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Taking the Massager into Her Own Hands

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This is a true account of a recent date with my wife.

My wife and I were out for dinner recently at a nice restaurant. She was wearing a beautiful short summer dress. Towards the end of the meal she said she had to use the ladies room. As she got up I got up and whispered in her ear that she should take off her panties while she was in there. She smiled and left the table.

A few minutes later she returned and opened up her purse for me to see. Sure enough her panties were in her purse. I think that this was turning her on as she was teasing me sitting there. She would cross her legs allowing me to see up her skirt a bit. We finished desert and went to our car. When we got to the car we started kissing. My hand slid up her thigh to her mound and I toyed with it.

We eventually decided to not go any further there. On the way home we stopped at a store. Before we got out I kissed her again and my hand slid to her bra strap under her dress. I slid it off her arm. She asked me if I wanted her to take her bra off before we went in. In answer I reached to the back of her dress and slid the zipper down and unhooked her bra. I pulled the straps off her arm and the bra off.

We got out of the car and walked towards the door of the store. I asked her if it was turning her on knowing that she was going into the store with only a thin short dress covering her. She turned and smiled at me.

Once in the store we browsed around. I noticed that she was leafing through a couple of steamy books while we were there. She came up to me as I was reading a magazine at the rack and got close like she was looking at what I was reading. While she was doing this there were many other people around us. As she did her hand was on my leg and it ran up and she started rubbing me, making me hard.

I reciprocated later as we were walking around with my hand on the small of her back. I slid it lower until I could feel the top of her ass crack and toyed with it.

As we were browsing through the books she squatted down to get to a book on a lower shelf. As she did her legs parted and I and anyone else that would walk by could see right up her skirt.

She said that she had to go to the ladies room because she was getting very wet and would start to have a problem if she didn't dry herself off.

After she got back we left and went home. I knew she was hot and ready to complete our playing. We went to our bedroom and she and I laid down. She still had on the dress as she did in the store. I had been getting her comfortable with her touching herself with me when we made love. It is a big turn on for me to see her get excited from her own fingers.

As we lay on the bed we kissed passionately, my fingers moved down to her mound and started playing with her. After a minute or so her hand slid down and joined mine. By now she was soaking wet. Both of our fingers explored her folds. I parted her lips as she placed her finger on herself and started rubbing. She was getting quite turned on.

The next part was a new twist for her and showed that she was getting comfortable asserting herself with what her needs were. She said, 'Why don't you get the vibrator for me and let me use it while you get ready.' Without having to think twice I got up and brought back the vibrator for her. I plugged it in and turned it on. I handed it to her and watched as she placed it on her mound.

As she held the vibrator to her I started to undress. I told her that she had to leave it turned on and on her until I got back. As I headed to our master bathroom I turned to face her and let her see that I was rock hard. I reached down and stroked it slowly. Her eyes widened as she watched me.

After a few minutes in the bathroom I came back out to the lovely sight of my wife with her legs spread wide open, her hands holding the big vibrator that was buzzing away on her pussy. Her dress was up around her hips and she was obviously quite turned on. She said, 'It's good you're back I'm almost ready to cum, but I waited for you.'

I lay next to her nude. I reached down and started to stroke myself as she watched me. I reached my finger down and touched it to the tip and got some pre-cum on my finger. I leaned towards her and kissed her, slipping my tongue in her mouth.

I slid my fingers down to her mound and found a spot below the vibrator. My finger slowly slid into her hot wetness. With my finger wet I slid it down to her ass and started to slowly rub her on the outside.

Right after that I watched as her neck turned a bright red and she moaned in sheer pleasure as her orgasm hit her in full force.



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