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Teaching Conon

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Ok, this story happened sometime last year. When I moved into my current neighborhood there was this boy named Conon who lived next door. I had not yet found the joys of masturbation yet so we were basically actual playmates until he moved away to a town in the southern part of the state. A few years later when I turned 15, Conon returned at age 12 and definitely in a more mature physical state. Me being 15 we didn't hang out that much cause he was still into all that kid stuff, but we did visit from time to time.

One day I arrived at Conon's house to have one of our visits, his parents were working and his sister was at day care. As soon as I entered I could tell he was upset. After coaxing him into trusting me he finally told me that a few boys at school had been making fun of him for not knowing what 'jackin' off' meant.

I was somewhat surprised that he hadn't learned how to masturbate yet, for it seems that boys are starting earlier and earlier. He asked me if I knew how to do it, which I answered yes, and then he begged me to show him. I hesitated at first fearing possible consequences, but after seeing his confused eyes looking back at me I just couldn't say no.

I instructed him to take off his shirt and unzip his pants to make sure there was no mess afterwards. I did the same and after revealing my fairly big erect dick I went at it. Conon stared in awe at what I was doing, and his interest only increased when streams of white cum started shooting out. Now it was his turn, he began to mimick my motions. Conon kept increasing his speed as his patience for the same conclusion as me started to run short. He definitely seemed to become tired until finally he let out a gentle moan and released some clear cum onto his stomach. After we had dressed and cleaned up, he told me that he was really disappointed because the same stuff that came out of my dick didn't come out of his. I reassured him saying that he was still young and that he would start producing white cum when he was older. He then thanked me for showing him and I left his house to a smiling Conon.

He moved away shortly after that. I hope that he's having a good jack-life now.

Happy Jacking



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