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Teasing Neighbour

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Teasing game led to mutual masturbation with older family friend.


This is a great site, thanks to all who help it work. I've been masturbating since heaven knows when. I guess I must have started when I was around eleven or twelve and have enjoyed it regularly ever since. I'm now 24 and still do it most days (bar my periods) and sometimes even two or three times a day. I don't have any problems reaching an orgasm, I do it easily and quickly when in the mood, and I usually have smaller multiple orgasms climaxing in one larger intense one. Reading peoples experiences on here is a great turn-on for me too.

Now one of my own experiences. I'll recount as best as I can remember things.

When I was young and my parents were away, or expected to be out very late, I would often be sent to stay the night/week-end with a couple who were long-term family friends. Around the time I reached fifteen I noticed how the guy started to look at me in 'that' way, you know, like men do. I would catch him trying to look down my top, or up my skirt and such like. At first, this embarrassed me and made me feel uneasy and self-conscious, but pretty soon it started to give me a sense of femininity, of feeling if not a sense of 'power' then certainly 'womanly attraction,' and also a kind of sexual thrill. As my confidence level grew, I would occasionally deliberately show a little more leg or bend down in front of him so he had a glimpse of my cleavage. On more than one occasion I let him 'accidentally' bump into me as I left the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around myself, or let him see me equally 'accidentally' in just my underwear. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't anything too revealing, far from it, but at fifteen it felt naughty and excited me to think I was doing something so 'bold' and that he was interested enough to look and that I was exciting him. I would sometimes masturbate thinking about him looking at me and imagining him getting an erection.

Then, this one evening a few weeks before my sixteenth birthday, we were all spread out on the lounge floor playing Trivial Pursuit together. But mid-way through, his wife gets called into work because of some problem or other with an overnight computer system (she worked in IT for a bank). When she'd left we started chatting still laid out on the floor, paying less and less attention to the game. I was wearing just a loose front-buttoned blouse (over a skimpy bra) and a short-ish skirt (no tights) and I could see he was glancing at my boobs, legs and thighs. Anyway, our chat and game was interrupted by his wife phoning to say she wouldn't be back home for a couple of hours or so and not to worry about her and she'd call when she left work. Somehow that changed the atmosphere and we both started to chat more intimately. I became increasingly aware of him looking at my boobs and legs and of feeling a kind of repressed sexual urge as a consequence.

I knew his eyes were on me and his mind on sex! The devilish streak in me started to take control and I leaned over a couple of times ensuring he got a view down my front, even going so far as discreetly undoing the top most button so I showed a little more. I also started sitting so he saw more and more of my legs and thighs and even my underwear. It was really naughty and disgraceful of me to do such a thing but teasing him and giving him what I thought to be an 'innocent' thrill was giving me an increasingly erotic thrill myself. I stress that I didn't have any intention of going any further, just teasing.

But then he had steered the conversation round to sex and he was asking about my boyfriends. The conversation became very intimate with him telling me about some of his sexual exploits when he was my age and somewhere along the line asking me if I'd had sex yet. Foolishly, and to make myself look what I thought was 'adult', I admitted that I had. He asked what I'd done and wanted me to tell him in detail and I was embarrassed and wary but somehow still found the whole thing a big turn on. I could also see he was aroused too, and I'd noticed he'd changed position on the floor a couple of times before I saw the bulge in his trousers and realised he had an erection. Then, as I lent over to put a cushion to one side I realised I'd inadvertently revealed rather too much, my knickers in full view. Now normally I would have covered up without any hesitation but some strange part of me had taken over by now and out of the corner of my eye I could see him looking straight up my exposed inner thighs. To my shame, I moved slightly, allowing him a little better view before sitting back more normally. He was knelt upright ready to get up. In that position his erection was very obvious under his trousers as the bulge was very, very evident and he caught me glancing.

I think he said something like 'sorry' but didn't actually move away. He started complimenting me on my figure and was looking more directly at my boobs. I giggled, knowing what was going through his mind and feeling more and more aroused. I could feel my nipples harden and I was aware of a flush starting on my neck. He put a hand on the front of his trousers and tried to make himself a little more comfortable and said something like 'Sorry about this' and seeing me watching, added 'It's a male problem' and laughed but still didn't move position. I said something like 'It's OK. I understand. You can't help it.' and giggled too.

He said how sexy I looked and then his hand started a more distinct action on his trousers. No longer was this just repositioning his erection, this was playing, fondling through the material, his eyes still on me. There was a part of me that was saying 'this isn't right' but it wasn't in control. Instead, I was really aroused. I lifted my eyes to his, and said something about 'Shouldn't you go and get comfortable or something?' but all he said was: 'Nice? Like it?' moving his hand so his erection was evident and pushing his trouser out in front of him. I didn't answer, for some reason I was riveted to the spot and almost mesmerised. I could feel my nipples pressing hard against my bra, aware that their state must be visible through the flimsy bra and top, and my own sexual arousal in my knickers.

By this time he had found enough confidence (maybe in me rather than himself?) so that his hand was blatantly stroking his cock through his trousers. I started to say something about us not doing this but he simply ignored it instead he asked if he could peep at my boobs. Nervous (of my reaction?) he slowly and clumsily (with just one hand, how else?) reached out and started to undo a button on my blouse. Desperately trying to rally my one last attempt at moral resolve I sat up quickly muttering that 'this isn't right', but my sudden movement simply caused the last two buttons to free themselves and my blouse open. Suddenly I felt exposed, I know I wasn't, I still had my bra on but I felt very exposed and somehow this just fuelled my own arousal even further.

I moved slightly, I'd like to say so as to get away, but in truth more to get comfortable, and in so doing saw him look at my cleavage and then my exposed legs and thighs. I saw him try and grip his shaft through his trousers and start to put one hand forward to touch but I stopped him and said 'You'd better finish what you're doing' glancing to his hand on his trousers. Without any hesitation, and still knelt upright in front of me, he started to undo his trousers saying, as he did so, 'Ok, but will you take your bra off for me?' I can remember suddenly thinking 'Oh my God, he's actually going to do it to himself in front of me!' and as he let his trousers fall to his knees I saw his cock pushing hard out against his underpants. He watched me looking and said 'Come on, bra off' as he started to ease his pants down. I started to unclip my bra, his pants slipped down and his hard cock sprang clear of the material. He was very hard and erect and the end was already wet and shiny. He reached to touch my boobs again, but I stopped him and told him 'no'. He could look but not touch, though in truth I was aching for physical contact! He had grasped his cock and started to very slowly stroke it, looking at my boobs and into my eyes. I could feel my nipples as erect as they'd ever been without needing to look at them. When I saw him start to wank properly I think I gasped and said 'Oh God! Yes!'

He told me to lean back against the settee and open my legs. Unsure exactly what was being proposed I gingerly complied, moving so that I was knelt with my knees bent and legs behind to the side and my back against the settee. At first I was hesitant, but seeing his excitement and his hand working on his cock, I parted my knees and raised my skirt so he could see my knickers and between my legs. He said other flattering comments about me then he wanted me to remove my knickers altogether but I said 'no', instead I parted my knees further so he had a better view. I think he must have guessed that I was excited, in any event his hand slowed right down and when I asked why, he said because he was too close to coming. I think I said something like 'Isn't that the whole point' and we both giggled.

He asked if I was excited and nervously I admitted that I was, adding quickly 'But you can't touch. Or anything else!' 'Well, do it yourself then' he said, 'After all, you're happy I do, so why not you too?' He persisted and persisted, and eventually my weak self control gave out. I slipped one leg out of my knickers and started to play with myself whilst he knelt in front of me slowly wanking himself as he watched. It made me feel really horny, and somehow dirty and tarty but in an extremely sexy way. I could see he was getting really hot and bothered (so was I!) and he blurtered out that he really wanted to f*** me, he had a condom upstairs and would I let him. I said definitely no, though a great part of me really wanted to. But all this proved too much for him because he said 'God I'm close, don't think I can stop' and shifted position to kneel bending forward and holding himself off me by resting his weight on one hand by my side. His cock was just about above my own hand busy on myself and I could see the tip, so very wet, and hard and purple looking, and the strained almost pained look on his face. My fingers were working on myself inches below his cock as I watched. Then he came, he moaned and I heard him say 'oh fuck' several times under his breath as his cum squirted out over my pulled up skirt, my stomach, and my wrist. When he'd finished he raised himself up and saw that I'd stopped playing with myself. He encouraged me to continue, and persisted that I do so. I was embarrassed and to be truthful some of the sexual urgency had left me but he kept on and on that I do so. He positioned himself so I could see him playing with his now soft(er) cock, stroking it slowly, wiping the cum off the end and shaft. It was a strange feeling, rather dirty and tarty, but as I played the feeling returned and was then fuelled again by seeing him. After a couple of minutes I was suddenly assailed by the realisation that I was about to cum. This really shocked me as I hadn't really felt that close to an orgasm, though I was enjoying the build up. Instead, one second there was the usual nice warm and building sensations, the next ... wham, a very surprised exclamation 'I am cuming!!!!!' When on my own, and circumstances allow, I can be rather noisy at these times, but otherwise I control myself and make do with a few muttered grunts and moans. This time was a half way house! The initial spasm or two caught me totally unprepared and I was moaning and gasping and probably swearing until I controlled myself.

As I calmed down, I realised that he was hard again and was wanking fast and furiously as he watched me. Presumably the view and my own actions had been enough to re-stimulate him again. I could see him looking directly at my pussy as he wanked and as I started to move he blurted out 'Stay there, stay there. I'm going to cum again.' Then, almost as quickly he moaned deeply, thrust his pelvic area forward, and his head back. His cock didn't squirt so much this time, perhaps three times, then lots seemed to dribble in blobs onto my hand and skirt beneath.

Afterwards we cleaned up and I went to have a bath and straight to bed. Next morning, I was flooded with feelings of guilt and depression but also by something far more disturbing. Part of me enjoyed it, wanted to think back in detail about it, got aroused by the thoughts. Wanted, dare I say it, more.



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