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Teaching Hilary

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Hilary was a stunning, well brought up young english lady, a real english rose, this happened eight years or so after my first experience with Jane, and I hope it is better written.


Teaching Hilary.

I have enjoyed enormously reading everyone's submissions and thought it high time I posted some of my own. My first real experience was at age 13 with Jane (see other story). I had lots of experiences from 13 to 18/19, this time the boot was on the other foot and I was the teacher.

Having had lots of girlfriends, I was getting used to kissing first date, tits second date fanny third date shagging fourth date that seemed the norm in my working class South Wales homeland. So Hilary came as something of an enigma.

She was stunningly beautiful, shoulder length chestnut hair, hazel eyes and the fullest lips with the widest smile. About 5'5' and a British size 10, she was upper class and gorgeous. She was age 20 sharing a flat in Bristol with my mates girlfriend, they were both university students and posh. He asked me over to Bristol, I was living in South Wales just to make up the numbers and keep Hilary occupied. I thought she was stunning and I thought the attraction was mutual.

First date we all went out together and I was looking forward to some serious action back at the flat. What I got was a kiss on the cheek and a swift goodnight. Hmmm strange.

The next weekend I was back again and I thought I'd push this a bit. At the goodnight stage I turned smartly to kiss her on the lips and after a moments hesitation got a hesitant kiss back. So I planted my right hand firmly on the tit through the outside of her sweater. SLAP! She slapped me hard, turned and slammed the door in my face.

I was left standing high and dry. The next day I rang and apologised and she told me she wasn't that sort of girl and if I really liked her, (which I did) then I wouldn't do things that made her uncomfortable.

Months passed, eventually after six months or so trekking across to Bristol every weekend, things had progressed to my staying at her flat whilst her flatmate stayed at my friends place. But I was still sleeping on her friends bed and had gotten no further on the nookie front except she did allow some heavy kissing and some limited rubbing of her tits over her clothes.

I am sorry this is so long but it is worth it!

Afterwards, I had learned that she was a virgin, she had never masturbated, no one had ever seen her naked, and she had little idea about the male sex drive, as far as she was concerned she didn't have any sex drive at all.

Late one night something changed.

Her flat was really a one-room bedsit shared with this other girl in a house of several other bedsits. About two in the morning there was a noise outside the door that woke both of us. Karen from the next bedsit had a bloke on the landing and they were obviously having sex against Hilary's door! The noise was unmistakeable and Karen was really enjoying it.

Hilary called me over, 'Phil can you hear that, I am scared' she said. I told her not to worry and lay on her bed. 'Jesus it's cold out here I said.' She threw back her covers and let me into her bed. 'Thank you' I said.

We cuddled and I held her whilst the shagging outside got louder and more intense.

'She sounds in real pain' Hilary whispered. 'don't let them get me'..... 'No she isn't, she's really enjoying that' I said.

With the moon light on her hair and her eyes like startled rabbits she had never looked more stunning, I was in love.

I kissed her cheek and very gently moved my hand over her night dress. She looked at me but didn't move my hand. I gently massaged her breast until the nipple was like an acorn then moved my hand away. By now the shagging frenzy in the hall was coming to its crescendo and she looked more frightened than ever but I couldn't tell whether she was frightened of them, of me or what she might be feeling.

I propped myself on one elbow partly to take away from her side the erection of a life time, I didn't want to frighten her further.

Now I could see that her nightdress was in fact an old very long nightshirt that buttoned all the way up the front. She put her arm around me and pulled me to her. It was wrong I know but I had to make my move.

Within the blink of an eye I had her nightshirt open enough to take her nipple in my mouth and suck it for all I was worth. Her back arched and she gasped with shock, as feelings never before felt surged through her. She rubbed the back of my head and breathed breathlessly into my ear. (Hooray no Slap)

The shagging against the door had stopped, but the action was building inside the room.

I lifted my head and french kissed her urgently and this time it was like someone had switched on the light. With both hands she rubbed the back of my head and neck vigorously and I sought out virgin territory.

I ran my hand up her thigh and she froze. I stopped immediately wary of frightening her off. 'Do you trust me?' I asked. 'Yes' she said. (Talking was good). 'Am I the first to suck your nipples'......'yes' ......'shall I stop now?' .....(no answer)...

After a decent interval I ran my hand up and down her thigh until she was more relaxed. Then I was upon her mons, all over the top a luxurious growth of pubic hair all silky ....she parted her legs and I was shaking with the responsibility and lust.

I had to go for it. I ran my hand over her fanny which was hot and wet, I very gently inserted one finger, not too far, and then pushed it in and out and played with her labia and then her clitoris. Her fanny was really tight and I could only just get a finger in! She was now biting her bottom lip with her eyes screwed shut. All the time holding on to me as if she would fall to the ground if I weren't there.

As I homed in on her clit she was making increasing amounts of noise and I had to put my hand over her mouth for fear of waking the dead! I continued to massage her clit for only a few seconds when she panted and screamed beneath my hand as her orgasm wracked her body throwing it around on the bed like she was having an epileptic fit.

'SHHH, shhh', I whispered in her ear as I hugged her and her spasms gave way to the relaxation post orgasm high.

She opened her eyes and looked at me with dreamy eyes. 'is that what I have been missing' she said. 'yes' I said ............. '(sigh) yummy' was her only response.

(more to follow)



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