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Teaching Me To Cum

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An ex-teacher taught me self-love, mutual love and a whole lot of orgasmic pleasure.


I have always been kind of shy about masturbating because of my religious background, as a teenager I was constantly told that touching my pussy for pleasure was sinful and dirty. It became really confusing as I grew older because most of my friends would talk openly about the pleasures they experienced as they played with themselves; they would talk about masturbating in the shower or on the toilet or even secretly doing so in public. One close friend even demonstrated to me how she liked teasing her clitoris and showed me how to do the same with mine. After a few sessions, when we started trading kisses, I began to avoid her because I thought that she was tempting me into something dirty and sinful. I also found myself secretly admiring the naked bodies of some of the other girls in my gym classes which was really confusing because I knew I also liked boys, even though I was not allowed to go out with one without him being vetted by my parents, nor was I allowed to date alone.

I guess by the time I was 19 I was starting to feel bloody angry and rebellious, but I was always good at hiding it. It was about this time that Yvonne came into my life. Yvonne was a substitute teacher for my art class. She was 25 years old at the time, a redhead with long, curly hair and expressive brown eyes and a great sense of humour. She is slightly taller than me with bigger 35b breasts. Right from the start she was popular with the class I got on really well with her. I was learning photography and I think Yvonne sensed my confusion and frustration because she encouraged me in all sorts of ways, including finding ways of standing up for myself in my family without being too nasty about it. By the time I left high school and started getting ready for university I had even started enjoying masturbation.

Anyway about six months after leaving school I decided that I was strong enough to move out of my home and find a flat closer to campus; amazingly I persuaded my parents that it was the right thing to do! Problem now was to find a place and flatmates they would approve of...like yeah! One day I was wandering around the local supermarket when I encountered my old art teacher Yvonne. Before I knew it we were having a cup of coffee and I was pouring out my problems into her sympathetic ear. Simple! she suggested that I move in with her until I found a place of my own. My parents liked Yvonne and thought that as a a teacher she would be ideal as a friend and flatmate. So I had their approval. A few days later I had packed some bags and moved in.

Right from the start we hit it off. Yvonne enjoyed my company and I enjoyed hers. We had lots of fun together and I felt really relaxed and comfortable with someone for maybe the first time ever. She also had a boyfriend, John, who is a really nice guy and after some nervousness I began to feel comfortable with him too. Sometimes I would find myself lying awake in bed and hearing them making love. Sometimes I imagined myself joining in and would have to kind of slap myself a little. Still, it was fun having a fantasy and I would wank myself to pleasurable sleep.

One wet morning I was relaxing late on my bed, reading a book. Neither of us had scheduled anything for the day and I was looking forward to a small break from studying. Yvonne was in the shower and all of a sudden I wondered whether I should be naughty and join her. The thought just slipped through my mind and suddenly I was feeling horny. Still, I didn't know how Yvonne would react. Instead I got up and stripped off. Then I lay down on the bed and started teasing my clitoris with a wet finger, just as I had been shown a few years earlier. Wonderful sensations coursed through my body as I settled back and opened my legs and pussy really wide. I could watch myself in the mirror as I slid my fingers deeper into my hot, wet vagina. Soon my fingertips found my hidden g-spot. My hips jerked convulsively and I gasped in deep pleasure as I explored further.

Just then Yvonne walked in. I sat bolt upright in shock because I was still slightly ashamed of being caught masturbating. Yvonne smiled and laughed and told me to relax and lie down. Next thing I knew she had taken off her robe! I gulped as she walked over to the side of the bed and knelt down, close by my side. I was mesmerised by her gorgeous, shiny body. Her pussy, which was only a few inches from my face was shaved bare and her wet lips were parted slightly. I gulped again as she gently ran a hand across my breasts and touched my erect nipples. Then she gently trailed her hand down to my pussy and teased my curly pubic hair. She said I was beautiful and asked if I wanted her to pleasure me. I nodded and closed my eyes. Suddenly I gasped with pleasure. My hips spasmed as her finger delicately touched my clitty. She lay on her side and began to kiss up and down my thighs and hips. Then she gently eased aside my hair and gently rubbed my pussy. It felt wonderful and natural to have another woman sexually stimulate my naked body.

I sighed and opened my eyes. Her gorgeous pussy was open, wet and inviting. Soon I found myself kissing her thighs and hips, copying the same techniques she used on my body. I slid my fingers down her groin and teased her lips wider. I loved her wet, deep pink interior. Experimentally I eased a fingertip into her then tasted her salty juices. Her hips jerked and she laughed, her mouth very close to my pussy. Encouraged, I slipped two fingers deep into her. As my fingers stroked in and out she started gasping and moaning, her hips jerking in little spasms. She slid three fingers into me, making me moan and my hips spasm. She quickly found my g-spot and I nearly wept as lovely shocks travelled up and down my spine. All the while she was telling me how beautiful and sexy I am.

I could feel the nub of her erect clit, it felt huge under the tip of my finger. As I teased at it Yvonne's hips jerked and she grunted and pushed her fingers deep into me. She found my breast and squeezed gently, teasing my nipple with her thumb. My whole body felt alive and Yvonne knew how to stimulate my previously taboo secret spots. She encouraged me to use my fingertips to explore everything between her legs, including her urethra, perineum and gorgeous arsehole. Yvonne took her time exploring me as well. As we continued I guess we fell in love, intent on stimulating each other to intense, wonderful, free flowing orgasms.

Later Yvonne lay on top of me and pushed her wide open pussy hard against mine. Then, with a few gentle, passionate movements of her hips she sent me to heaven and back time and again. Between orgasms we lay in each other's arms and talked quietly. Then Yvonne brought out her camera and, with some gentle encouragement I really enjoyed posing naked, exposing the most intimate details of my wide open pussy and body to the camera lens. Yvonne was a natural nude and we both got a kick at seeing ourselves in detail on her big flat-screen TV. Then we lay naked and watched dvds of her fave show 'The L Word' while gently stimulating one another.

Of course I moved out of the spare room. We slept together and Yvonne taught me so much about appreciating both our bodies and made it exciting and fun as well as warm and wonderful. Eventually I told her about my fantasies involving her and John. Yvonne was a little surprised but, a few days later, she invited me to fulfill my fantasy and have a threesome with both of them. I could hardly wait.



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