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Swimming With Neighbor

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true story that happened to me when i went over to a friends house to swim.


When I was about 5 a family moved in down the street. Shortly after they moved in our parents were talking to each other and they introduced me to their daughter Kara, who was my age, and their son who was younger than me.

Kara and I became friends and played a lot together and hung out a lot over the years. When we were about 11 her family installed a swimming pool in their backyard. It was so much fun to go over to her house and swim because the only other pool around was the shitty town pool.There was never anything sexual between us. she was the first girl I kissed though, when I was 12, but it was on a dare from another friend.

So one day over summer when we were 15 she called and asked if I wanted to come swimming. I said sure and put on my trunks, grabbed a towel, and walked down the street. I was walking up the driveway and I heard splashing, so instead of knocking at the front door I just went around back to the pool. I opened the gate and I saw Kara laying on a float in the pool naked. I just stopped, because i'd never seen her naked before, and never thought of her in any type of sexual way. but now that I saw her I realized that she was quite a pretty girl. Kara was about 5'5, blond hair, and from what I could now tell she had small nipples and looked like she shaved her pussy.

As I was standing in the gateway in shock she laughed and said,'i do this all the time when im home alone, I thought you might want to try it too.' I was hard under my trunks and I wasn't trying to hide it. I was nervous about being naked with her because I wasn't sure if I was a 'big enough' guy and what if she made fun of me? After some convincing and joking around with her, I agreed to skinny dip with her.

The whole time we swam I was rock hard. I really wanted to jerk off, but I didn't know how she'd respond if I did it right there so I said I had to pee and I'd be right back. She jokingly said 'or are you just gonna go jerk off inside where I can't see you?' Again I froze. I blushed and jokingly admitted 'caught me .'. Then to my surprise she said, 'do it right here, I want to see a guy squirt his stuff out. I've seen my little brother naked a few times, but he doesn't know how to do it', so I started to jerk off right there on her patio next to the pool. It felt good doing it outside in the open, with the sun and a light breeze on my cock. She got out of the pool and sat on a chair next to me and watched

It only took me about 2 minutes to cum and after I did she said, 'Wow, that was cool' and then we went back to swimming. Sadly, I had to go home and get ready for soccer practice later that day. I was dissapointed that that was all we did that day because that's when I realized that Kara was really pretty. We did go skinny dipping a few more times that summer, and she taught me how girls masturbate too, but I never touched her and she never touched me, we just watched each other intently. But the image of her naked in her pool and sitting on the side masturbating will forever be in my mind.

Kara moved away the next summer because her mom got a better job in Oregon. We still talk over AIM facebook and texts, but I wish she still lived down the street.



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