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Surprised by Twin Bros 2

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You can read what lead up to this in the first part.


At this time I lived with my twin brothers, Brandon and Travis who are three years older than me. They are both 6'0' and are pretty athletic, Brandon plays lacrosse and Travis plays water polo, and have dark hair. I was 13 at the time and had just recently started puberty and masturbating, I was slim about 5'4, and had dark blond hair. To read about how this came to be read the first part in link above.

So the second day of our week free of parents was spent lounging around the house doing things teenage guys usually do, raiding the fridge, chatting on AIM, or surfing the web while listening to some tunes. Our mother is really anal about the air conditioning, we have to leave it at 78 degrees, and being summer in Florida this was not the best. As a result we were all hanging out in our boxers. Travis and Brandon both work out a lot, and have nice pecs and six packs and are both really tan. I have a six pack, but it's the kind you have when there is no fat on your body, not because you spend hours at the gym.

So around 3:00 in the afternoon we are all playing Super Smash Bros on the N64. Travis and Brandon are on the couch and I'm leaning against the couch. After my character loses I set the controller down to watch my brothers finish the match. I start thinking about what had happened the previous night, and as a result I start to pitch a tent in my boxers.

Brandon notices and points it out, 'Looks like little bro is horny, eh Trav?'

Travis is still pretty into the game only sneaks a glance, 'Yeah.'

Now I'm starting to get really horny. I put my hand in my boxers and give it a few quick tugs to my insistent dick. I look over at Travis sneaking glaces, his boxers starting to shift as his big dick starts getting hard. Brandon adjusts his own quickly growing bulge, which is quickly reaching it's 7 1/2 inch length.

Travis finally kills Brandon's character. None of us is really interested in starting a new round.

'Come sit up here with us Mikey.' , Brandon says hand massaging the bulge in his boxers.

Travis scoots over to make room for me, his 8 in. cock outlined in his boxers.

We are now all rubbing our cocks, my 4 1/2 incher in between my brothers massive dicks. Travis takes off his boxers and his dick flops up when the band passes over it. My penis throbs at the sight of it. Brandon and myself follow his lead.

Then after a few more strokes the unthinkable happens. Travis looks at me massaging my boner, 'Hey man your doing it wrong, here let me help you out man.' Then he reaches over grabs my 13 year old dick and starts rubbing it in the most amazing way ever. It was the best feeling in the world.

'Holy Shit, that feels sooo good!' I say.

'Then hook me up Mikey.' Brandon says to me, and stops rubbing his cock.

I lean over and wrap my hand around his penis. Its so much thicker than mine I have trouble holding it. Brandon lets out a moan when I grab it.

'Oh yeah Mickey, rub that fat cock.' he says.

I go to town on him, exploring his penis with my hand, his low balls bouncing as I stroke.

Then Travis stops rubbing me, and leans back obviously wanting me to rub his manhood too. I reach over with my right hand. Travis dick jumped when I touched it, my dick did the same thing.

So here we are on the couch me in the middle rubbing my brothers huge dicks, hearing them moaning in ecstasy.

Brandon grabs my dick and rubs it, and massages my aching balls, Travis in unconsciously rubbing my stomach as I work his shaft. It was to much for me to take, I let out a loud groan, and busted all over myself. Cum covered my stomach, and my both my brothers' hands. Brandon reached over me and massaged Travis' balls while I worked his shaft. Travis breathing quickened and I felt his shaft get even firmer in my hand, I knew he was about to blow. Then his balls clenched up, his dick spasm ed and fountains of hot cum spewed out of his giant cock, added a new coat to Brandon and my hands. Brandon lay down on my lap then, his penis pointing at me. Travis grabbed it and I caressed Brandon's stomach and legs. Soon his abs clenched and he added his cum to the mix.

We cleaned up as our shrinking dicks flopped around. We didn't bother putting on clothes or the rest of the day. Whenever we got a boner from then on we didn't hesitate to help each other out.

More to come soon.



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