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Sweet Sister Sucks

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I can remember many things that happened to me sexually growing up. When I was thirteen years old, my 22 year old, sister came to visit from out of town. We had to share my bed due to another guest in our spare bedroom. I remember it was pretty late at night and my sister, thinking I was asleep, came into the room to change into her bed clothes.
She had always turned me on. I used to stare at her breasts alot. I think she knew because she used to cross her arms whenever we were in the same room. Anyway, standing next the bed she began to undress. I squinted with one eye so I would'nt miss anything. First to go was her top, and bra. My god her tits were nice ! then off with the jeans and underwear. There she was standing next to me totally naked. Before she put on her nightshirt she stretched her arms behind her head and arched her back. I got my first view of her bushy brown pussy. I thought I would explode in my underwear. She left the room to go wash her face and brush her teeth before going to bed. I layed there thinking, I want to touch her so bad! I decided to remove my underwear and to try to touch her later that night. I knew I would not be able to sleep thinking about her.
So she came to bed rolled over and went to sleep with me and my hard dick aching to fondle her. So I waited probably an hour before I made my move. Slowly I moved towards her in the bed, inching my way towards the bottom of her knee length shirt. She never made a move. I slowly and gently pulled the shirt up above her hips and bent over her to see if I could see her pussy. I did, I put my nose into her pubic hair. It smelled a little funny but I liked It. I brushed my nose across her pubic hair again and again. I was scared, but very excited at what I was daring to do. I slowly worked my hand under the shirt up to her breasts. They felt warm and so soft.
I kept a close watch on her face to see if she was aware that I was feeling her up. She appeared to be sound asleep. But little did I know that she was faking, and knew exactly what I was doing to her. I just about jumped onto the floor when she opened her eyes and asked me If I was having fun? I did'nt know what to do or say. She suprised me by being totally understanding and asked me if I wanted to do anything else? I desperatly wanted to masturbate and finish what I started, so I said yes! It seemed like what we were doing was the most natural thing in the world.
She sat up and removed her sleep shirt by pulling it up over her head. She wanted to know what I wanted to see or do? So there we were both nude, me with a rock hard dick and my sexy big sister. I told her that I wanted to suck on her breasts. She said O.K. do it! So without hesitation I began to sqeeze them with both hands. She seemed to enjoy that alot. She wanted to know why I was so fascinated with them? I did'nt know why, I just was. I sucked on them for the longest time, she was massaging her pussy with her right hand and moaning very softly. Her left hand soon found my very stiff dick. It felt so good, the way she stroked it. Very slow and easy. I asked her if I could kiss her on the mouth and could not believe she said yes. She actually french kissed me, and I sucked her tongue slurping up her spit. We made out for a few minutes and I found myself thinking about her pussy. I moved down from her mouth licking and kissing her all the way down to her stomach and then with a nod of approval from her, down to her beautiful pussy. She was very wet and I could smell that irresistable odor coming from her slippery cunt, I didn't waste any time in going down on her. I loved the taste of her pussy. She told me to get on top of her, In what I later discovered to be the 69 position so she could play with my dick. She confessed that she had never sucked anyone and that this was something new for her too! We got into position and I lowered my cock to her mouth and she instantly took most of it into her mouth. I can't describe how awesome It felt!
This turned out to be the best night of my life, up to that point. We continued doing this forever, I was afraid my parents would hear us If we didn't quiet down. We were slurping and sucking away at each others genitals totally lost in the taboo of brother-sister sexual relations. I wanted all of her, So I raised her legs up and bent her knees, pushing them against her chest. This gave me total access to her asshole. She told me that she thought that touching her butthole was dirty so I reminded her of the fact that we were brother and sister and that what we were doing was considered nasty too! She didn't stop me after that. I used my spit and her pussy juice to lube her ass. I started licking her little tight asshole and slowly pushing my finger in and pulling it out. I put my middle finger all the way in and could feel her shit deep inside her. I wiggled my finger very fast. My sister seemed to get off on It. Because as I was doing this, she was busy masturbating and came really hard when I pulled my finger out of her ass. I loved the smell and the taste of her asshole. It turned me into an anal sex freak ever since. I wanted to put my dick in her ass, and had started to push it in when she almost started crying cause it hurt too much. I guess I had a big cock for thirteen. So at this point we both were tired and sweaty, and our incredible night of mutual sexual favors had to "CUM" to an end, I asked her to get on all fours and let her breasts hang over my face and let me suck them that way while I masturbated, she said O.K. and within two minutes I had the most intense orgasm! my dick squirted semen two feet in the air. Landing on my sisters back,ass, and on her face. She then leaned down to my exhausted prick and licked it clean of my sperm. Kissed me on the mouth and said thank you for letting me do this with you.
She went to the bathroom to clean up and I fell asleep. We talked about our experience about three years ago. She asked me if I had lost respect for her because of what we did? I told her no!, and returned the question? she replied no! Then she said that if conditions were right, she would probably do it again!!!!! MAN! what a sister!!!



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