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Swimming Exploration

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Hi, I am a 21-year-old male. I have been a frequent visitor to your site for quite awhile now and I can't keep from thinking about all the erotic stories I have read so far. They have made me want to post my own masturbation story.
This story involves my long time friend and next-door neighbor who is two years older than me. This specific incident took place several years ago when I was 14 but has happened more than once since then. He and I used to go swimming in my pool in the summer nearly everyday. One night when he got back from work he called me and asked if I wanted to go swimming around 8:00pm. Of course I said sure because I love to swim, it's so relaxing. I went in my room and put my bathing suit on and met him outside on the pool deck. We both were just talking, as friends do, while we were going into the pool slowly because at night it takes a while to get used to the water. Once we were comfortable in the water we began swimming around and then started to play volleyball against each other. We were really competing with each other when I hit the ball really hard right out of the pool. Neither one of us wanted to get out of the pool and get the ball, each of us was yelling at the other to go and get it. Because there was no other ball around and each of us being the stubborn people that we are, we began to just swim around again and talk about our days.
I'm not exactly sure how it all got started but he asked me if I had ever skinny-dipped before. I said, 'Of course not.' and then he asked me to try it now. I was hesitant at first but then I saw him slip of his bathing suit, which made me say what the heck and off mine came too. I kept thinking what if somebody comes outside and sees us like this, which made my nervous at first, but the longer I was naked the more I enjoyed the freedom no clothing represented. All of the sudden I noticed how hard I was so I began to fondle my balls and penis. My friend caught me doing this and asked if I indeed was hard. I said, 'Oh yeah!' and then asked him the same question. He just looked at me and said, 'You know it!' He started swimming closer and closer to me trying to get a peek of my erect penis. I was still a bit nervous, having my bathing suit close by just in case somebody came outside, but each time he swam by I tried to catch a peak of his as well.
This continued for a few minutes when all of the sudden he stopped near me and asked if he could see my penis. I said 'Sure.' not really knowing what to do because of all the excitement. He grabbed the goggles from the side of the deck, held them up to his face, and went under the water to take a close peek. He was down there for what seemed to be an eternity gazing at my five inches of manhood. As he came up he said, 'Nice,' and then slipped his hand around my balls and began to fondle them. I tensed up and told him, 'This feels a bit strange.' He said, 'Don't worry, just pretend it's a girl touching you.' It did feel nice having someone else touch your private area but a guy doing it was weird at first. I told him 'Ok.' and immediately got a picture of my dream girl in my head. Before I knew it, my hand found its way on his seven-inch dick. It was a very different experience touching another person's penis especially of a long time friend, almost a brother. He asked me if I would like to see his and I replied 'Why not.' I took the goggles and went underwater. It was so much different than mine, his being longer and sticking straight up against his stomach and mine being shorter but fatter and sticking straight out.
When I came back up I couldn't say anything, I was still in shock to be doing this. He grabbed hold of my penis again and told me to come closer to him. He touched the head of his penis to mine and began to cores my balls. Next he took my penis in his hand and began to stroke it slowly and I got the message I should do the same to his. We just stood there in the pool exploring each other's bodies. The next thing I knew, he started to move to my backside and I felt his hard penis start to move between my butt cheeks. He really didn't go inside me but just stayed on the outside while he continued to stroke my cock. Then he asked if I would like to do the same thing to him. He got in front of me and held his butt cheeks apart and I hesitantly moved my penis closer. I didn't go inside of him either but it still felt good. I then reached between his legs and cupped his balls in my hand. I could tell he was really enjoying this and as time past I found myself getting into it more as well. I reached up and made his penis bounce against his stomach, which he really liked.
He then pulled away and made his way over to the jet spraying water back into the pool. He just couldn't wait to jack off any longer and as soon as he moved away I found the same was true for me also. As he shoved the head of his cock up to the water jet he told me to come over and do the same. I slowly made my way over and just looked down at his penis for a few seconds. I started to massage his balls as he masturbated which made him moan ever so slightly. He then made room for me to come over and join him so I took my penis in my hand and placed the tip directly in the water's path. I had never felt so much sensation in my whole life; the water rushing over the tip was indescribable. I pulled my hand away from his balls and just focused on the pleasure of this newly found stimulation.
He finished before me but I could not care less because I could feel the load ready to make its way out. My legs became weak and I could barely stand up anymore when I finally cummed. It lasted for such a long time and out of the corner of my eye I could see him getting pleasure out of my masturbating. When it was finally over I took my bathing suit and slipped it back on and made my way up the ladder to meat my friend who had already gotten out.
We really didn't say anything to each other but by the look on his face I could tell he was pleased with our little experiment and I gave him the same look. We have done this countless times afterwards but this being my first experience at mutual masturbation makes it my most memorable. I don't consider myself gay because I just don't find guys attractive. I have never done this with anyone else; it's just something he and I share together. Since we started college the experiences have stopped but I will never forget about all the fun times we had together.



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