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Teen Exhibitionist School Masturbation

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I went back to that park lots of other times, but never again flashed Cindy or her sister. It was always too crowded with other kids or they weren't there. After a while, I was getting uncontrollably horny again.

One day in the lunchroom, I was walking by Liz, the girl who named me Bate, she said 'Hey, Bate, been to the new library yet?', and she and her friends giggled, and I said no and kept walking, embarrassed. Then I thought, why not! A few days later, I went after class. The library was big, with lots of book stacks, tables and study desks, but it wasn't good for flashing unless you just walked up to someone, which I never did. I did see one girl at a table with a short skirt, and I found a place in the stacks where I could sit, look through the books and right up her skirt! I put an open notebook on my lap, took out my dick and started masturbating, looking at her white panties, but my dick was fully covered by the book. As I was masturbating I saw someone walk by the end of the stacks and it was Liz. She saw me and came over and said Hi, and asked what I was doing. I was covered, and said studying whatever, and she walked away. It was exciting having my dick out under the book with her there, but she didn't see it. I thought I was free to start jerking again, but then I noticed her behind me in another stack. I think she was spying on me. I got scared, and left, covered up so she didn't see anything. I never finished or flashed that day. I was too scared.

After a while, I realized I wasn't in trouble, and began thinking Liz just wanted to catch me for her own curiosity, and was not going to report me to the principal. At one side of the school was a big parking lot, and past that was woods that went for a few hundred yards, and then led into some neighborhoods. Kids walked through there, but after school was over for a while, it was pretty deserted. I thought I could masturbate in there, and if I didn't flash, I might be able to peep at girls on the ballfields doing sports and still cum. I tried it once or twice with no success, but still did cum, which was just ok. My routine was to change into gym clothes, so it was easier to masturbate, and then go into the woods and jerk off. I must admit I was incrediably horny walking around after school in gym shorts (no jock) and would rub my dick as I walked, especially if I saw a girl!

One day Liz asked me if I went to the library anymore, with a smirk, and I said no. A few days later I saw her and a girl from my french class named Wendy, a cute brunette whose skirt I peeped up a few times, in the school cafeteria, which is where I would go out to the woods. When I saw them, I turned away, and then circled down a hallway, and left from another exit. They were studying at a table together and didn't see me. I headed to the woods, but as I crossed the parking lot, I glanced at the window and saw them looking at me. I stopped by the entrance (a few beaten paths were there where kids would walk through), and then entered the woods. After I was in a few feet, I looked back and saw Liz and Wendy heading out the door, coming toward me. Liz was always suspicious of me, and I thought they might be coming to spy on me! I got so excited I was literally shaking, and panicked a little.

I ran ahead into the woods, and about 20 feet off the path there was a semi clear area. If I layed down there I would be fairly well hidden, but still in view. I was standing, kinda waiting to see if they were really coming, or was it my imagination? Then I heard and saw them gingerly coming up the path, looking for me, I assumed. I turned away from them, but rustled a little, makig some noise, and then took my white t shirt slowly off over my head. A quick miniglance at them confirmed they saw me, and I saw them hush and slowly move toward me on the path. I was beside myself! I was shaking!

I got lower, put my shirt on the ground, then took off my gymshorts completely, and laid down, naked except for socks and sneaks. I was lying at an angle, facing away from them, This would let them come closer, without me looking right at them. Then I began to masturbate! I heard some shuffling of feet and hushed whispers, but couldn't hear any of the words! I just jerked off. I wanted to stop and show my dick, but I was so excited I just rubbed like crazy until I shot cum all over me. I hit my chin and shoulder (at 14 I was a shooter, not a dribbler). As I regained my breath I saw my dick standing straight upright, twitching to every heartbeat! I sat up, facing away from them. I sat there a few minutes, and I heard some noise on the path as they escaped! When I got up I quickly put on my shorts and ran to near the end of the woods. They had run across the parking lot back to the school, and when they got to the cafeteria patio I suddenly heard them both give a scream! They were so happy and excited!! I waited a while, then left the woods and went back to change. I saw them laughing at me in the window as I walked by quickly and didn't make eye contact. I jerked off twice more that night thinking about it!

The next day I saw Liz in the lunchroom (we had the same lunch period) and she said 'Hi, Bate! Did you go to the library to study yesterday?' She said it with a smirk knowing I wasn't there, and her friends at the table were smirking too. I said no, and she said 'Wendy and I did a lot of studying after school yesterday.' Her friends were laughing at me, and I played stupid, said something like 'good' and walked away, She said 'see you later, BATE!' and her friends were laughing hysterically!

Amazingly, I didn't get in any trouble, and yes, I exposed myself dozens of times there over the next few years, including to Liz and her friends. I have many stories as I was compulsive flasher throughout my teens, including some more about this, if you like.

Yes, these stories happened along time ago, before cell phones and internet.



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