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Taught My Neighbour to Masturbate

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Over the last few months, my neighbour and friend Natalie often came to my house to tell me how her marriage is a total failure. She has been married for nearly ten years and has no children. Her husband is very often abroad for his work and probably has more than one girlfriend in many countries.

After some weeks of conversation, Nat felt more comfortable with me and began talking about her sexual life which, in her own words, is 'a disaster.' Little by little, I understood she rarely reached climax. She asked me a million questions like 'How often do you make love?', 'What place do you prefer?', and 'Do you use toys?' I noticed Nat enjoyed my clear and direct answers. I also noticed her questions were more and more precise as time passed, especially about feminine anatomy.

Answering such questions was rather embarrassing but, though I'm not a lesbian, made me incredibly horny. After every conversation, I began to masturbate just after Nat had gone. I am an avid masturbator and, though I have a healthy sexual life, I LOVE to masturbate every day.

Two weeks ago, Nat came to my house on a Sunday afternoon. My husband and kids were out to see a movie. We were sitting on the couch when she asked me, 'Do you masturbate?'

My face turned to brick red, but I nodded and answered, 'Yes,' and quickly replied, 'And you?'

Nat plugged her eyes inyo mine and told me, 'I don't know how. I have never masturbated.' I was totally astounded and remained speechless for a minute. She added, 'Believe it or not, it's the truth. I'm ashamed.'

I told her kindly there was no reason to be ashamed of this, nor the contrary. I explained to her that masturbation is a very natural act and is part of a normal sexual life. I smiled while remembering having spoken the same word to my 12-year-old son no so long ago.

I began a very entangled and technical explanation and asked Nat, 'Do you want to see pictures in the encyclopedia?'

She interrupted me and said, 'Just show me how you do yourself. Your body is worth more than all books.' I surely had a very strange expression on my face because Nat smiled and added, 'OK. Let's try on me.' She stood up and unbuttoned her skirt which fell on the floor then slid down her panties, revealing a curly brown haired pussy. Remembering my younger days at summer camp with Laura, I told Nat to sit on the couch between my legs, her back to my face.

I took her hands and drove her fingers between her lips. I mixed my fingers with hers to find her clitoris. I showed her how circling it slowly could give her huge pleasure. After a while, I guided her other hand to her vagina and helped her by sliding a finger in it. Holding her wrists, I taught her the hidden treasures of her body. It took half an hour before Nat seemed to be taking pleasure. I began caressing her shoulders and neck. My hands moved a bit more and reached her breasts. She moaned loudly, inviting me to do more. I began caressing her breasts and pinch her nipples. She increased her caressing speed and held her breath. She nearly exploded in orgasm a few seconds later.

Nat rested on my chest for a while. I continued caressing her shoulders, neck, arms, and breasts. I already explained I am not a lesbian, but at this particular moment, I had a strong desire to make love with Natalie. She felt it. Without a word, we exchanged places. I guided Nat's hands under my skirt to my soaking wet panties and showed her what I appreciate. Softly, slowly, kindly, she caressed me through my panties, my favorite way. Feeling near climax, I held my breasts and squeezed them and reached a huge orgasm.

Natalie left me a few minutes later. I think at that moment, both of us were ashamed of what we had just done. It took a few days before we talked again.

Nat came over again last week. She looked changed, much younger, and she was smiling. She had changed her old-fashioned skirts, blouses, and heels to jeans, a sweater, and sneakers. She explained to me that 'the experiment' (her own words) had forever changed her. She told me she masturbates now every day and sometimes twice a day. She also told me that she had intitiated divorce procedure. With a laugh, Nat admitted that images of our mutual masturbation session always flow in her mind when she masturbates and that it was an unforgettable moment. She smiled and added that she needs less and less time as she goes further in the knowledge of her own body. Before returning to her home, she briefly kissed my lips. I remembered my early days at the summer camp again.

This experiment changed me a lot. I now admit I can be attracted by another woman. I now understand I rejected this thought for years but I was wrong. I don't PREFER girls, but I LIKE girls. For sure, Natalie and I will have other masturbation sessions together, maybe more. I'll tell you about it.




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