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Swimming Pool Lesson

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Swimming Pool Lesson
One of my best experience's with masturbation occurred early one evening when I was 12. My older cousin had been over that afternoon, he was 16. We had gone swimming at the local pool and had both shared a locker. It was nothing new to get changed in front of him. Whenever we visited his house a few hours away we would share a room and frequently saw each other nude.
It had been a while since I had last seen his naked body, probably about a year. I had realized that my body was changing, I knew his must have too. He was about 6' tall with a medium build. I noticed that since I had last seen him he had taken on the appearance more of a man rather than a boy. As I took of my clothes in front of him, I felt a little shy about letting him see my boy-like almost hairless body. I had grown a good patch of pubic hair and my cock had grown to about 5" long. As I pulled off my boxer shorts, he looked at me and commented on how he thought I had grown. He slid his black speedo style briefs off revealing his huge man cock. It must have been 8" long. We were both cut and had commented on how we thought we would look if left intact. We both pulled on our swim trunks and headed to the water.
After spending the greater part of the afternoon under the sun and in the water we decided we had better head home for dinner. We entered the change room and had noticed that we were the only ones in there. We headed for the locker and took off our trunks. I asked my cousin if he had ever jacked off. My friends at school had talked about it but I really didn't know what it meant. He said that almost ever guy does it and that he himself probably did it 5-6 time a week. He then asked me if I had ever touched my dick making it hard, and that, that was jacking off. I told him I hadn't, I was starting to get hardon's all the time but never had touched it myself like that. He asked me if I wanted him to show me how it was done. I eagerly agreed.
He took his dick in his hand and slowly started pumping it up and down. It didn't take him long to get hard and we both noticed my dick was starting to stiffen. He then told me to take my cock in my hand and do what ever he did. I followed his directions and before long I was wanking away at my rock hard dick. He said that we had to spit into our palms to lubricate ourselves, which we did and before long we were both going at our own dicks at a good pace. He suddenly started to moan and shake and then he spewed this thick white cream all over my belly. He had been standing in front of me and had told me that it was called cum. It didn't take long after feeling his cum run down my belly to my sac, to get this incredible rush come over my body. I didn't cum as he had but had orgasimed just the same. We then cleaned ourselves up, got changed and continued home for dinner.
We still hang out together from time to time and sometimes even fool around. Nothing mutual though. I was able to cum shortly after that and have had several interesting experiences with other guys, but that's another story.



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