and inched ever so closer to my new friend. I knew our cocks would soon touch and I was hoping Joe wouldn't pull away. We were just staring deeply into each other's eyes, knowing what was about to happen. More importantly, we both wanted it to happen. I unlocked my fingers and brushed my hand up his smooth forearm, the heat was coming back. Then our cock tips touched and while it was a little startling, I kept moving in on Joe, wanting to be enveloped in his sheath of warmth.
Our cocks were side by side now and because Joe was taller than I was, my cock slid alongside his ball sack. Joe parted his leg slightly and my hard cock came to rest between his legs. His cock bent sidewards a little, so I backed away a little and let it fold up flat against my heaving stomach. Then I pulled Joe towards me and we were one. Joe smelled delicious as my head rested against his. His soft hair against my face. My hands were running all over his back, feeling his youthful muscles, those shoulder blades, and the gap at the top of his buttocks. Joe let out a little moan, but nothing else was said. My cock felt like it was inside him, right where I wanted to be. As it bulged with the excitement, I felt it move against his ball sack and his deliciously smooth thighs. I could feel his hot cock pressed hard against my stomach and it felt so very normal. Our legs, cocks, stomachs, chests and heads were as one. I wanted to stay in this position forever. Occasionally Joe would quiver and let out a sigh, his hot breath right on my neck. I'd quiver too and the movement sent spasms to my hard little cock as it moved between his thighs.
We must have been in this position for 10 minutes or so when I pulled my head back to see if Joe was OK. He put his hand behind my head and drew me back onto my resting-place. I knew I was in the right place now. I knew Joe trusted me and was enjoying himself as much as I was.
I want my cock where yours is, Joe said. Because he was taller, I wasn't sure how this would work. I gently arched my back to get a few inches away from him, and his cock dropped sideways, the heat of it leaving an immediate impression on my hips. Go on, put it there, Joe said in a slightly panicked way. I was about to touch his hairless, hard little cock and the thought of feeling it made my cock bulge, nudging his ball sack and squirming in between his thighs.
I reached down and gently encircled his cock in my hand. It was hot and hard, and a little bit of pre-cum was sparkling on his tip which surprised me. I slid my fingers over it, feeling its texture and hardness. I wanted his cock smeared all over my body. I can also remember thinking I wanted to taste it. Then Joe began to moan, so I quickly lifted my right leg and tucked his hot little cock under my ball sack. Because he was taller than I was it pointed down a little but I could feel his hot dick throbbing under my ball sack and between my thighs and I was deliriously pleasurable.
Joe let out a contented murmur, and we stayed like that for what seemed like hours. My cock was aching now and my balls felt like they were going to burst. I gently arched my back a little and my cock slid through Joe's thighs and his did the same to me. Then I pushed back again to the start position. It reminded me of the fucking positions I'd seen in books and it felt fantastic. All this excitement meant my pre-cum was oozing (for a 13-year-old) all down my shaft and in between Joe's warm thighs. The feeling was delicious.
Did that feel good? I asked and he just hugged me harder and he tried the slight thrusting movement himself. No matter who did it, the feeling was just as intense for each of us. We took turns, gently rocking our hips, feeling our cocks slide past each other and our balls squirm up in our sacks. After a few minutes or so, I really started getting into it and when it was my turn I began taking longer and faster thrusts. Joe started moaning a lot and was hugging me even harder if that was possible. We both started to work up a bit of a sweat. I will never forget a trickle of sweat I saw run down the middle of his back and disappear down that perfect crack of his. The sight of those pearly-white, creamy buttocks made me even hotter and while he was thrusting me, I let my hands wander down over his buttocks and I began to squeeze them. When it was my turn to thrust him, I found I could get better penetration by grasping his buttocks and pulling him onto me. My cock was going further through his thighs than ever before. I could actually feel my horny, little-greased-cock slip into the bottom of his butt crack as it came through the other side. The lower part of his crack enveloped my gorged cock head of my cock and it was making me squirm.
I don't know if it was pre-cum, sweat or just supple, young flesh but we must have been pumping away there for 10 minutes and the feeling was wonderful. I knew that when it was my turn next to thrust, I was gonna cum. I was so hot I wasn't sure where this youthful display of pent-up horniness would end. By now I was feeling completely wicked, I'd abandoned all inhibitions and I was simply getting off on this fabulous physical union. Joe's buttocks were a thrill to caress and as he thrusted me, I started to run a finger down his crack in rhythm to his pumping. He moaned a bit and I took that as an invitation to be even more daring.
I let my finger go further into his crack with every one of his thrusts. He got the message very quickly and soon my middle finger had found his little hole. Just to be feeling its puckered opening got me even hotter and I desperately wanted to go inside. To pleasure my partner, to make him cum, to make him feel ecstatic. I gently eased my finger in, in rhythm to his thrusting. It was tight at first, despite the sweat, and he expelled my finger on the next thrust. I eased it in again and when he thrust back, a little more. Each time Joe thrust back on my finger it went further inside him and he let out a little moan. Then his thrusts became more powerful and faster. It felt as though his cock was getting bigger between my legs. My cock was straining and I knew Joe was gonna cum soon.
It was thrilling being inside my first love partner. I loved the tightness of his hole and how it wanted me in there. I wanted him in me too. Our teen lovemaking was thrilling and beautifully fulfilling.
Joe's breathing was getting heavier and his moans more frequent. His face was a little strained and he looked like any young teen about to explode a load of hot cum. Our bodies were still entwined and the sweat was running everywhere. My finger was right in Joe and he started throwing his head back. Our cocks were gliding past each other, engorged and ready to blow. The sensitivity in my cock was gone, replaced by lust and an overwhelming desire to fuck him, right now!
Joe had reached the magical point. The speed of his thrusting had slowed but he now had his hands on my butt and was pumping me like I was a girl. His body began to tense and I felt his ball sack contract. He gasped and pumped me one more time as I felt his hot cum spurt up my crack, over my butt and onto the floor. While I held him, motionless in my arms, I felt his hot jizz dribble back down all over my cock. I wanted to stroke my cock and feel his cum on it. Instead, we just held each other, no words. I was still as horny as hell and was wondering how I'd cum. He lifted his head off my shoulder looked me in the eyes, then hugged me again. I could feel his cock softening between my thighs, which only made me stiffer.
Then he lifted his head and slowly pulled way, his cum-covered cock slipping from between my love thighs. My hard-as-nails-cock slipped out too but it was at full mast, ready for action. Joe then moved over and sat on the edge of his bed. He motioned for me to come over and I moved towards him. My cock bobbed and swayed and a trickle of ooze dribbled to the floor as I moved there. My heart was racing and my cock was aching for relief. Joe's hand reached up and cupped my balls.
The feel of his sticky hands on my balls made me wild. I could see his spent cock covered in cum, glistening in the light, I wanted to touch it again, but I'd have to wait. The pressure in my groin was at bursting point and my hand moved quickly onto my hot cock. Joe's right hand slipped between my thighs and before I knew it, his finger was pressing on my butt hole. The sensation sent shivers through me. My ass was going to be taken by my love partner and I'm going to splash hot cum all over him. For a hot teen, it didn't get any better than this. He pressed lightly on my hole but had difficulty getting inside. Then all of a sudden he just pushed hard and he was inside me, only a little way, but inside. I moaned in approval and he smiled impishly. My hand was stroking my cock up and down in a slow measured fashion, using Joe's sticky hot cum as lube. I wanted to taste it. There I was standing in front of my boy lover, his finger inside me, his other hand massaging my balls and me stroking my cock only inches away from his face. I desperately wanted my cock in my new lover's mouth to see what it felt like.
I knew I wouldn't last long. We'd been going at it for about an hour now since the magazines first came out. I started to buck a little as my orgasm approached and Joe's finger simply moved further inside. The pressure at the root of my cock was building and my hand began to stoke faster. Joe's finger movements intensified and he began to squeeze my balls even harder. I knew the hot flash was about to rise up from within me and all I could think of was Joe's beautiful little cock and his tight hole.
The flash burned up within me and I cried out loud as the cum shot up my tube. Joe pushed his finger all the way inside me and I felt fullness as my load splashed across his chest, arms and over his hands. The heat that had built up in me was literally gushing out of me. I kept pumping my cock to get all of that good feeling out of me. Then Joe grabbed it and pumped it a little. Then he pulled me on top of him and our sticky bodies were united again. It was then that I tasted my own cum, mixed in with a little of Joe's. He tasted it too and we just lay there, on top of each other, absolutely spent, absolutely fulfilled.
We actually fell asleep like that, only to be woken by his dog early next morning. Lucky his mom didn't come down and find us.
Naturally we had many repeat performances of that night and progressed to do just about everything two men could do to each other. That lasted a couple of years. Then girls came on the scene (we were late starters!). In fact we still had love sessions after we first started going out with girls and it was during this time that we both decided we weren't attracted to each other anymore. We were getting hairy, muscly and Joe didn't appeal to me one bit (and vice versa).
When I look back on those years what started out as wanking sessions, turned into much more, but it was consensual. Yes, what we ended up doing was decidedly homosexual in nature and by the time we'd finished two years later, we'd done everything in the book. It was marvelous at the time. There were no boundaries on our love making sessions, and we loved reading books on the art of heterosexual and homosexual love. We were young and horny and kept telling each other it was phase we were going through (as the book said). That was a while ago and that phase did end. I'm been through many phases since and I wank whenever I can - alone or with others.
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