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Teasing Jim

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Continuing adventures with my son


I'm still pretty tame based on some experiences disclosed here trying to become a little bolder.

At the beginning of the summer I decided I needed a refresh of my summer wardrobe. I went shopping and got some new items, including a new bikini which was smaller and cut more sexily than what I'd worn in a long time.

One weekend I was to meet my son Jim at our community pool. I got there before he did and put my bag and towel on a couple of loungers. I saw some friends and went to talk with them. I was standing with my back to the entrance to the pool. I had on the new bikini, a big sun hat and a light shirt. Jim came in while I was standing there and did not recognize me at first since he could only see my legs and he'd never seen me in bikini bottoms like that. As he went around to the pool to the lounge where my bag was (he did recognize that) I saw him out of the corner of my eye and nodded to him. That's when he first recognized me. I went over to the lounger and lay down to sun.

His first comment was that I looked good and that he did not recognize me when he first saw me from behind. I asked him what he thought before he realized it was me. He laughed and said he thought there was a hot chick he should meet. I laughed at that and asked if he was disappointed when he realized it was me. He said no, just surprised.

I told him that I had bought other stuff too and maybe he could give me his opinion on that as well.

When we went back to the house I had him come with me to my bedroom so that I could get his opinions. He seemed eager!

I used the bathroom as a changing room and came out to show him. First I put on a cute yellow sun dress. It was pretty thin and transparent if the light was right. When I showed him he made a comment about that. I told him it was mostly for around the house and that anyway I was still just wearing my bikini bottom. To prove it I lifted the dress up to my hips to show him. His eyes opened wide for that. Then I changed into my panties and kept the dress on. When I came out of the bathroom I asked if he could see the difference. At first he did not register but then he did and to make the point I lifted the dress again to my hips, and said 'see?'. He did see and just nodded. I then put on a nice tank top (with no bra) and terry shorts. The shorts were very short with a snug fit around my rear. I thought they looked sexy and hoped he did. When I came out he immediately said that I could not wear those in public, that he'd be embarrassed to be seen with me. I asked if he meant the shorts or the shirt. He said both. I went to stand close to him and turned around so he could get a good look. I asked if it was because they looked bad and he said just the opposite. I asked him if it was ok to wear them around the house and he said he hoped that I would. By this point it was obvious that he was 'encouraged' by the fashion show and frankly so was I. I told him that I had to shower and and go fix dinner. I went into the bathroom so that he could get up and leave the bedroom without being too shy in case his erection was too obvious. While in the shower I imagined how that scene could have ended if I'd been even a little more bold and that imagination fueled a very intense jilling.

I do have something more to describe along the massage lines as well, having taken some advice I got on here. I'll write that up later.



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