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Swim Team Welcome

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I swam for a small team of about 70 kids. Since it was such a small team we know each other very well.

But we were all divided into different age groups, and when kids move into the 14 and older group (varsity group) the guys have a little welcoming party. Two boys, Jake who was 14 and Nick who was his best friend who was 13 (but very fast and thus promoted) were invited to a sleepover. We all decided to do this at Ron's house. Ron (15) had a giant basement where we could all sleep. Ron's brother Bill (13) was allowed to come to. The other guys; Dan (16), Rob (15), and the Jay Brothers (AJ and RJ both 16) soon came as well.

We did the usual stuff, Xbox, movies, but around 12 o'clock we told Jake and Nick that it was time to become full members. They both perked up, Bill wanted to too. The Jay brothers and Ron said it was okay.

'Okay well first thing is first, take off your clothes' said Dan.

'Right here?' asked Nick

'Yes its part of the ceremony.' said Ron

Bill had already been in his boxers and stood naked with his 4 inch erection visible under a small patch of hair. We had all seen each other naked in the lockers and showers so it was not a big deal. Everyone got naked.

'Now get back to back on your knees guys.' I said, I'd been through the same thing when I was their age.

They all did, and were surprised when they saw us pull off our clothes too. I told them to start jacking off, I stood with Ron over Bill. Ron was circumcised with about 6 and a half to seven inches, I'm uncircumcised with about 7, Bill for some reason was not cut unlike his older brother. Bill already had came once but he kept jerking off. Rob and Dan were both cut and about 6 inches. They were standing over Jake who was pumping his 5 inch cut cock hard, he was gasping. Nick was gasping too as his hand flew over his 4 and a half inch cut penis, AJ and RJ were surprised when he started pumping AJ's, RJ and AJ are both cut and both an impressive 9 inches!

Well as Bill was nearing his second orgasm in a row Ron came on his face, it went into Bill's hair and a little was on his nose, I came next and got a little on his lips which he licked off, the rest landed in his face, hair and chest. AJ and RJ came on Nick's face, plastering him white and leaving white streaks in his red hair, he was giggling uncontrollably. Nick used some of the cum as lube and finished himself off, it landed on AJ's feet. Lastly Dan and Rob came on Jake who laughed a little as some went in his mouth, he came soon after.

We all had cum on us, so we went into this big guest shower Ron has and got into this big two headed shower stall in the corner, we all washed each other off and we jacked each other off. With out penises sore from all the jacking off we went back into the basement and got into our sleeping bags naked, when we got up the next day we had a quiet jack off session and decided we would do this again.



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