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Sybian Boudoir

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Let me start out by saying that I am normally a very conservative, reserved and shy girl, so what happened to me is so out of character for me that I just have to tell what happened. My husband and I had been married for about 2 years and were talking about starting a family. Before I got pregnant I wanted to do something special for him that he would never forget. It ended up being something that I'll never forget and think about often.
I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do one of those boudoir photo shoots. I wanted to do something a little risqué while my body was still young and tight. I am 5'9' tall, 130 lbs and used to be in dance and other athletics. I love to work out so I was in the best shape of my life. I looked through the phone book and picked out a couple places to visit and settled on one that I thought would be the most discreet and tasteful.
I was more nervous than at any time in my life that I can remember on the day of the shoot. When I got there the photographer, Tom and his assistant, Shannon, could tell how nervous I was. They did everything they could to reassure me that everything was going to be fine. They showed me what they had in mind for backdrops and props and took me to a dressing room with plenty of outfits for me to choose from. They had everything from French Maid outfits to ultra sheer teddy's and thongs. Looking through all the lingerie and thinking about what I was about to do was getting me a little worked up.
After picking out the outfits I would be photographed in and having a complete make-up job done on me, I was feeling pretty sexy and ready to go. The first set of pics was to be done wearing short jean shorts and a lacy top. The session started kind of slow because I had never done any kind of modeling before and I didn't have that sexy, pouty look quite down yet. Shannon was a big help in this area and after a while I was feeling much more at ease. Tom wanted me to get a little more sexy and suggested I unbutton and unzip the shorts as well as remove my bra from under my lacy top. I decided that this would be fine. My nipples were hard and erect from the excitement of posing like this. I could even feel a little tingling sensation between my legs. Shannon had me pull up the sides of my thong up above my shorts and open them up a little more and unbuttoning my top to expose more of my B+ breasts. This was starting to get fun and I totally lost my inhibitions. I suggested we move on to even riskier attire and changed into a white sheer teddy with thigh highs and garters. Now, my hair is very dark brown and the nicely groomed strip of pubic hair covering my pussy is thick and dark brown as well, so it didn't leave much to the imagination.
Tom had me lie down on a bed for this session of pics and I was feeling extremely turned on. I could see a bulge in Tom's pants and now Shannon's nipples were erect so I knew that they were both very much turned on as well. Things really got crazy from this point on. Shannon suggested we get the video camera as my husband would really like watching this and I agreed. When she came back with the camera, she also had a few toys. I instantly felt a rush in my pussy. Both Tom and Shannon were directing me in what to do as I slowly removed the teddy and started to rub my whole body. I never felt so sensual and stimulated in all my life. Every sense in my body was ultra sensitive and I was driving myself crazy. Tom told me to play with my pussy for my husband so I slowly started to rub my clit and play with my nipples. It felt so good that I wanted it to last forever, but I knew it wasn't going to.
Shannon gave me one of the toys to use. I had never used a vibrator before and I couldn't believe the sensations it sent through my pussy as soon as I touched it to my clit. It felt so good that I just slowly moved it up and down on my slit and drifted off into my own little world of ecstasy. I didn't notice Tom had left the room for a moment because I was enjoying myself too much. He returned soon with something I will never forget. He brought in a machine called the Sybian! It was shaped like half a barrel with padding on the sides and had an attachment on it that was a life-like cock of about 7' long that rotated and vibrated. At the base of the cock was a pad that hit directly on the clitoris that vibrated and controls to operate the vibrations and gyrations. Tom asked me to try it and said my husband would really enjoy this on video. I didn't even hesitate. I straddled over the top of the huge cock and let it slide into my soaking wet pussy. I was so wet that I slid down to the pad for my clit without any resistance at all. I sat on it for a moment or two to let my body calm down before turning it on. First I turned on the vibrations and started to fuck my new friend slowly up and down. Every time I came down onto the pad it vibrated my clit and sent shivers down me. I did this for a few minutes and then turned on the rotations for the cock. I settled all the way down onto the cock and felt it moving around inside me and let the vibrations on my clit do its thing. I could feel my orgasm building. Normally I feel it in my stomach and it moves down from there. This time I could feel my whole body start to tense. The orgasm started slow and I let out a soft moan. As it intensified my moaning became louder and longer and my body was convulsing. My orgasm peaked three times and each time it was harder and longer and louder than the previous one. I couldn't believe the orgasm I had. I continued fucking this incredible machine until I came 2 more times. I wanted to continue riding the Sybian but my pussy couldn't take anymore. It was so hyper sensitive that I had to stop.
Reality set in at this time and I realized what I had just done in front of this man and woman that I didn't even know. I was buck naked, straddled over a machine with a 7' vibrating dildo inside of me, exploding into multiple screaming orgasms on video and all I had intended to do was have a few boudoir pictures taken. I did give my husband some of the more tasteful teasing pictures and kept the others for myself as well as the video. I watch the video often when I'm home alone and have recently thought about posting it on the web. It was such a turn on having Tom and Shannon watch me that it makes me wet thinking about all the other men and women masturbating to it on the internet. I've also looked for other free postings of women riding the Sybian because I love to masturbate to the sight of them cumming. I have yet to show my husband the video, but someday I will. His eyes will pop out of his head and his cock is sure to explode when watching it.



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