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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

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The guys at work were talking about this site so I thought I'd take a look. Overall, not too bad. I have a perfect experience to write about.


This happened last year when my wife was out of town visiting her sister. I was home alone and one evening got to talking to the lady next door. She is around 12 years younger than me and is sure built. I'd always get an eye full through my window when she was working in her yard. She is divorced and lives there alone.

We ended up going into her house. She asked me if I'd help her move some chairs around. I said sure and we went into her house. On this day she was wearing these little tight shorts and man did she look good. Between her beautiful round ass and long shapely legs I couldn't hardly take my eyes off of them. And, sure enough, it had an effect on me. I started getting a nice big erection. To top it all off, my wife had been gone for almost a week and I'd been 'without' all this time.

Then, it happened. She saw me. I should say she saw what I had in my pants. My erect penis. It was running down one leg into the leg part of my slacks and it sure showed. She was always a very open gal and it was not a surprise when she pointed at it and ask 'Did I cause you to get like that'? I looked down and saw what she was talking about and I'm sure I turned a little red in the face. I answered her 'What do you think. Just look at you'. She laughed and said 'So I look that good, I take it'? I answered 'You better believe it'.

She then said 'If it's my fault, I should take care of it, don't you think'? I replied 'What'? She said 'I said I should take care of it for you'. I then said 'As much as I'd like that, I better not. Remember, I'm a married man'. She said 'I'm not talking about that. There's other things I can do besides that' referring to having intercourse. She said 'You know: this' while stroking her loose fist in front of me. And she said 'I know you'd love to get a feel of these seeing what they did to you' while holding out one of her legs. I answered 'You're not kidding'.

She then walked over to me and put her hand on my penis thru my pants saying 'Come on now. I know you need it'. I said 'Oh, that feels good'. She said 'Come on. Drop them for me'. She went for my belt and I made no move to stop her. She undid them and dropped them to the floor. She then pulled down my shorts. I was rock hard in anticipation. She then took hold of my penis and pulled me over to the sofa with it. I sat down and she sat next to me. She then jumped up telling me she'll be right back and for me 'Not to go anywhere'. I told her 'No way am I doing that'. She returned with a towel and some body lotion. She squirted some in her hand and sat down the bottle. She put her hand around my penis and started just slowly playing with it. It felt wonderful having it in the hand of this younger beautiful woman. I reached over putting my hand on her thigh for a good feel. It felt every bit as good as it looked. I laid back some as she went to seriously stroking me. I told her 'Oh god, it feels so good. I'm going to cum pretty soon, I know'. She said 'Just tell me so I can catch it'. A minute or so later, I started thrusting my hips as I felt it coming on and I told her 'Oh, I'm going to cum. I can feel it all over. I'm cumming, I'm cumming'. She put the towel at the end of my penis as I started pumping shot after shot of cum into it. She said 'I knew you needed this. Look at all that cum'.

When I finally recovered, I put my clothes back on. Several days later, she and I did it again. This time she took off her shorts and was just wearing these thin panties and I rubbed my hand on her sweet pussy. I was so tempted to get some of it. I sure wanted to. But, I knew this was going way too far. To date, she hasn't said a word about this to my wife. I didn't figure she would. I'm still looking forward to us doing this again some day. She was sure good!



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