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Technique for Starting the Hairless Look

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First may I say this? The vast majority of guys would like to go hairless but, are afraid to. How to start is no small barrier. Their spouse, if they have one, what will they think? The guys in the locker room, what will they think? The work and effort it will take. The itching and scratching. I am sure there are a few I haven't thought of. Here is approximately how I started, and it went very well.

Now, we can do it all ourselves, except, that nasty 'back hair' and 'that' is a great place to start. Just come right out with it and ask your mate or a friend to trim that awful stuff right off. They will understand. Then, in time, put the depth guide on your trimmers and 'at the right time' trim those pubes down. For me the next thing I did was to tweeze my man-sack. No itching and scratching, and your as smooth as silk. Yes, it will take time and practice, but it is 'oh' so worth the effort. I can tweeze my man-sack in about twenty mins now, and I love doing it, it's way fun. With the depth gauge still on, I then started on my legs and chest and arms. My wife got used to it quite quickly. When the time is right, take it all off. Man, it takes 10 years off your age look. And your cock, well, once you get past the shock of the hairles cock, which is that bursting out bold look others will see all the time, it's wonderful. When others look at your hairless cock, they will know they have had a nice look at something special, and will look back for a second and third peek, ohhh ya!

Unless you have very fine hair, I would not recommend shaving. Too many nicks and bumps, red spots, in grown hairs and itching. If you can shave without ill effect in the shower, good on you. My hair is much to coarse for that. I us a good quality Sunbeam cordless beard trimmer. The forks on this type are not sharp, thus, after using it the regular way, I turn it upside down and use it like a rake. This gives a very very close trimm, not a shave as per say, but a close trim. Whalla! no nicks and bumps or itching. My pubes are too coarse for tweezing, just my man-sack gets that special treatment, and man, it's so fun. For my coarse pubic hairs I 'rake trim' after a normal trimm, this gets closer for sure. I have learned to love sitting by a window in the light, with my reading glasses on and stretching my sack skin in places, stretching it tight, and pulling each and every hair and follical out! Sometimes I can even see the follical slide right out, it's for me now, enjoyable and part of my solo sex play, I love it! A hairless body looks great! But a hairless cock, well, that looks magnificent!

As for the showers and the guys, 'forget about it' I just walk around with my beautiful little cock hanging out, my small gecko tattoo on my smooth pubic mound and I love the looks. Haven't heard a negative word yet! Some guys even ask to get a closer look at my tattoo, lets face it, they take a good look at my perfect little cock as well and it invariably gets a little harder as they look.

Ya, there is a lot to learn about the hairles cock and body, but it's so worth it for the solo exhibitioist.



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