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Teaching Teacher

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I'm a high school math teacher. Even though I've never wanted to do anything crazy with my students, my profession definitely pours out into the rest of my life. I'm about 5'4', generously hipped at 145 lbs, have pert barely C cups, and skin that's a rich golden brown. Anyway, one Friday night after a long week at school, me and Jodie, one of my co-workers at our large high school were talking about our sex lives.

I was telling Jodie that my boyfriend and I have amazing sex because he's crazy about making me cum. Jodie said that Tom was enthusiastic, but she just wasn't the type to enjoy sex at all.

You don't enjoy sex? Like, at all?

Well, I get turned on, and even a bit wet, but really it's painful when he pokes around down there. I like seeing him happy. It's good you like seeing your man happy, but you don't enjoy orgasms?

Um, I'm not sure if I can get one. I mean, Tom's tried, but I think I'm just broken.

Jodie and her husband were each other's firsts, which is sweet, but I wondered if they knew what they were doing. Naturally, I thought I'd offer her some tutoring. I'd never been with another woman before, but I wanted to try it, and it seemed like Jodie needed to learn how to pleasure her body.

Jodie's body is not like mine. She's about 5'7' and pale with freckles. Her straight narrow hips were offset nicely by her generous C cups that looked so much bigger on her.

She was nervous, but I told her that it wasn't cheating because I was just helping her prepare like we do for tests. I took her back to my apartment and she sat on my couch. I told her to strip down to her bra and panties and just lie back.

I'm straight, but watching this girl lying down, waiting to be touched, made my own clit tingle. I told her that in order to show her how to orgasm, we needed to get her body ready for it.

I told her to close her eyes while I started rubbing my hand up and down the smooth pale skin of her hips. I ran my hand up her stomach, through the center of her cleavage and up to her face. I turned her to me and kissed her softly on her parted lips. We made out for awhile so she'd loosen up, and then I ran my hand down to her boob and slipped it beneath the top of her bra cup. I pulled out her nipple and started swirling my finger around it softly for a few seconds. She gasped a little, and her hips began to move back and forth in tiny motions.

Leaving her breast hanging in the cool air, I knelt on the side of the couch and tilted her toward me. I ran my thumb over her nipple with one hand while I found the elastic of her panties in the other. I slipped my hand onto her slit and felt her lips close tight around my finger when I found her clit. I rubbed her clit back and forth with my finger while fingering her hard nipple in the other.

Her hips were bucking and she began to breath even harder.

You think you're having fun now, don't you? Wait.

I took the nipple of her other breast in my mouth and started swirling my tongue around it. As she started to moan faster and harder, I put my finger all the way into her and started tapping hard on her g-spot. I pulsed and sucked as she screamed louder and louder into my throw pillow.

Finally, she took one huge gasp and went limp. I curled up with her on the couch and I could still feel her pulse with aftershocks. She didn't say anything as I reached forward and fingered her to orgasm a couple of more times.

After that I let Jodie figure out how to work my body so she could understand what I did without being out-of-her-mind horny. We've had some review sessions since, but overall both she and her man seem pretty happy with each other.



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